From Gwent to Thronebreaker | PS4

When we started working on
Witcher 3, we thought that we should
experiment with some other kind of
minigame. There was this card game
mentioned in the books, called Gwent,
that the dwarves were playing. Throughout the Witcher trilogy, there has always been a game
within the game. But the Witcher 3 introduced
an original game called Gwent. Inspired by collectible
card games, this turn-based game of strategy
and chance quickly resonated with players. We actually got a lot of
messages from our fans, both to the tech support
and comments on YouTube, on Facebook, for Gwent
to become a standalone game. They liked it so much
within The Witcher that they wanted
to play more of it. And we thought, yeah,
let’s do it, let’s try it out. From its debut in the taverns
of the Witcher 3, it proved popular enough
to warrant its own standalone
multiplayer game: Gwent: The Witcher Card Game. – That was a good game.
– Yes. However, in a world
as big as The Witcher’s, there are many more stories
beyond the adventures of Geralt of Rivia, and CD Projekt Red saw Gwent as a completely unique way
of telling a brand new tale. What was once intended to be
a single player mode for Gwent grew to become a standalone game
in its own right. And Thronebreaker:
The Witcher Tales was born. Thronebreaker is an RPG game
set in The Witcher universe that utilizes card game
mechanics to show battles, but of course it still has
difficult choices with consequences,
interesting characters, and grim and gritty stories. Thronebreaker tells the tale
of Queen Meve, war veteran and ruler
of Lyria and Rivia. Faced with the threat of the
ruthless Nilfgaardian Empire, the proud leader must again
prepare for war. Meve is such a different
character from Geralt. She’s a queen of Lyria
and Rivia. She is faced with all these
different kinds of dilemmas compared to what Geralt
had to decide between. Gwent is only one aspect
of Thronebreaker. When Meve isn’t battling, she’s exploring a painterly
world of diverse locations, conversing with a wide cast of
new and familiar characters, and recruiting new units
for the war ahead. We first thought about how to
build narration in that game, and since it’s simpler game
than The Witcher was, it’s not fully 3D, we felt that the form of
storybook would actually fit in
very nicely. What Thronebreaker shares
in common with The Witcher is a sense of genuine
consequence. As a queen,
Meve’s decisions are judged by her subjects
and her soldiers, which can completely change the
way she is perceived as a ruler. Meve can also recruit
companions, her relationship with whom
is ever perilous. So if they disagree with
something that Meve did, they will basically leave you. There are situations
where they can die, so this is also something
to consider. It impacts the way her kingdom
will be shaped in the end. With a story that
will take some players over 30 hours to complete, fully voiced narration
and dialogue, and gameplay
that takes its influences from both The Witcher and Gwent, Thronebreaker on PS4 is an RPG
unlike any other. But a lot of people
who played the game felt that they had
this syndrome of “Just one more Gwent battle,
just one more dialogue.” And it pushes you forward, and I think that in general, we want to achieve
when we make games. We want players
to have fun with it and to want to play more of it.


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  • Игровой эксперт


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