Former Sims Players Play The Sims 4

– It was just always fun for me to like wake the Sim up at night and make them go cook something and then have them start a fire and then like delete the door and then they just freak out and they’re just ahh! (upbeat music) – I love The Sims. It is excruciatingly fun and I say excruciating
because it’s impossible to play it for less than
eight hours at a time. – I think my favorite expansion pack was probably Sim 2 Date Night. I was like 12 years old and I was trying to live out my fantasies and like go on dates with women. – I was like oh let’s wake
you up in the middle of the night ’cause you’re
tried so I get him in a pool, I delete the ladder and then I make them swim until they die. I just want to have like
a bunch of gravestones. I don’t know why. I was a really weird kid. – The biggest thing I remember was the cheat move objects on ’cause then you could see them naked. – A little bit nervous
about like what they changed ’cause I’m such a hardcore Sims 1 fan. I like their language and their music. The soundtrack is bomb. – I want to build a house
and kill some people! (upbeat music) – I’m gonna watch the
tips in the loading menu. That’s always entertaining. That’s nice. – You can have an alien. – I gotta go to the uptown because uptown is where
it’s home to the rich, powerful and the slightly odd and I don’t think my girl is
afraid to do something strange for a piece of change. – I think I’m just creating
like a super villain. She’s a dastardly genius. – I used to make like character as me and then just like some lady but it was usually like one of my crushes. – This one also loads a lot faster. I remember the other ones, it was like it would take forever to load and so that was always the anticipation. Like I would open the program, it would start loading
and then I was like okay now I’m gonna go get a snack. – How do I go places? Oh she’s gonna go to the, I don’t think I’m in control here. I’m panicked. – Oh there’s a bro option. All right she’s gonna be a bro. – Oh got a cool punk guy. He’s got tattoos. That’s already different. I’ve never seen tattoos in The Sims. – We’re gonna get Curly
to do an impression. Let’s see if she likes it. Oh she hates it. – You just gave me 500 dollars. I’m going to play this game. That was really nice of him. He didn’t have to do that. There are sure a good man. – I’m gonna share a
brilliant idea with him. We’ll see what it is. It was an idea about breadsticks. – Oh he’s thinking about fire. Oh my God. You can press, it says become angry, become
angry by clicking other Sims and selecting mean interactions. Wow, I don’t like this guy. I created a monster. – Ooh, she can kiss hands or compliment appearance. Let’s kiss hands. Let’s just like, let’s just pick it up. – This teenager who I invited
over has pissed himself and is crying on my couch. I’m gonna see if I can get rid of him. – Sims 4 was, it was pretty awesome. It was a lot different
than the original Sims which is a lot easier. It was a lot harder to play. – I like the same things that
I liked about it originally. It’s just a like person
going about their daily life and you just point and
click and they have to do whatever you tell them. – It was weird. Like I’m not gonna lie. Like it was just a lot of stuff going on. Like there’s too many options. – Really takes it back and takes it back into
that, into that mood of like I was playing for 20 minutes and it felt like I was
playing for 30 seconds. I found myself going back into childhood and getting taken by this game that’s so fun. I miss those days. (upbeat music)

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