GTA San Andreas for PC/Laptop |GTA San Andreas free for PC

Friends today I’ve got a great game for you… GTA San Andreas You can play GTA San Andreas in your PC or Laptop it works on any window Apart from this, it works on any operating system smoothly You should’ve windows 10, 8.1,8,7 or xp This game will be played on any of these windows So friends, I’ll tell you how to download this game and after downloading, I will show you the game So friends let’s go to the computer screen Well now we have come to the computer screen First of all you have to open a web browser Whether we have any web browser Firefox or Chrome You have to search in Winrar free download full version After searching, you have to open the first website After opening website, you have to click on download for windows So you have to start downloading from here I have already downloaded it After downloading it, you will find it in downloads folder You will find this in the program folder You have to paste the game link in you web browser I’ll will put the link in my description You can download it directly from there Press enter This type of interface will come Click on Download anyway Start download after downloading open it I’ve already downloaded it Now, what you have to do is open this pc First of all install winrar Now we have installed winrar Friends I have less space in Local disk C so I will extract this file in local disk E Now I will create a folder and name it GTA Now I will paste it here… Now extract this file here Now your file will start to unzip Depends on the speed of your computer that it will be quick or take some time A popup will appear you have to just click on close Now I will show you the size of both files size 631MB 4.67 GB After clicking a popup will appear This poppup will ask you to install Direct play you have to just install it Now I am going to show you gameplay click on it If you our video give us a thumbs up Please Subscribe to our channel and press the bell icon so you may get notifications for our new videos I will reply to all of your comments


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