Good Game Design – Super Mario World

Super Mario Maker 2 is just around the corner
and I could not be more excited. Thinking of all the level ideas and crazy
situations we’ll be able to build has made me reflect on the joy of getting into
in design in the first place with Mario ROM hacks, or on a wider sense how much of an
impact Super Mario World has had on platforming in general. So today on Good Game Design I wanted to see
how the other 2D titles before and after stack up to this 1990 classic, and analyze how it
innovated in ways we haven’t really seen the Italian wonder do since. Let’s talk about it. Before his first outing on the Super Nintendo,
Super Mario Bros. 3 brought a ton of new elements to the table. I mean sure Mario 2 was wacky, but the third
installment felt like the fully realized Mario formula – hoards of new enemy types and level
concepts, powerups that completely change how your character controlled and a fully explorable
map screen with secrets and interactivity galore. They weren’t afraid to throw in one-off
gimmicks like the Goomba shoe or the angry sun and then move on to the next thing without
skipping a beat. I mean look at this, what the heck is a Tanooki? This is the first time we see the Koopalings,
and Bowser’s army seems to be more intimidating than ever. Worlds had way more stages this time around
and creative themes to them like everything being giant, or climbing a tall tower and
ending up in the clouds. The whole experience felt expanded, with toad
houses to visit, an inventory so you can use items at will, and even dipping your toes
into vertical movement with the racoon leaf. It was Mario on steroids which meant that
Super Mario World had massive shoes to fill, but luckily the processing power of the SNES
let the developers add so much more than just a fresh coat of paint. It’s funny to think of how many staples
of the franchise started with this pivotal game – the most obvious being the inclusion
of an animal companion named Yoshi. This guy is so versatile, not only can he
lick up enemies and walk on spikes but he’s also a permanent extra hit when you take damage,
meaning you have a greater chance than ever to keep those crucial powerups. He can even gain special abilities by eating
certain baddies like a fire blast and straight up flight. He can’t enter castles or scary mansions,
but he quickly became the go-to item to have the best chance at surviving the obstacles
ahead of you. I like how they added a bunch of other dinosaur
enemies throughout the game too, to really sell the idea that you’re investigating
Yoshi’s home world. Mario himself had new mechanics as well, like
the spin-jump which lets him bounce on enemies’ heads and even destroy bricks below his feet,
while the cape offered a never before seen amount of freedom in terms of traversal. We saw significant quality of life improvements,
like the spare item holder so you can stay powered up on the go, midway checkpoints allowing
for longer stages, or turn blocks which have way more functionality than the typical question
box. Coolest of all they added special stages like
the head-scratching boo houses or mysterious switch palaces which were all about opening
up hidden pathways in previous stages. So not only did these make tough sections
easier to cross, but they also encouraged my favorite aspect of Super Mario World – finding
secret exits. The biggest change this time around was a
fully interconnected map that had a bevy of extra content for those willing to search
and explore. Like all good Mario games, it puts the idea
right in your face from the beginning so you know about it, but expands it to crazy lengths
later on. They’ll tease you with a red level marker
or a keyhole just out in the open, which leads to a huge sense of satisfaction when you figure
out the solution – you just had to see what it unlocks next! The Forest of Illusion is all about secret
exits, and even requires finding them to progress the game. But it reaches its apex in Star Road. These levels not only further emphasize finding
the hidden keys to move on, but also act as a shortcut to quickly reach other parts of
the island. You didn’t just travel from world to world
anymore, you needed to go back and explore old areas if you wanted to find all 96 exits. Star Road was like the warp whistle but with
actual stages to play through and an even cooler secret set that have…lets just say
dated names if you can reach them. The Special Zone has the hardest courses in
the game and makes this the first Mario title to have a rudimentary completion bonus if
you beat them all – it turns piranha plants into pumpkins, koopas into Mario heads, and
bullets into birds. Super silly but I kind of love it. These might seem like relatively simple changes
today, but compared to other platformers back then, Super Mario World provided a crazy amount
of depth. The inclusion of Star Road made it possible
to beat the game in well under 30 minutes if you know what you’re doing, and the maneuverability
from the cape made it a must-have item for speedruns. They took what Mario 3 started with adding
in all sorts of wild creatures and just ran with it. Now you have charging football players, ghosts
that turn into cement blocks, running up the sides of pipes and giant moles wearing sunglasses. It didn’t have to make sense! There’s so many quirks and nuances under
the hood that it spawned a thriving community through ROM hacks which bring the game engine
to its absolute limits. Overall, its flexibility and influence is
remarkable and is without a doubt the major reason we even have Super Mario Maker today. Sadly, we wouldn’t see another 2D Mario
on home consoles for almost 20 years – but then the New Super Mario Bros series brought
back our nostalgia while also adding some innovations of its own. Consecutive 4 player action was the big draw
of course, along with some new powerups and the ability to walljump, but they also continued
the tradition of bonus content with the collection of star coins – there’s 3 in every level. After beating the game you unlock world 9
which only lets you play its stages if you’ve gathered all the coins in a world, which is
a tubular reward for going the extra mile. And you guessed it – these are some of the
hardest levels Mario has seen yet. I hate this ice-muncher one, it can go die
a painful death, that’d be great. Unfortunately, other than that, the series
seemed to regress in more ways than it improved. Things resemble Mario 3 a lot more than it
does Mario World here, in that its much more linear overall. There are secret exits, but for the most part
they merely unlock warp cannons to launch you into later areas. There are exceptions, but searching around
the hub world is mostly forgone in favor or in-level exploration to find those star coins. Like here, they did actually include a red
switch button, giving a nice call back to Mario World, but it only changes things in
2 stages and is the required action to move on and reach the castle in world 3. That’s it. On top of this, mechanics are more streamlined
and only utilized for single level gimmicks – you can’t take Yoshi with you when you
leave, the cape is nowhere to be found and instead replaced with the propellor shroom,
which only gives you a small vertical boost, and hey where’d the extra powerup holder
go? I really miss that thing. In essence, Nintendo ditched the sense of
freedom for a lot more handholding, slower gameplay, and less interesting themes overall. To be fair, they did fix some of these issues
in the WiiU version, by allowing you to take baby Yoshis with you to other stages, and
cranking up the challenge in Luigi U, but the spirit is nowhere near the same as before. Freedom really does sum up what Super Mario
World represented – freedom for the player and for the developers: they weren’t afraid
to try something crazy just to see if it works. One of the unlockable levels called Top Secret
Area, is just a hub to collect whatever powerup you need – it’s like they’re saying, “Hey,
go nuts. Search every nook and cranny you can!” “Should we include a little balloon that
Mario eats and he gets real fat and floats around? Why not?! Who cares!” You know the meme of killing Yoshi to get
an extra jump and reach a farther ledge? That’s actually the real way to reach one
of the secret exits in this game! You can jump beyond the goal tape and run
through a 2nd one behind it. Bye Yoshi. All of this leads to each location feeling
like a real place that’s full of unique inhabitants and ripe for exploration, not
just linear gauntlets one after another. In fact, that was the one feature I was hoping
for more than any other in Mario Maker 2 – a map editor where we could place our own levels
down in whatever way we wanted and create our own pseudo Mario game with secrets left
and right. Looks like we won’t be that lucky this time
around, but who knows, maybe we’ll get it in Mario Maker 3 along with 3D level creation. Heh, one can dream, right? Regardless, the legacy of Super Mario World
still lives on in its community. It struck the perfect balance of sharp visuals
and eccentric ideas without becoming too rigid or predictable in its structure. We haven’t really seen a 2D Mario game quite
like this again, and while we can always hope for the future, at least for now if Mario
Maker 1 is anything to go off of, the potential for creativity is greater than ever before. Maybe we’ll still see hidden collectibles
with the use of large coins, perhaps 4 player battles will really spice up the formula. Heck, conditional win states might spawn a
whole new type of challenge run community. No matter what, we owe it all to the dev team
in 1990 who were willing to hand the reigns to the player and let them take control of
their experience. If you’ve played Super Mario World, what
was your favorite aspect of it? I talk a lot about secrets and bonus content
on this channel, but maybe there was an entirely different thing that set it a cut above for
you. Let me know in the comments below and let’s
talk about it! Thanks for watching another episode of Good
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  • stevenatuh

    Flying with the cape >>>

  • Hunter Harris

    I love the replay value. I've been playing it since my older sister got an SNES for Christmas when I was two years old, and I have played it thousands of times. It's almost therapeutic to get lost in it for a few hours.

  • Ethan Smith

    This game was my first video game and most played video game except for Mario Kart on the GameCube which I always played with my cousins and older brother – I have a lot of good memories from it though they are admittedly hazy as shit with my bad memory. My favorite thing in SMW is probably Yoshi or the Cape to be completely honest – as a young kid I just found those to be the most fun bits of the game.

  • serene.velocity

    I wouldn't say checkpoints were introduced in this game. SMB1 had them…

  • thelosthippie

    When it comes to secrets, I think Mario 3 has the crown, especially in terms of mystery. When you find a secret exit in SMW, it becomes 'official', and added to your save file. While Mario 3 doesn't have secret exits so to speak, it had TONS of secrets that you'll never know you missed until you've found them. I didn't know until recently there's a secret white toad house in every world (except for 8).
    Without the game 'cataloguing' the secrets, you can spend a lifetime really exploring it. You don't know what you don't know….

  • AnimeHyperDimention

    Purple Yoshi can fly

  • Just Be Respectful.

    "What the heck is a tanuki?" ???

  • Gabriel Cook

    The most overrated of all Super Mario games.

  • Creamer Of The Dairy Squad

    Do chrono trigger

  • SteelTalon Granduer

    The intro cutscene looked like you had planned to crop out the mic cuz it looked so awkward in the corner of the frame

  • SummerWave

    absolutely loved the music

  • GWS

    Y O U A R E A S P E C I A L P L A Y E R
    Very few gaming moments felt as good as seeing those words a the final special stage.

    As far as my favorite aspect of SMW it was definitely the secret exits. I as a kid was constnatly exploring even beyond 96 exits cuz I thought there might be more that I haven't seen. Back then Nintendo was so good at getting players to want to explore. They're still good but nothing beats Nintendo in the late 80s and early 90s.

  • Armando Gómez

    The giant moles wear sunglasses because well, moles are blind! Now it makes sense 😉

  • Itsjoeyourbro


  • TskGamer

    Uhh.. The game was a hard part of my childhood. Never finished the game as a kid, but recently did and I'm content.

  • AlpacaGuy

    My favorite thing was exploring the world map and trying to unlock all the secrets.

  • Andrés González

    Smb3 on snes? What?

  • Adam Malkovich

    The game felt like an adventure, but because the controls were so smooth it felt pleasurable to play this game from beginning to end without it being a frustrating experience.

  • Carlos Rojas

    Favorite aspect of this game; the fact that you can beat it under 25 minutes or take days discovering everything

  • Roy D

    good thing it has a save feature or it would be the BAD GAME DESIGN video!! I need easy games mommy!!

  • Ivan Herndon

    I loved the green box that ALWAYS gave you a feather, so even if you were regular Mario, you'd get the cape and have 2 extra hits automatically.

  • Néstor Suárez García

    The music

  • Magnus Nilsson

    SMB3 >SMW, why? You could get stuck in SMW because yu HAVE TO go back.

  • Martín Thomas

    Fortress stages. They actually were beaten down to the ground once cleared (And the secret bosses too)

  • Retarded Yporolsa

    Physics. It has best physics out of any other Mario game

  • Retro Gamers

    In this video you say something about creating A 3d Mario level one can dream (hours later) Nintendo: SUPER MARIO 3D WORLD IS IN MARIO MAKER 2! …….you: (GASP)

  • The Neon Reaver

    Still the best Mario game in my opinion. Great video!

  • GreenStoneMusic

    I’m incredibly upset that they never brought back Blue or Red Yoshis. I thought eating shells to get powers was super creative and finding baby yoshis and raising them into more powerful yoshis was great too!

  • CommercialChaSe

    My favorite aspect in itself was the large connected world.
    My favorite aspect when compared to the others was the challenge.

  • 9Tensai9

    You sound a bit biased towards SMW, I mean it's fair I'm just saying.
    We all know that SMB3 and SMW are the big bois of 2D Mario games, I wouldn't put any over the other so saying "Mario Maker is as good as it is because of SMW" is a big big overstatement. Personally I am a bit biased with SMB3 and I would argue it's influence over consequent games any day but being realistic SMW has done the same things, they are brothers… super mario brothers haha!

    I'll see myself out now.

  • Turbo 86

    I completed smw 100% when i was a kid (before the internets gave you every detail of every level we had to find the secrets and solutions ourselves). I've done it in 11 levels since and i think that's what makes the game so good. You can challenge yourself to speedruns, 100%, minimum exits or just complete it how you want. On a similar note, most of the levels can be done at a leisurely pace or rushed depending on each players preferences and that makes it more accessible to more people.

  • Sam


  • master106 games

    It’s good but I didn’t click the video to listen to a review of Super Mario World.. I clicked on it to learn game design.

  • Ben Lea


  • the corrective

    you do there is yoshi's island, do you??

  • crackedcookies

    I "discovered" every one of these sneaky tricks in Super Mario World when I was about 10 years old. Looking at this video I actually think my intelligence has decreased! I would never find these things again!

  • Szabu

    The exploration in SMW, with the colorful art style and the best controls yet are my favorite aspects of it. I really think it's a way better game than SMB3. That's not a knock on SMB3, it is my favorite NES game, but SMW is nearly as big an improvement as SMB3 was after 1 and 2.

    SMW felt like an actual adventure and set the stage for the more exploratory later games like 64, Sunshine and so on.

  • Tristan D

    The graphics, the simple story that fits Mario perfectly, but most importantly – the exploration. This was my first video game I got when I was 5 and I spent so much time running around exploring and trying to unlock every hidden area. New Super Mario Bros and Mario WiiU always bored me. Just felt like Super Mario Bros 1 in 3D.

  • Michael Swirsky

    Yeah let's just ignore Super Mario Land 2

  • Kenny Holmes

    You missed New Super Mario Bros. DS. To be fair, it's a lot like Wii.

  • Buggs

    Wow! After well over 20 years since I first played this I didn't know you could spin onto spineys and not get hit! I feel a bit silly now.

  • zjzr08

    As much as the cape is overpowered if you just want to finish a level (but not always, as many levels really need you to traverse the level on foot), my gamestyle about it is more of exploration, using it to find whatever secrets are hidden, expanding the horizontal area to a more vertical one…it's like 3D Mario exploration with the Wing Cap for example.

  • MrMatijas16

    Probably nobody's gonna read it now but I love the level design. It doesnt feel as precisely scripted and linear as in the previous games it feels like it gives you more space and freedom to experiment with what you have. Thanks to more diversed enemies and their placement with addition to incredibly smooth controls it makes the gameplay feel more dynamic. Just as you said each level feels more like a real place, and I think its because the gameplay itself feels less restrictive and more alive. Also the cape feather – possibly the best powerup of all time 🙂

  • Caleb Rumley

    Let’s talk about it. 😀

  • - Lapiziold -

    There was one castle where there was an entrance to the boss, but there was a strange giant gap to the right. I decided to use a cape to fly through. After 20 lives, I was able to get there and I was rewarded with tons of 1-ups. Another Entrance to the boss was there… cool!

  • Giga Otomia

    What I loved in Mario World, which was never reproduced, was the swimming mechanics. Being able to hold up or down to swim at different vertical speeds greatly improved water levels.

  • creativeboy1

    Simply, the newer Mario games is all about collecting coins rather than being difficult. I do not really understand why but I've tried all the later games for shorter period of time but SMM 1&2 is the only interesting ones because the levels can be brutally difficult which Nintendo themselves can't make because no one would be able to beat their games… So they go on the Chase-Coins theme instead.
    It's normal in Mario games where first maps show the majority of physics and what you learn by the two first levels is that "Coins are important" which i see is wrong for a Mario game, but a 7 year old would think its fun, I was 6 when i got SMW on SNES and damn it was hard but really fun since i managed to beat it, but it took a loong time with a broken controller on the way.

  • BlackxExorcist

    Been sick the past few days so i been in bed doing bothing much. Decided to give super mario world a shot on the switch snes store. (I was a genesis kid)

    While i wasnt like this is amazing there were times where i was genuinely impressed and even appreciative of the game because i saw how important it is to the mario series

  • Reece Deacon

    End question: one word! C A P E

  • TheNintendoFanatic

    I just realized, snoman gaming…. because he's so cool? lmao

  • FroakieTrainer54

    My favorite thing about Mario World is the movement. This is the best Mario has controlled in 2D, he feels perfect and it makes running around levels and exploring so much more fun if Mario didn’t control as well

  • Karl The Snarl

    This is the only game I have ever actually 100%

  • Frank Noble-Waters

    4:23 Who named these? Sonic?

  • Yllib

    I love super Mario world for the exploration

  • LetsGameplay Br

    I don't like smm

  • the Distortionist

    I actually played SMB3 and SMW on the Advance and I always thought that SMB3 was the successor to World, because of the Advance games naming. I actually enjoyed SMB3 more just because the items were way more unique and I hate the Mario sprite in World to this day. It's just so ugly

  • Chris

    I make a conscious effort to use the special stage names in casual conversation. “Groovy” and “tubular” are making a comeback, I’m telling you!

  • ControlledFlame

    3D Mario maker is minecraft

  • Shawn Farooqui

    It was the first video game I ever played, it really did set a standard that I didn’t even realize at the time. Synonymous in my mind with Nintendo as whole when I even think of the game


    The secrets and bonuses are definitely what drew me in. I was also a small child when it came out so it was one of the first video games I played and had such pretty colors.

  • Joseph Roman Sexton

    Mario maker 3 sure

  • michael scoggins

    So much yes to this video.

    Smw probably goat game even still. Certainly goat platformer

  • Cyber Console wolf

    Aren't you ignotning paper Mario tm

  • Jayden C

    maybe replacing the came is a good thing seeing as how broken it could be yeah it was linear but that's the only real thing it regressed both games did regress in difficulty though and honest 3 and world both added a lot I mean in world he had secret levels yoshi and in 3 koopalings and the world map

  • Jayden C

    the modern 2d games aren't really handholdy honestly themewise? well in world there were plains more plains mystery forest cold cave area a choco mountain haunted ghost shit and valley….hm ok maybe it's more creative but a lot of land seems to be just grassy areas especially the first 2 worlds

  • Jayden C

    my favorite part of the game? just beat great mario game really favorite part is probably either how unique a lot of the levels felt and how they were designed and used enemies like all the chargin chucks for example or the streamlined level flow and secrets[not my favorite part but still cool added quite a bit really you can tell the devs really put in there heart and soul with the secrets] music is amazing even though almost every main song has some part or string from the main game theme

  • Underdasher []

    5:22 Can we just talk about how cool this transition was?

  • August Gremaud

    The different depths of hidden content! I beat the game at least twice before I saw a 3 up moon in an obscure old guide magazine, and searched frantically for it in-game, pouring hours into levels I thought I’d mastered just to find that last piece of hidden content.

  • SuperStamps

    5:30 I had to cheese this level with a blue yoshi because the Banzai Bills kept killing me lol.

  • SkyVR

    More than 20 years later and Ndo are still unable to one-up themselves with 2D Mario (Not like the NeW Super Mario Bros had any chance aside from the first on the DS).

  • Connor Reilly

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  • Yuzu Aihara! I LOVE CITRUS!! UwU

    It was one of the first SNES games I ever played!!

  • Brent Caldwell

    SMW/Dinosaur Land does feel like an actual place, not just a series of levels. I want that feeling in the new 2D games.

  • Dalgus Maximus

    I'm sorry but I couldn't stand the fact this game forces you to find a bunch of dumb ass secret exits just to finish the game. I shouldn't be forced to do that shit in a 2D mario game.

  • Dalgus Maximus

    Aren't 2D platformers supposed to be linear though? I find that more linear platformers have better set pieces too. The levels you showed from the NSMB were rather unique and are actually a good idea of what most of the levels are. I can't say the same for what you showed of super matio world. Most of the levels seem like they are just a derivative underwhelming variation of what Super mario bros. 3 levels were. I feel like all the apathy felt by the average gamer toward a game like, say, New super mario bros. Wii is what I feel towards Super mario world. Compared to what came before it it was nothing ground breaking, and comparing it to game series like donkey kong country and the sonic games I definitely don't consider it to be anything special.

  • K-lexis Blaze

    SMW has by far the best soundtrack of all the 2D Marios imo, for the most part it is variations on the same theme but each theme variant is well crafted for where it's used, and even the unique tracks like the opening and end credits theme are a thingy of beauty. My favourite theme is the bonus game theme, it absolutely slaps and the ghost and castle themes are nothing to sneeze at either, I think it's the perfect soundtrack tbh

  • ISoul54I

    I played super mario world soo much and I unlocked star raod and knew the only way to progress is secret exits but I didn't know about switch palaces so I played non stop for a day and beat star road and the secret world with no switch palaces first 2d game to 100% for me

  • Vitor Hugo

    I loved the designs for enemies and areas in game (except the football players, I hated those). I think they were the same level of NSMB for the DS, since there were many interesting enemy designs in the latter. I also loved the bosses, with different patterns and arenas.

  • Quackers Encheese

    mario world just FEELS good in general. it looks amazing (with the exception of bowser), sounds amazing, and even spinning on things feels amazing because of the sound it makes.

  • Patrick McHugh

    It's really interesting how certain aspects of a game are things that they LOVE and others can't stand. For example, I never played SMW as a kid because my parents didn't want to buy a console. I played it many, many years later on emulator and I loved the gameplay…that is until I couldn't figure out how to get to the next level. The hidden exits accessed through random pipes that allow you to continue the game force you to replay levels you have already beaten, essentially elongating the game artificially. The linearity of level progression in things like Super Meat Boy, or N, or even Super Mario Maker are all improvements over the tedious "play through the game and find the hidden thing tee hee" design. Just my opinion.

  • Jack Bandit

    I have a really hard time describing what makes some games so amazing. Like Super Mario World feels like magic. I think the Nostalgia makes it difficult to describe.

  • S. D.

    My favourite part about Super Mario World is that I am still not able to beat the goddamn game

  • Edu Ray

    I always thought Mario had a pig nose when he eats the balloon. You zoomed in, and now I know it was his eyes.

  • gamephreak5

    Mario World sucked compared to Mario 3. The levels were linear and boring, and Mario World overall was way too easy compared to Mario 3.

    Mario 3 is the real nominal Mario game.

  • Pipeta

    I remember being so sad and yet so happy at the same time when the "Thank you"appeared in my screen when i was like 12

  • Halsey R

    you're cute

  • Manu

    SMW is a game for babies

  • Some random Guy On the Internet

    The Cape is the best Mario Powerup period.Endless tactics and freedom galore.People say its broken but look at Demons Crest,the flying is slightly broken there.

  • Hooded Edge

    Basically the non-linear structure of Mario's linear platformer, the graphics, the music, etc. I love this game to death and will always cherish this as my favorite game of all-time.

    Also, I saw you playing Kamek's Island & Super Mario World: The After Years. Nice!!

  • Aaron Stephen

    I cant help but think nostalgia is preventing people from looking at at SMW fairly. Dont get me wrong it does a lot of things right but it does way too many things wrong. Its waaaaay too easy, it's the the most exploitable mario game in the whole series. By the time you get to the second world you already have 99 lives… which dont matter anyway because you can save the game after every ghost house and castle. If you have the Cape you can fly indefinitely and basically fly across every stage. The spin jump makes the more difficult enemies no threat at all and you have too many hit points. Mario 3 in my opinion has the proper balance of openness that SMW has with the challenge of previous games.

  • Fares Mason

    I'm not skilled at all in mario games so I could never get past the first few stages in mario world but I still love it and I feel like I'm missing out on a lot

  • Matthew Gooding

    Conditional victories did add their own community to the game. A community of assholes that let other people do all the work and then snipe victories from them.

  • cursedex

    Dat exit to Soda Lake. I remember we were trying to see how the heck did we get to it, and at some point someone decided to use Cape Mario to make a leap of faith across the chainsaws. We were so excited when that actually worked, that we actually messed up the first attempt.


    Shame you didn't talk about Super Mario 3D World

  • Drakoĉjo

    fuck I had been playing that game since..
    well since I had enough coordination to understand that I could move a character on a screen
    and even when I was like 4, and I found top secret area, and was learning the cape, I was just having the time of my life in donut plains and vanilla dome.
    I guess my favorite aspect was the controls, despite the fact that the SNES control fucking sucked for a lot of reasons the game felt easy to control.
    So easy that I can only imagine how amazing it must be to play it on a modern controller like an xbox controller or something.

  • Alias Anybody

    My main issue with SMW is that you can't walljump. Yes, I'm dead serious.

  • Emidretrauqe

    The game was a masterpiece. Everything worked. Utterly flawless.

  • M Tauf

    Hmm I don't rememeber dropping yoshi to get to the end… Just bouncing with the cape lol

  • Digital Phoenix

    The controls were top notch. The story was great, and replayability is very high. There's only a few games I'll go back to, and this is one of them.

  • Joseph Moore

    I beat this game at 100% multiple times and never saw those changes you mentioned.


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