GTA Vice City Stories – Walkthrough – Mission #41 – Say Cheese

Cut! Cut! Cut! It is boring, terrible.
I’m a hack. Oh… Conventional drivel… Reni… you got some contacts for me? Darling! Do serious purchasers of enormous
quantities of uncut cocaine grow on trees? Maybe in your town, but not in mine. Okay, then why do you keep calling me over here?
Look – I’m in this to make money. For my brother. I don’t have time to waste. Darling, that is beautiful. One day, I will make a film like that. Two brothers, one is a dog. The other – a librarian. Love blossoms between a man… and… a pig.
Three swans die. The end. Genius. Whatever you say, but in the meantime I’ve got a business to run.
I’ve got to make some money. But darling, wait – if it’s money you need, maybe you
can breathe some life into this bloody fucking mess. Somebody, burn the script! Let’s make art, people! Jump! Use the ramp! Faster! Faster! Harter! Amazing darling! Yes! Yes! That’s it! Don’t stop! All because she can’t get enough…

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