GTA Vice city in real life। BD police funny video

Is it stolen bike? No, Sir. Show me the licence paper. I haven”t the licence. What do you mean you haven’t!! Give me the money Fast…….. Fast…. GO… Go. And never come again. Go Scoundrel.. He take $5 dollar from me. $5 dollar!! I Haven’t enough money to make licence paper. What can I do ? What can I do?? Yeah, Friends, I have an idea I have an idea Hey.. Won’t you change?? You Have come again without licence. Do you have licence today? No, sir. You haven’t. Give me the money. “leave me alone” Again!! “Leave me alone” I gave him a good lesson last time. But my money is still in his pocket. I have to do some thing. I have to punish him in smart way. Hey!! “Leave me alone” Now, I have got him after a long time. I should have teach him a good lesson This time. Hey!! Hey !! “Leave me alone” “Leave me alone” Why this cheat isn’t working? Cheat will activate only when I will be a police. But I have left my job.


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