GTA Vice City – Phone Calls – Part 2

Tommy Tommy Tommy I had study on the phone okay are you with me I don’t know about you but there’s something about a man threatening to murder my family which really scared the crap out of me what are you gonna do can take it easy I am calm comment the man competes very first light stay off the idiot fuel and look after yourself no one’s gonna take us out I’ll see you later hi Erica so I found um just let the impending death that is doing this my boys hey-ho Dommy Dommy we got a situation over at print work you better go and check it out wow it’s so kind of Messer other things are messed up I gotta go call me Paula yeah professional makeup what do you want Paul I don’t want any fake labels Moe’s very funny Mike but you know about touch Bank here no it’s just calling to see if I’ll get pie one of your movies by getting real bill or blue stuff play I’m packing or what huh wow thanks for the offer up there that in mind seriously don’t forget about me I’ll call up Dolph here that’s what I’m trying to forget about Tommy its red we got big problems go down here right away I mean anyway all right so drop your life oh my good old boy so you were not really the quality of the brass are just encountered straight walk or something just down a little over animate so I miss Mercedes or something oh my god might you’ve gotta check this brother to strip the lid out of a pencil said I was a bitch ever you know okay you protect your skin from PC yeah coming from us things are interesting how are you my friend I ask you about Mercedes okay what about her Oh tell me I hear these stories all these stories I don’t know what to think maybe she’s sick she got what she likes but Tommy tell me is it wrong is what true stories I hear she really going to be a lawyer Tommy the shame the shame you know we cook these are a proud family we would never allow it thought or about to become a lawyer please tell me so I don’t think I could take oh I can assure you Mercedes is never going to become a lawyer don’t worry about it Oh Thank You Tommy Tommy thank you the shame would be unbearable she’s a lady not a parasite you know anyway Tommy you must excuse me alright the new Minister of Interior has arrived many years ago I killed his father in a failed coup so I must be polite tommy vercetti as a guy mr. picture i all these things about you some quiet planet and all right oh you’re drunk we’re prize right oh yeah Oh Phil trait I’ve been a paper cutter poser anyway don’t give me a mug Oh stick you up in this time oh great that’s a really don’t give me that I am just your play bar so true two ropes there are stuff you say you play me you ignore me do I give me a way in or I’ll blow up the wheel would you feel ever feel sorry pop take it easy I’ve been busy don’t be an idiot that’s what I said it also you ask it the trouble son you’re gonna get Paul get some sleep seriously now I mean earnest Kelly hey how are you I’m doing okay I’ll be distinct to walk but I should be back at work soon enough good I heard about Lance what a little prick yes never trust a man who walks the streets in his pajamas that’s what I say glad you killed him I hope what was painful for the prick I think it was you know I just didn’t think he was like that Tommy for a raging lunatic you’re pretty naive I’ll be back at work soon ain’t you a thing to talk about life here take your time Ernest look after yourself Tommy it stinks you’re horrible I’m a marvel they love it we’re rewriting the record books pal we’re talking major Wars here I can put my dad in a home and tell him to shut up it’s hot man hot h.o.t he never believed in me never thought I was an artist and now I’ve made it on the best dance can quit director of all time my friend and I just wanted to say it’s a pleasure to have met you I love you baby don’t you google change it on me you hear

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