GTA Vice City Stories – Walkthrough – Mission #29 – The Bum Deal

I know there’s a major shipment coming in real soon.
I’ve been to your apartment and I’ve read your files… Yeah yeah yeah, I was going to tell you about that… The contact is at the White Stallionz bar. They’ll give you exactly what you need. You better not be screwing us. Me? Gimme a break… I’m your best buddy. Something’s not right about this place… Yeah! I didn’t know bikers were into disco… I think Forbes has fucked us again. Your kind ain’t welcome here. I wanna bareback the little one. Aaw, shit… it’s two for one at the boy’s club.. shit. Man, Forbes screwed us again. Let’s get back and screw HIM… …metaphorically speaking. What the hell? That’s Forbes! Get him! Aw man, I didn’t mean for us to kill him. It’s a little late now, Lance! I know there was something to this big shipment he was talking about. And I’m going to find out. Later, man.

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