GTA Vice City Stories – Walkthrough – Mission #35 – Hostile Takeover

So, now we’re together… and yet, business is hard…
this industry is full of criminals. Oh yeah? Money can be so corrupting… I find it very distasteful. Heh! Well, you know. That’s the deal with the
drugs trade – it attracts the wrong sort. Quite… are you trustworthy, friend? I don’t know… after what I’ve been through recently,
I’d say probably not. Great! Honesty is a very attractive quality. I’m promoting you, Vic. Thanks – what do you need me to do? Head to Vice Point.
The people there have been ripping me off for years. Remove them and set up shop – we need
a place we can distribute product from. Look, I ain’t interested in that side of the business. Unfortunately, you don’t have a choice… Now, Vic, please, go.

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