GTA Vice City Stories – Walkthrough – Mission #33 – Blitzkrieg

Hey, Vic. What’re you doing here man?
You should be out there building our empire. What empire? I own a few businesses – now it’s an empire?
And what do you mean ‘our’ empire? Call it what you want, but when the Mendez brothers finally
work out that we ripped them off, you’re gonna need all the cash you can get. What? And your just gonna sit here? Hey, man. It’s ‘your’ empire. …Find a way to get outta this man… Lance. What the fuck is wrong now? Nothing, nothing at all… we’re fine. Really? ‘Cos I tell you something, we don’t look fine. Well let me tell YOU something. We are. Well, ‘we’ look like a moron who just realized
‘we’ just screwed up his entire family! Well speak for your damn self! It’s just business, baby.
I think I sorted out everything. I am Cool, man. I am relaxed as hell. Yeah. What are you talking about? The Mendez brothers… they don’t want us dead anymore. No? No. They might want to hurt us a bit, but kill us? Nah… Ok, so a pair of homicidal lunatics merely want to
hurt me a bit, and I’m actually pleased about it. WHAT HAVE YOU GOTTEN US INTO, YOU DUMB SHIT? Bro, we’re cool. No problem. Oh, Lance… Yeah, it’s the Don. What? You’re shitting me, right? Damn. WHAT? There might be a… little problem… Stop yelling at me. It’s not my fault. Yes it is. If you hadn’t stolen the Mendezes’ coke
they wouldn’t be attacking all of my businesses. I’m sick and tired of you blaming me for everything.
Now, I’m gonna save ‘your’ empire – you do what you want. You’re on my turf now! You’re all mine! You’re dead! My name’s Lance, you haven’t a chance! I’ll break you in two! I know Kung-Fu! Chicken! We did it. We won. Yeah… well, I wouldn’t go that far Bro. What do you mean? We might have won the day here.
But we probably got our asses whipped elsewhere. Sorry man.

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