• Santiago Santiago.

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    Gameplay starts at 00:11 (1080p)

    I switch to 1440p at 04:33

    I crank up the settings at 07:30

    I switch to 4K at 10:00

    RX 570: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49VlP-sQccw

    GTX 1050 ti: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w–yA-WL8d4

    GTX 750 ti: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuOU9p_5tgo

    NOTE: Recorded with AverMedia Live Gamer 4K using a different pc to record, no fps hit

  • Lafh

    Danm last night I came this early my girlfriend was mad

  • games holic

    My pc was i3 7100 and 4 gb ram can u run gtx 1650

  • trollfaceo0o

    How big this game size when download?

  • Garik Nevskoy

    some people change the settings from ultra to high or ultra to medium, some people buy 2080 instead 2060/1660

  • VBerserk

    4.5gb system ram usage and over 5gb vram usage thats something

  • holybagpipes

    I've found that lowering shadows to high while keeping everything else maxed out keeps it at locked 60 fps at 1080p.

    I've tested it on tracks with heavy rain and a full grid of cars and the performance impact of shadows does cause slowdowns. Great optimization so far.

    This is on the 6 gig version btw

  • Xue Xian Heah

    Princess Remedy 2: In A Heap of Trouble is free right now on Steam! Santiago share it out!

  • Metal Melter

    Is there anyway to eliminate screen tearing ??

  • Rescairo [SCPF]

    60 FPS on Ultra w/ Rainy maps.
    80 to 90 FPS on Ultra on most maps.
    70 to 80 FPS on Ultra (besides Car Reflections, that are on High) w/ Rainy maps.
    60 FPS on High-Ultra 1440p w/ Rainy maps.
    45 FPS on Ultra 1440p w/ Rainy maps.
    35 to 40 FPS on Med-High 4K w/ Rainy maps.

    Pretty well optimization so far.

  • General Step

    What will happen if I connect Hdmi to laptop from graphics card of pc , means One end is connected to laptop and second is from graphics card of my pc

  • Shady_02

    If someone wants to buy a 1050ti SC evga, call me! Cuz a 1060ti is the best option!

  • Formula Odin

    Hey can you test this game in 1060 3gb? coz that will be a lot helpful for me.

  • bocampeon america

    Yo tengo opcion de dx11 y al menos en nvidia anda mucho mejor. Y no entendí que dijiste respecto al f1 2019, que falla alguna api?


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