[Intro] Hello, my name is iPugsieHD, and just before we start I ask that you could SLAP that like button as it helps me out so much as well as subscribing so I can show you the most newest glitching content as
well as people in the comments sharing sharing their glitches with me and how to do them so they can share their fun with us. For this part, what you’re going to need to do is basically just head to
team and pants and when your at pants you want to put on like these gray-ish ones that I actually do, it’ll be exactly the same for male, they’re both the same
because they came out both editions like male female and then you’re going to
want to head over to the tops and when you’re at tops it did take me quite a
while to actually find what I was looking for, so I did speed it up a bit but I
was actually making this when I was going along and it was quite tricky to
make but you are going to need to put on the same color of the trousers I’ve got. Now you
want to head to body armor and put show armour onto the black one (standard armour) and once you’ve done that
you’re gonna head over to mask shop and when your at a mask shop you want to buy like this
balaclava and also by the same gray color bulletproof helmet, once you’ve bought
that you’re going to want to set the bulletproof helmet as your default a
helmet when you get into like quadbikes bear-in-mind and you will actually like a
quad back or a four-by-four like ride-on, but once you’ve um set the up with helmet as you like get-on default
helmet you’re going to want to get onto the bike and quickly, very quickly switch
to the balaclava that you just bought, so once you’ve done this you’re going to
quickly want to run to the mask shop press square and whatever it is on Xbox and save as quick as possible and if you don’t really understand this – I’ll upload the same method or an easier way of explaining how to do this glitch on
Friday so just stay tuned and I will bring out Friday – but I did make this video because there isn’t actually a possible way of getting the cop outfit and I’m still trying to work on that as well as the Bugstar outfit which a
lot of people keep wanting the Bugstar as well as the cop outfit, the Bugstar is quite
hard as it removes the logos or stickers as soon as you die or something like a
event happens – I did find a way we could go to apartment and actually save it, but it removes it so I think there may be another way as there is for everything as well as the Cop one which should be out soon, but have actually got this one right here which is like kind of one till I
actually find a method but as always like the video, and I’ll see you, in the next one.


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