GTA Vice City Stories – Walkthrough – Mission #6 – Truck Stop

Hey, look who it is! Victor Vance!
What’s going on, amigo? You want some smoke? Fuck you, Martinez. Relax… you’re so fucking histrionic.
It’s like hanging out with a bitch on her period. You want me to fuck you up? Whatever baby. The thing is, you work for Phil,
and Phil – Phil works for me. Which makes you… my bitch’s bitch. Figure that out. Man, that shit is heavy. So you had better play nice, if you wanna get paid, huh? Because if you don’t get paid,
then who’s gonna look after your sick brother? Fuck you. Ay, change the record baby… fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.
What did you expect me to do, huh? I didn’t screw you over for fun.
I was saving myself, and you would do the same. And don’t pretend otherwise. I had a career. So what, you got kicked out of the army… big deal. Hey… I told Phil about some guns I can sell,
if you can get them, hm? Phil, don’t smoke too much of this shit, huh?
It’ll make you trip out, get paranoid. Sure, later Jerry. Come on Vic. This should silence any asshole following me. We’re gonna need some back up Vic. I know some guys that’ll help. Are we being followed? We better not be being followed… I’ll rip those bastards’ livers right out of their sides. Chill out man. There ain’t no-one following us. Hey Fellas! C’mon! We’re gonna make some money. They’re good guys Vic: Just always so quiet…
maybe I shouldn’t trust ’em. I’m gonna take the truck back to my place.
Anyone follows me, you give ’em hell.

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