Golf Solitaire Card Game : Golf Solitaire: Playing Other Cards

So what do you get if you throw out the aces
and the deuces and the kings in the game of golf. I have set up a board that statistically
will almost never happen, but here we are. We have a board with no aces, kings or deuces
left on it and the majority of the up cards are still out. And where do we go from here?
Well let’s see how this plays. What you have now are options. You can take your runs as
far as they’ll go. I can’t play off of that ten unless I happen to see this nine which
I did. There’s the nine and now we play this eight right here, and play the seven, and
now I have a choice. I can play an eight or a six. If I choose the six, I’ll get to go
to this seven. Six, seven, now play eight again, and now I have to stop. Pull another
card off the down cards, it’s a five. I can choose between playing a six or a four. I
have options. With the cards on the ends, the aces and the deuces and the kings, your
options are limited. With the cards in the middle, they’re a little more open.

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