GTA Vice City Stories – Walkthrough – Mission #14 – Marked Men

Phil, baby, would I screw you over? Yeah, you would. Bullshit. I wouldn’t. Not to you, not to a brother in arms.
Come on, gimme a hug. Nah, you’d never screw anyone over, would you? Oh, look who it is! St Victor of Vance!
The holier than thou killer. All these principles, you go around shooting people. I do what I gotta do, after I trusted an asshole. You enjoyed it, brother.
Admit it – cause you’re a maniac, huh? I gave you a life. Go to hell, Martinez. See Phil, I saved Vic – and I can save you too, huh? What does this scumbag want? He wants me to go over to some warehouse
and see if his merchandise is all there. That’s all. Hey, it’s cool – go with him, Vicky Boy, if you don’t trust me.
But Phil – you owe me, after what you said… You said that was forgotten. If you do this… I’ll explain as we drive, Vic…
It’s time for me to get another drink. What was that about? You’ve ‘got to go’? Aw… I got drunk and told Martinez I didn’t trust him no more… I said he was an asshole. He IS an asshole. No. I am. ‘Cause now he won’t put any
work my way until I DO trust him. Let’s get this over with. Drive easy Vic. The last of my Boomshine
is in the back of the truck. I’m through with that demon drink. Hallelujah! Who the hell are these guys? Hey fellas. Martinez said… Yeah. Martinez said ‘Bye-Bye’. Hot damn! Play fair fellas!
What about the damn Geneva Convention? For fuck’s sake Phil! Do something! My Boomshine! This round’s on daddy assholes! I think we’ve both outgrown our usefulness to Martinez. Jerry wants us dead? Shitting asshole… I’m gonna lay low for a while.
I reckon you should too. Screw that… I ain’t hiding from that piece of shit. Remember: discretion’s the better part of valor. Good luck, soldier!

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