GTA : Vice City – ขอสั้นๆ [Mission 18] #ซับไทย

why milk join us so I’m having a result for you everybody expect you in person I’m enjoying it while we’re now at the club Malibu I written over a mere five months around with this sunshine I’ll see you later [Music] oh I must underside your mirror might the hell you talking about know that Wayne could be is the bugle Meister he’s got your boy Lance word is you might try to jump you’ve been to my enough if you know what I mean where did he pick up ah Oh keep your party are you quite macaws tender chunk yeah but yeah you nut [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] there goes my careful planning blowing this shit thanks to you you screwed up real good Lance he killed my brother what do you expect me to do mow his lawns we’re gonna have to take out that prick Diaz before he takes us out you okay to use a gun sure I guess nice to see you too let’s get out of here [Applause] get patched up and meet me on the bridge to Star Island okay okay I got you [Music]


  • Jay ky


  • Nicolas cage

    เเล้ว ซับ ไปไหนง่ะครับ


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