Game of Thrones Author George R.R. Martin Calls Out The Internet?

toxic fans where have we heard that
before hmm what’s up everybody today I wanted to talk about the genius george
RR martin and there’s a lot of articles being published that says that he is
actually slamming the fans for hating on season eight and i’m gonna tell you
right off the bat that these are clickbait articles if you really read
what they’re saying and you actually listen to the podcast where he was
talking about the internet toxicity I believe that he was t talking
in general addressing how it can be a toxic place which is true
I mean we’re and he even talks about how people can hide themselves behind an
avatar you don’t even have to put your real name out there and you can just
create a fake account than just you know bash on someone’s work which is true and
also the way that people are dressed criticism that most of the time if you
have a problem with the film instead of addressing those problems you are
actually going beyond to call people names and say I hope you die and all
these things that there’s not the way that you address criticism but obviously
people get mad but the problem with toxic fans toxic fandoms the term itself
the only problem I have with it is that a lot of the time the term toxic fans
are used to dismissed valid criticism and most of the time this is done by the
media itself not long ago we saw that happening with Star Wars after the last
Jedi and after a big chunk of the fans were complaining about it they did not
like it they were voicing their opinions they were framed as toxic fans because
we didn’t agree with the way they treated Luke because they didn’t agree
with Leia flying in space and that was you know not only it toxic fans among
other names that the fans were called so that’s my problem with disturbed toxic
fans however when it comes to George over here like I said these articles are
only clickbait articles is not what he was talking about I
believe that yes maybe he had the backlash on his mind but even George
himself have not publicly shared his thoughts on the finale I mean if you go
and watch his Twitter account which I was what that I was checking the other
day he never posted anything about the finale he never shared anything in fact
he posted something about your note bill and said oh they deserve Emmys and
awards the acting was amazing but nothing about the finale of season 8 I
think the only thing he made was on his blog where he said he’s thankful to the
showrunners and I can’t believe that it’s over but it’s actually not over
because the books are still coming and it was also kind of addressed some
questions when people are saying is it gonna end the same way he said yes and
no and yes and no so which means some of the things will be the same but a lot of
it will not because if you read the books you will know a lot of the stuff
that are in the books did not happen in the show some characters that are alive
in the books died in the show and vice versa and all of that so definitely it’s
not going to be the same it’s definitely going to have way more complexity to the
characters and and we are going to understand their decisions because I
think the biggest gripes that all of the fans had is because not people don’t
understand the ending because it doesn’t make sense the characters are doing
things that doesn’t make any sense because it was rushed that’s why there
was a plot point and they wanted to get there but they forgot about the process
and that’s why George takes so long to write because I mean he has an idea
where he wants to get but he lets these characters take on life of the of
themselves and sometimes things that he planned changes because it’s just not
going that way that’s how he writes and that’s why he takes so long for writing
obviously you can’t do that in television because you have a deadline
but at the same time like I said if D&D really wanted to end the show in a
satisfying way they should not just gone directly to the plot and they should
have stuck with the characters and their arc because there was no time to turn
them the way that they became at the very end it was just completely a show
that was called a show a fantasy show for people that don’t
like fantasy became completely illogical and unbelievable at the end because if
you really think about it it’s just the decisions were not logical these
characters were not logical he really felt wrong but like I said all these
articles over here clickbait articles again with the toxic fans that’s not
what he was talking about if you listen to the podcast what he said he was even
making a comparison of before you know and now how before people would have to
write a letter and put their names but nowadays you can hide behind an avatar
and I’m pretty sure that you if he might have had season 8 in mind in the way
that people reacted with the whole petition and everything 1.6 million
people signed a petition but he did not address season 8 he didn’t even say
season 8 or the finale he never said anything like that in the podcast you
can listen to yourself and you will see even this article that is claiming all
toxic fans he slammed the toxic fans says that marketing has yet to share his
thoughts on the final thrones episode so you know these are click baits this is
not true this is not he was not bashing the fans the hater season 8 he that’s
not what he was doing there was another article deadline this one is a little
bit more faithful to what the podcast was talking about this its title george
RR martin says internet fan culture has aspired into madness which is true
because sometimes a discussion get really heated and yet it can turn into
madness especially when it becomes when it’s the pop-culture show like Game of
Thrones and this art cover here let me just read what he said he said
the Internet is toxic in a way that the old fansite culture and fandoms comic
fans science fiction fans in those days was not so you can totally see he was
comparing old days to nowadays and it’s taken completely out of context for
clickbait so people can see oh my god he’s bashing defense which is not true
that’s not what is going on here you know and then he continued there were
disagreements they were fields but thing like the matter Batman knows that
you see on the internet he continues so this is the internet he’s talking about
in general because if you’re really a fan of marching and we’ve been seeing if
you watch any of his interviews he said that he didn’t want the show to end you
know he said he needed you know he had enough material for 10 at least 12
seasons why is it ending I don’t know it’s Dave
and Dan when they come through we could have gone to 11 12 13 seasons but they I
guess they wanted a life so obviously and he’s not really writing he was not
really involved with the writing process perhaps they gave them like I said the
plot points but this was all on that D&D you know it’s David and Dan’s fault it
was not George it was me his fault is the fact that he didn’t finish the books
on time but anyways I just wanted to talk about this because I believe this
is very interesting again with the whole toxic fans which is not what’s going on
over here he was not addressing the backlash her say he was talking about
the behavior and the internet how vocal the online hatred can be which is
absolutely true and not only true it could be so fast like this I believe by
episode after the end of episode 4 where Danny went bananas it was a like almost
1 million signatures and that petition of people just going I mean what the
hell is going on is she mentally ill now is that bad genes is that what is going
on here like I said a character they used to be have so many complexity
becomes one dimensional they dress her in black your evil now she’s even now
you have to believe she’s evil now they’re the the rationale behind the
actions never mind that and that’s the biggest problem with the
show in season 8 and not only Danny every single character Jaime
Brienne Tyrion John and the list goes on Cersei what they did Cersei just stays
in the window so staring at the window she has no you know plan underneath her
sleeve which I thought she would have liked it’s all these things that made
people get really upset season eight but again I’m very curious
to see what Martin has to say about the ending you know because he understands
storytelling you know he understand many many times the stuff that we have seen
him talk about in interviews happened on his own show for instance he always
talked about hating plot armours like when he’s watching a movie and he sees
the hero going in this crazy fight and nothing happened to him this is exactly
what happened on Episode three all these characters surrounding by dead people
and nobody dies I mean plot armor it was a show that was based in reality that
became completely unbelievable for plot reasons you know but anyways guys drop
your comments below let me know what you think about this we have to be very
careful these articles you know they could be very misleading because that’s
not exactly what happened I don’t believe that he was bashing the fans he
was just talking about behavior and the internet in general he even made a
comparison to before and now and but that’s it let me know what do you think
on the comments down below and if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to hit
that thumbs up subscribe for more and I see you next time bye


  • Hey Viv

    Indiewire article:

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    Well thank you. I'm glad I choose to click here first and I can ignore the other videos. Keep up the good work. I agree with ypu, especially about the stupid term. "Toxic fans".

  • AJ M

    Yeah, the Night King needed a full season with Dany slowly turning. Then a 6 episode season would have been fine for just the war against King's Landing. Only upside to all this is I'm not sad that GoT has ended. Bring on Stranger Things!!


    cuz attacking your customers will bring you money, lol

  • Duke Silver

    I'm not a Daenerys fan and never was, but I just don't see her indiscriminately murdering women and children. I don't see any evidence in the books to set this up either. Bran being king can be told in a way that makes sense. It's still dumb either way. The long night and Other's story is fixable as well.

  • Dan Vee

    Thoughts and prayers to Anna "That StarWars girl" who lost her sister over the weekend. Rest in piece, Ellen.

  • Bartosz Kuklinski

    since episode 3 season 8, I don't give a shit about the show, the books and G.R.R. Martin anymore. I don't care about what he has to say either. Sanderson was right about his wrting all along.

  • aster4jaden

    GRRM is right about the Internet for some reason it can bring out the worst in some people.

  • David Fredrickson

    GRRM is the planets biggest troll.
    He could have solved the entire season 8 problem by finishing the books 10 years ago. But instead he will die first.

  • Vulcanic's PlayGround

    Hiya Viv! Everything's click bait these days, and these movie writers directors lack personal responsibility, seems like everyone has a issue with admitting when there wrong

  • Michael Harvey

    All I want from you, George, is the print that was promised.

  • Wished Upon AVlog

    I read that Article last night, he is not happy one bit is Mr Martin.

  • fatapf

    "The term toxic fans is used to dismiss valid criticism…" Once again, Viv hits the nail right in the head!

  • Hecate's Daughter

    If GRRM would finish the books it would help considerably. Season eight is on D and D. They hurried so they can make “Star Wars.”👎🏼

  • Sydni Taylor

    The last season was trash. This show started with the white walkers the first scene in season 1 episode 1 Night Watch men get attacked by white walkers and then for 7 seasons they were built up as some threat that everyone thought couldn't be defeated, the characters were so desperate they even called a truce with Cersei for her help and then the first night they come they were easily defeated. No other Kingdom in Westeros got affected by it at all. I know people say this show wasn't about the white walkers but we kept getting glimpses of the white walkers for a reason, it was to show the audience that while everyone was playing the Game Of Thrones that there was a bigger threat out there coming for everyone and if they didn't pull together then they'd face extinction. The bigger the Night King's army got the less important the Iron Throne was supposed to be but they made it literally all about the throne this season and I don't believe it was supposed to be that way.

  • Liam L.E.

    He might have a point. Fandoms, in general, are overly demanding and critical. Nothing satisfies them. But it is also obvious that the writing of the last seasons of GoT were underwhelming, rushed and lackluster.

  • Sacré Bleu The Deadly Poke Of Zorro

    George, you're not a Millennial! You know quite well that sending anonymous hate mail used to be a thing! You just leave the return address off the envelope, dummy! (For best example, see: )

  • Andre Williams

    Shout out to Viv! She gets straight to the point, non -click bait (YouTubes take note please!) and discusses the issue. When I need an honest reaction/suggestion for a weekend viewing Viv is option #1.

  • Jim Jay

    As usual Media clickbait articles, great video Viv

  • Habitacion 101

    Viv…the simple fact all these millionaires that simply ran out of creativity is the new trend of filmmakers…producers…writers etc. They are simply bitting the hand that feeds them. The internet is a free place and you…by accepting there is toxicity here are giving them the reason. I know you later clarify and refer to stupid people saying stupid things…but why should that be toxic in a place where freedom of speech is a given?
    We should simply stop supporting all this wise guys that are not creative anymore…they respond to a political discourse and call "toxic" any and every criticism. Love your channel.

  • Wilfredo Diaz

    Wait til they get a hand on the next Star Wars films!!!

  • jso416

    I know I’m in the minority, but I really enjoyed Season 8. I always thought Danny had Sociopathic tendencies so I wasn’t surprised that she went all out cray cray in the end.

  • Rose of Seattle

    Don't turn in an F project and expect an A. Don't build up a rape survivor as a hero than say she is crazy for no reason. Don't have a rape survivor thank her rapists for becoming stronger. It was just gross. Honestly, I am done with the game of thrones universe bc for me personally there is too much rape for entertainment value. If you feel diff thats ok. I just don't think its message is positive at all esp for women.

  • Gary James Fukuhara

    If they caught on earlier they could have subscribers pulled from HBO to make a difference to hopefully add some time. Than the sign pendantions which came too late.

  • Big Tuna

    he's so right

  • Megatron 95

    Martin, you should have finished the books first before you allowed HBO to create the series

  • movie buff

    We all know George didn't like seaeon 8😂🤣. He even said he'd be ok with 13 seasons.

  • Smashed

    Great video Viv, well disected. I put click bait in the same category as fake news.

  • movie buff

    Things that should have happened in Season 8 :

    Go back to the 10 episode format to give the scenes time to breathe. Bran goes back to having a personality. He is no longer robotic after fully mastering his powers. Jaime frees Edmure Tully who is now lord of Riverrun & The Twins. The remaining children of the forest, Howland & Meera Reed show up with their people at Winterfell. No stupid tension between Sansa/Varys & Daenerys because the Nightking is too big of a threat for politics. The NK is the big bad end boss, not Cersei or Darnerys. Tyrion goes back to being smart again and suggests sending scouts (like he used in season 2 for Stanis) to King's Landing & Dragon Stone to see what Cercei is up too. The Night King flies down the coast from Eastwatch right when the wall came down & burns Euron's fleet with the golden company in it as they reach the shores of Kings Landing. He then burns King's Landing & the Red Keep to the ground while the dead army in the north swarms and overruns Winterfell. The north flees south while the unsullied, dothraki, Nymeria with her wolf pack and the dragons keep the dead army at bay. The 2nd dead army in King's Landing heads north with the NK leading. Cersei, Qyburn, The Mountain, and a handful of Lannister soldiers had escaped KL & headed for the north with the dead not far behind. Cersei realizing the fallacy of power while having a miscarriage becomes a shell of herself after seeing what the Night King did with zombie dragon Viserion. Arya & the hound stay with the northern armies and don't go on a stupid mission. Danny, Jon, Sansa, Theon, their people and Cersei & company are cornered by the dead on both sides at the God's eye. Arya successfully kills zombie Viserion with a dragon glass arrow through the eye (since they kept showing her practicing her archery). The NK now on foot starts doing his  blizzard thing so no one can see a thing. Melisandre & Kinvara show up with dozens of red priestesses to counter it. They also create a giant ring of fire around the living which only the NK & his White Walker generals can walk through. Danny proceeds to burns the dead outside of the circle but the night king kills Rhaegal with an ice javelin. This prompts Jon, and all the fighters with Valyrian weapons to attack the NK & his white generals. The Mountain tries to kill the NK but he is cut in half by the white walkers. His torso crawls away. Jon, Jorah, Grey Worm, Theon, Brienne, all charge and kill the white generals.  This is where the night king shows just how powerful he is because he takes them all on with ease. Sandor follows & gives his brother a mercy killing. Bran worgs into the night kings mind then a flash back of who he was shows the children of the forest killing his family and took him captive to turn him into the first white walker. 

    To be continued-

  • DeadShred65

    .We all think D & D rushed Season 8 because they wanted to get to work on their Star Wars Movies ?? Had they stayed focused and used the Time and Money HBO offered them . Then gave the Fans a Great ending in Season 8 the Fans of GoT would have been happy and excited to see what they were gonna do in the SW Universe ! Now all they have accomplished is making the GoT fans angry and turning the SW fans off to whatever movies they will make going fwd. They damaged their names and brand by being trigger happy and taking the quick and easy route Period …..

  • KenGKaiden

    The internet is toxic and he's right.

  • Black Hat Cinephile

    The misleading articles are the "toxic internet". Martin's a smart guy. Not microcosmically sheltered, like the spoiled brats running everything. A smart guy like Martin would realize where the money actually comes from. If it were the case that he didn't understand that, then it would be our responsibility to teach him. But if he understands, then he's alright. If I were in his position, I wouldn't push the toxic mainstream narratives and agendas. But also, I'd avoid saying things like I'm saying here. I'd just keep my mouth shut and write fantasy. Maybe insert what I have to say in the allegories. Your title and thumbnail require a click to be clarified, so I'm leaving the thumbs like I found them.

  • Van Lightning

    Maybe in wrong but to me the fact he hasn't said anything about the finale says a lot. I think hes not pleased with the ending and is letting silence convey that feeling. Like the saying goes "if you have nothing good to say, dont say anything at all"

  • matorchiana

    Hi Viv the anger of the fans who know the story to see the series, read books, podcast on GOT, etc is people with knowledge of the saga is because they destroy the characters. For the Dothrakis who disappear in ep 3, and in ep 6 they are all back. For the characters that say they can not do something and then do what they said they could not do … !!! There are toxic fans I think so, but the vast majority is an angry fan with good reason.

  • joe b

    bran the broken who has a better story than him LOL

  • Michael Lupo

    Got is a dead horse.not interested in any prequels. Was let down big time.

  • Terry Light

    Sadly, people live and die by clickbait headlines. Even in THIS comment string. People commenting on the situation, that obviously didnt watch YOUR video here.
    So many people have become lemmings… its not even funny

  • Athena Wisdom

    He is drunk!And he can't follow up on his books properly!We are doped by this old fart!

  • twcstc1

    When George R R Martin finishes Winds of Winter hopefully him and HBO execs can get together after all the backlash from season 8 to redo it with a then FINISHED book . Hopefully they can see that they are sitting on a Gold mine in redoing Season 8 or doing a continuation of GOT

  • Being FRANK

    Tolkien can run rings around that fat lazy bum no pun intended 😉

  • eagle grip

    I don’t believed him bashing the fans but IF HE FINISHED the BOOK, s8 I think will be huge different as what we watched!

  • Orctowngrot

    I read the books, and they were pretty TOXIC in themselves, messy, violent, dark and UNFINISHED.

  • John Russell

    Internet fans have the tail wagging the dog. Creators make want they want to make. We chose to buy it or ignore it. Martin is right. Its sheer madness for fans to think they own what others create, and have a right to the ending they expect. Art is not democratic.

  • John Russell

    Toxic fans poison the creative arts and make it fallow ground for future creativity. If HBO where taking notice we would not be getting a prequel series. As it is…the toxic fans a small minority.

  • silja lin

    George is our guy. I would be shocked if he ever started attacking fans. It would be 100% out of character. I would however encourage fans to sop bitchimg about him finishing the books. Let the man do it at his own pace.

  • Marlee

    D&D can't write the original script that's all🤷‍♀️
    There's videos in yt about the mistakes that was in season 8. And the cast members themselves have said how disappointed they were in the finale.
    Plus HBO said to allow 10 more episodes to the series ti end it properly. so why didn't they use them??? What was the rush?
    Was someone dying other than the creativity of D&D?? The fans deserved better cause they MADE it popular!! Instead they got this fkin mess.
    Sorry but…. uhh I agree with the fans here.

  • John McKenna

    George R. R. Martin has done the fans a disservice by not finishing his books.

  • Ben

    Maybe he'll prove me wrong, but I suspect George made things to complicated in the last couple books and now it's too hard to keep it together. He should've just stayed with the characters and narrative he'd already fleshed out

  • thaThRONe

    GRRM is right. I didn't read anything where he bashed fans for bashing the show. I don't even think he defended the show.

  • Brandon S

    Fuck Game of Thrones biggest waste of time ever

  • Dale LaPointe

    He should be grateful because now he knows how not to end the book because the fans hated the ending!

  • Tatiana Lemos

    Media is mostly the cause of social war. People should always question the head lines and try to get their own conclusions. But unfortunately, most people are dumb and easy to manipulate.

  • Baked Creations

    The only thing toxic in his word is his hunger for carbs.

  • BigJo Lo

    I was going to buy the book … now go fuck yourself George.

  • Dmajini

    Calling people "toxic fans" is becoming just as hollow as saying someone is an "ist" or gulty of an "ism"! It really has NO weight since the spectators throw it around so much! It truly is like the boy who called wolf!

  • GO! Go! Zeppeli!

    Well fuck you martin!

  • Temetito Elgordo

    Blame the fans??? Its like blaming a women of being raped because she was wearing sexy clothes

  • Kevin B

    I liked every season up to 8. Season 8 was awful trash and made me hate a series I really did love. It has nothing to do with being toxic. As said this idea of being “ toxic “ is just an issue of devaluing valid opinions. The ending was hamfisted and rushed and whole characters changed so quickly with no point. Poor decisions , stupid plans, nonsense time jumps , really too much.

  • H. GodFTW

    Thank you for clarifying what George actually said, as opposed to all these nonsense clickbait headlines! Thank you for not sensationalizing it! You just got yourself a new subscriber!!!

  • - thChrch

    Maybe the final season is actually genius. Here is why.

    First, GoT is about the extreme needs of the characters and the unbelievable tragedies they endure. Most of the characters do not get what they want, or if they do, it's at a tragic and horrific sacrifice.

    So, as the audience, we wanted another season. We wanted to be blown away by a highly emotional and riveting final season. Therefore we got our final season, but at the tragic cost of a shitty season. We have been so emotionally invested in nearly all of the characters of GoT, just to have it all ripped away. Now, as an audience we go through the same emotional journey of the characters. Our anger and disappointment mirrors that of the characters. Therefore, making the final season a genius move by it's creators. Breaking the fourth wall, breaking the wheel of engaging the audience beyond what's on screen.

    In many ways, the audience is like Cersei. We just can't accept the final season as it is, so much so that we refuse too accept it by signing a petition. Cersei refuses to realize that maybe her brother did not kill joffrey… Instead she is stubborn and stops at nothing to hold him accountable. We create a countless amount of videos, blogs and articles illustrating why we can not accept the final season. what if we did and still promote it as a great season?

    I just might be grasping at straws, I think I'm trying to find some way to like the final season.

    It was such an awesome series. A groundbreaking series. So now, do I encourage others to watch? If so, do I tell them not to watch the final season? I desperately want to love the series as a whole, 😓.

  • jerry allover

    I loved every episode but my problem is how long they made us wait for such a short season that needed way more explanations.

  • Abrahem Samander

    Neat video. This is the first I’ve seen of yours viv, I’ll totally check out more.

  • Conscious Being

    The title of your video is click bait too.

  • Matt Stewart

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  • Matt Stewart

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  • Matt Stewart

    There is a bunch of characters that don't exist in the show

  • Dario Castaneda

    Couldn’t get pass “George have not”

  • Daphne_488

    I think it is disingenuous to pretend that the label "toxic fan" has no basis in reality.

    there is a lot of hatred and violence in fandoms, a lot of sense of entitlement over intellectual properties that have made the discussion about entertainment a very exhausting process.

    all that swarming harrassment, doxxing and so on can have an overwhelming effect from a creator point of view. especially since the most violent among us are the loudest and the most visible.

    and now we are ALL lumped in together, especially because when the harassers are on our side, we dont check them for fear they turn against us or just plain indifference.

    as long as we don't start to actively curb the toxicity among us, those of us who actually have a point to make will never be put at the forefront of the fandoms and ALL of us will be easily dismissed along the trolls.

    it's easy to play the victim and blame creators for labelling us "toxic" but truth is, being silent makes us complicit. it's like bullying in HS or at work: standing by and doing nothing doesn't make anybody innocent. we can't act like the toxicity issue has nothing to do with us.

    as long as we stay silent about it, the media is justified in thinking that we are complicit: indeed, we are passively part of it. so… 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Nolin Bolin

    I agree with you.

  • Herbie Versailles

    How can I be a toxic fan if I’m no longer a fan of his work? Maybe toxic writers made me this way…

  • Kris Gemini

    Oh whatever, everyone knows that season 8 was a damn, rushed, trainwreck.

    I understand not bullying, of course that should never been done. I have written very in depth criticisms about season 8, and I don't blame anyone except for D&D. We all know the reasons why they did the piss poor job they did for season 8. They know better, they just don't care. They definitely didn't give a shit about the "process", they were out of it already, already walking out the door. Tons of build up, (almost a decade) NO FOLLOW THROUGH. Yes, people have the right to be upset. The horrible ending pretty much negated the entire series. It means NOTHING now. Nothing meant anything. Every person that died, died for nothing. Every slave will once again be chained. NOTHING CHANGED. THERE WAS NO PURPOSE, JUST SUBTERFUGE. I kind of wish that the night king just killed everyone, that would have been awful, but it would have made more sense!I don't want to hear about foreshadowing through the series, foreshadowing and character development are two different things, and those writers KNOW that, they just don't care. I don't think anyone expected HBO to re-shoot anything, the petition was just a means of airing our anger and frustration, and letting networks AND show writers know that their audience isn't stupid. We can see through the cut corners and inauthenticity. As far as I heard, HBO offered D&D more seasons with an almost unlimited budget, they even said that they could bring in new writers, including GRRM himself, who said they needed at least 3 more seasons to properly wrap up every puzzle they created, but nope. D&D did not want to give the show to someone else, so they rushed an end, and moved on to writing for Star Wars, no looking back. It was a serious injustice to both the fans AND everyone that worked on that show. I'm sorry, GoT just turned into a pile of crap for me. It may unfortunately be cannon now because of those two men that didn't give a shit and abandoned a show. I will never view season 8 as cannon. Ever. To me, we ended at season 7. Maybe one day this series or something like it. Will be re-made, because let's face it, Hollywood re-makes everything after a time. Maybe someone will actually do right by these characters.
    Again, I have no problem with the actors, they were all fantastic, especially Emilia and Kit and Maisie, and just all of them, the production was great, direction was good… it was ONLY the writing (which IS the foundation of every show) the writing was atrocious for the last season; and because of that they ruined an entire series.

  • Malek Abed

    All the man did was to murder a good show, get on with your lives and forget it

  • CammyBoy80

    vs Hey Viv
    . Fight! XD

  • Олена Ковтун

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  • debra jenkins

    I understood the ending and predicted Bran because I have read a great many books and seen many films and recognized these literary and film clues. But there is a backstory for each arc that was never shared. People were caught off guard.There were reasons for every plot twist but no one was privy to them. A longer season could have fleshed them out. But calling fans toxic will always provoke them. His books are all about toxic people and their treacherous behavior. Life imitates art.

  • Culture & Pop

    He is just saving his ass… Of course he knows that the End was for shit! But hey… there is a lot of $$$ involved here and is filling the pockets of George… He sold his genius book very well, even his dignity as writer!! … Now, I hv not respect for RR RR RR RR RR Martin like I had before😤

  • Ana

    Good video. However, the blog does suggest that some things in s8 will be in WOW. The problem with the potato becoming king is that it renders all history irrelevant, Raven Bran is almost omnipotent, so we can't even hope that Drogon will make the potato a French fry…Potato will see it coming. So if Bran aka Potato aka Raven Bran, was going to be king, the story should have been told with Bran as a central deviant character not this uninteresting kid that you didn't hate (past tense), but you don't like either, he's just there, bland, like a potato.

  • munozali1

    My biggest problem with Season was 8 was not Daenerys, but the fact that the Night King was killed so quickly and so early in the season. It was not right, after 7 seasons of building the suspense. The battles for the throne were meant to be a mere distraction from the true threat that was the army of the dead. The show did the opposite. It rushed to put an end to the dead, as a distraction from the war for the throne. After Episode 3, I lost interest in the show.

  • Lada Morrow

    Instead of trolling fans on internet he needs to get his fat ass behind the desk and finish books before he disappears into oblivion to meet his maker. Period.

  • Eva Fleury

    I don't hide behind an avatar and I always use my real name. I'm still not buying anymore of the books, watching any spinoff shows…NOTHING! Bran being King is a stupid joke. Daenerys was/is and always will be the true queen of all. Comparing her to Hitler is a slap in the face to Emilia Clark, who worked for a decade of her life to make this amazing character come to life.

  • Callum Butler

    Martin needs to shut his pie hole and finish those books lmao. Does he thing insulting his buyers is a good business strategy? If the final two books aren't absolutely perfect after all this time its gonna piss a lot of people off, if WoW isnt good, the final book will probably never be finished and ASOIAF will die and be forgotten, with no lasting legacy like LoTR. I'll probably burn my copies if it turns out that way, because just seeing them will annoy me. Georgey boy, c'mon, I'm only 18 and I have already seen most of my favourite series die badly, don't ruin ASOIAF too lmao. It pains me so that a series I once evangelised about and was so enammered with is slowly falling apart. I almost feel embrassed for getting so many people to watch it. At least the books are good, at least for now. I don't think 2 more is enough, 4 at least. I worry its going to be rushed like the show.

  • Ashley&Dave Sargent

    Sounds to me like [email protected] got george in middle maybe touching heads

  • Tim from the basement

    I'm just waiting for these damm books, I don't even care about this damm new prequel either 💯

  • I.A

    Didn't watch the video but if you think he was attacking the fans then you're an idiot. What he said in that podcast is what he always said about the internet, it's what he said years ago before season 8.

  • Lamont Mann

    It’s beginning to look like most of youtubers are GRRM apologists and keen on bashing D and D. When the fact is, this dude did not finish the books and this is why were are here. Trash podcast, apologist

  • Maverick Assasin

    This is just another click bait being spread around.

  • Jorge Funes jr

    What sucked wasn’t what happened, actually a lot of what happened great ideas but what sucked it how it was executed and built up to

  • Slender Man

    The show was a fucking fanfiction since S2. I love that everyone pretends to have read the books but no one says the facts.

  • James T

    I enjoyed the books👍

  • 3571113

    Where is the podcast

  • Epi Endless

    I don't watch TV, and the books sound far too harrowing for my tastes, but I've been following developments from a distance, through alternate media, and thought the show sounded pretty damn good.
    Around season 6 I became aware that fans were dissing D&D, but I couldn't see the problem – it still looked awesome from a distance.
    Around season 7 it still looked cool, but something seemed to be missing, arc-wise.

    I ignored season 8 until it was over, then spoilered myself up on it. At that point it became painfully obvious to me what fans were complaining about. The rushed and forced plot points, the aborted arcs, the lame payoffs, and plain bad storytelling were painfully obvious.

    I didn't have 8 years invested in this. I didn't have precious books to compare against. I wasn't part of a vocal community. I didn't have a preferred ending in mind. And I actively wanted this cultural phenomenon that I've appreciated from a distance to go out on a high. It didn't, and I am sad.

    And that's not a problem with fans.

  • kenneth klement

    Have all his books now don’t care the language of a social justice warrior no thanks

  • rohit c

    Grrm and D&D knew the end of the story even before finishing the book, it’s far easier for them to take the ending easily compared to fans who followed his work for years. The end just felt bitter and not bitter sweet. A bitter sweet ending is one where dany dies as a hero and not a villain and Jon survives.

  • Blackdragon6

    Love this!, subscribed

  • Avery Clayton

    this video was clickbait

  • Guy Tetreault

    Grrm is unable to finish his books

    And his fans are unable to be happy about this


  • Detestor 420

    youre felt WRONG

  • QueenofXibalba

    SW fandom was truly toxic, they drove actors off social media. GOT thing was valid criticism.

  • LoveInTheLight

    I loved the ending because it was expected but was done so different that I literally didn't see the direct signs, I LOVED IT. I didn't watch every episode in the past but I caught up to understand what has happened to the characters and the plots. I thought it was beautifully done, but god I can see why he talks about the fans being toxic😂😂you guys are insane.

  • matorchiana

    GRRM collects and charges a lot of money from HBO to give his opinion, I think he doesn't like that end, so rushed. Greetings Viv


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