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Hello guys If you want to download GTA 4 for your PC or Laptop So you are in perfect place Today i will tell you that How you can download GTA 4 for your PC or Laptop Requirements of this game will be found in the description There you will find a Game downloading link And this game play you are watching is also recorded from this Game Hope you will like the Game For more good videos subscribe to my channel Press bell icon whenever i will upload new video you will get notification First of all open your web browser This link will be inserted into description Whenever you will click on link The website will open in front of you From there you should download game Lets see I have copied it Paste here This type of interface will be in front of you GTA 4 Link Click in to it Scroll down Here you will find an option of Download Click into it Download option appear in front of you File size is 13.36GB One thing you have to take care of Grant Theft Auto 4 zip There is no disc space in drive C For downloading and installation Free space is 1.88 GB But the game size is 13 Gb So i’m not able to download it You should have space in C 13.5 GB Start downloading I already downloaded it You should download Winrar It will be use to unzip file Close I’m going to tell you next step You will get file in Downloads I already downloaded it Check file size 13.3 GB After downloading Disable your Antivirus Go there Disable it permanent And yes Window 10 has it’s own defender Also disable it Go to settings Disable all Close it Now you are to do installation process Remember Winrar is important before this process Now Extract here Let it be extract It depends on your Laptop or PC speed That how much time it will take for Extraction File unzipped Open it Double click on Setup Yes Ok Next Browse it where you want to install I’m going to browse it in E Ok Next Install it It will take time for installation It depends on your PC and Laptop speed That how much time it will take for installation Installation is finished if you want to update Direct X then please update it Click on Finish It will start reading all files After all Close it This option will appear in front of you Next Finish it yes Installation is completely finished I’m going to show game play click Hope you will like our video Please subscribe Like If you want to say something #Askkami and leave your comment Whatever you have question i will reply Blessings


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