Golf Solitaire Card Game : Golf Solitaire: Sample Hand: Part 1

Alright, let’s finish our sample hand of golf
solitaire. We’ve started, but we haven’t gotten very far down the path because we had some
un-playable cards. Let’s see what comes off next. There’s a five. Well my board is almost
all odd and nothing I can play with a five. A ten, nothing to play, a nine, nothing to
play. That we are not going to get a good score on this hand. Now this shows you just
how bad it can go. But if it goes to like twenty plus cards left on board, just so you
know, that’s an out liar. There’s a nine, can’t play the nine, can’t play that seven.
Look at this. There’s a six. Finally we get to play and we have to decide which way to
go. Well if I play on this five, then I can play this four and then I have a five or two
threes which I can play. I play this three, I get some deuces opened up to me. Let’s play
this deuce and then this three and this four and this five. So we did get a nice little
run going.


  • Le Baptiste

    why don't you try and make it really hard to follow, try chopping up the video into 1000 sections and not put numbers on it. would be a good way to hone the mind. dick

  • MsMassabielle

    Thank you so much. I am actually playing this game right. This is by far my favorite between Pyramid and Klondike!!


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