We’re approaching the military base in
GTA Vice City I don’t see any soldiers around in here and outside the base. Can we go inside? Oh someone just shot at us no wow there they are there there are
you are making a huge mistake man I have a minigun that’s not good
can we can can we go inside here? No we cant. let’s see if we can break this
thing. Dude this thing is invincible – guys stop it guys stop it I just want to
get inside and greet you. Say hi. Do a handshake. Can you go inside can we go
inside here? We can’t get inside this base What about this way?
No! There’s enough space, why can’t I get inside the base? we are near the fort
Zancudo in gta5 and I think they will let us in
this time maybe hope so. Can I go in like this?
oh I already have some stars on me They’re after me
there’s the soldier over there and I need to get rid of him. oh no this is
getting so tensed right away. This is so fast and sorry I just wanted to take a
tour of your Fort Zancudo. oh oh there is the Rhino. I’m sorry just don’t kill me
please. I will go away from here oh this guys are brutal so brutal. At least
GTA Vice City has tried to greet me they were asking me how I was doing okay.
Guess what I have here this is the Faggio and it’s a legendary stuff
I’m not onespot now. I am XX one spot xx Get away guys. Open the gate ah ha ha ha
they are just after me. Don’t Don’t destroy my Faggio. It is so precious to
me Oh me me ah These cops are so brutal man these cops are so brutal. These soldiers are actually on to us now. I thought you can get
inside the base no I need my faggio back like seriously. that’s how you get inside
a military base and they are not even bothering to attack me that’s how
dangerous I am withh Faggio they are not even bothering
to attack me oh dude I’m sorry I’m sorry what are you going to do with me? See! When I got off the faggio they became so stronger. I am transforming again into xx onespot xx. With my (faggio) I’m going inside
you can’t stop me I don’t fear anyone because I am
transformed and I am much more stronger than before
oh where am I even going? I would suggest you to surrender
and give this entire base to me. Bring the Rhinos
I wanna see them and I wanna take them down Where are Rhinos actually? they always
disappear when whenever I need them They will sneak up on me all the time
I thought they used to be here yeah there is that. I found him oh there he is you little.
Oh you cant actually like break this thing Where is he going Rhino just- like ran
away. are you kidding me? Bring the Rhinos yeah
there he is. You think you can stop me? try to stop me okay. He is not even shooting at us. He htisnks it’s that easy to stop me.
Oh his is tough as well. Good competition for a faggio. Dude are you
kidding me? Why aren’t you even like (destroying) yeah that’s how you do it.
On the legend, haters will say I’m modding. don’t believe haters they are just faggio
haters. We are coming back again and and this is how I’m go- get inside yoooo we are in it
Ah! this is quite small. Sorry guys didn’t mean to do that. Let me let
me use some other camera angles to show you guys how big it is no stop it stop it stop it
w-whoa whoa these guys are ruthless. NOO they are breaking
every single car. there’s this Rhino the old Rhino from GTA vice city. Aaand you can’t
actually move it’s cannon you can’t aim you have to be like just shoot anything in
front of you or run over people that’s all you can do this is getting boring so so let me do this nobody’s here now well
that was boring and like the soldiers were not trying hard enough
only the cops were on to us. Well I have one more way to get inside the fort zancudo
and this is how you do it of course I’m doing it right this time
without even looking at the screen I’m okay I think this is the place where
like Rhino will come after us something like that maybe just guessing oh I guessed
right he’s after us just behind us hope we can get away from here and let’s see who can win? I lost my bumper no Rhinos again they
just disappear once who that was Rhino shot I can feel it
oh he’s after us he’s just behind need to like do this zigzag thing to
confuse him. He’s after us. Nooo. Always these guys these rhinos always get me not cool. Leave a like if you are still here. subscribe for more


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