Grand Theft Auto 5 Rap (Kendrick Lamar – M.A.A.D. City Remix/Parody)

here I here I go I don’t drive slow in grand
theft auto five this game make me feel so alive
im so impatient.. installment takes up my whole hard drive
killing you in multiplayer takes so long to revive
play this game all night, so realistic rockstar just call this game life
will I choose sniper, shotgun, or knife? im franklin in story mode, ill let my dog
bite are you on multiplayer?
send me a game invite, I play all night, until sunrise
running every redlight, crashing into your brake light
to los santos customs I go, to customize my car
perhaps change the colorrrrr, then to drive to the barbarrrr
to change my hairrrrr low on cash? rob the quick mart.
game so exciting sometimes it stops… my heart
my favorite part of the map of course, is sandy shores
to go offroading in the dessertsss but I always like the golf course and tennis
courts you can’t compete with me in those sports
just stole a car, about to buy myself a garage everything so realistic like im seeing a mirage
halfway through the song do you like my montage? (no)
when I cause, chaos I feel like such a bawse you can even buy insurance for your car so
you wont get lost back at los santos customs for a new exhaust
don’t care what it costs, next time im wanted by the cops I wont get caught
I love speeding across, the map looking at the amazing graphics
my favorite radio station is west coast classics as I weave through traffic, without my glasses
im still the fastest, and if you disagree lets race,
I move at the fastest rate, and always in first place
but for bicycles it takes stamina so keep a pace
GTA 5 is the best game so bring your game face
you can even go underwater in the ocean and get eaten by a shark if your to far in
motion I can even drive a submarine, rockstar you
must be jokin if you play online join my crew
im the dude that takes your gun while drinking Mt. Dew
because I know kung fu, so watch me jump off with a parachute just to ambush you


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