GTA Vice City: Sửa lỗi không bật được còi xe bán kem ở nhiệm vụ “Distribution”

I purchased the Cherry Popper Ice Cream business shortly after buying Sunshine Autos and filling their vehicle “wanted list”. The Mr. Whoopee truck is on the final list, and I delivered the truck to Sunshine Autos *before* I attempted the “Distribution” mission. Now, when I try using the respawned truck at Cherry Poppers, the horn will not sound (ie. the ice cream jingle won’t play). On WHOOPEE TRUCK. I press SHIFT. HORN can’t work On Other Car. I press SHIFT. HORN works! In my case the problem with the horn of Mr. Whoopee was that I was running a program called: GTA: Vice City FPS Limit Adjuster (Very good program in my opinion, because you get eye candy regarding FPS). The problem was that I was running Vice City in 100 FPS. I changed this to 30 (default) in the program, and voila! The horn instantly worked. I think that the same goes for the Frame Limiter. Try to change Frame Limiter to ‘on’ and see what happens. The common problems with the old GTA’s is the Frame Limiter. In GTA San Andreas slightly less problematic than in GTA Vice City. In Vice City you cannot even complete some of the missions with Frame Limiter off. When Frame Limiter is off, you will get 60 FPS most of the time. It is too fast for Vice City, that’s why some things do not work: – Horns of police cars/ambulances/firetrucks work, but the siren is difficult to turn on; – The Mission: ‘Stunt Boat Challenge’ of Umberto is impossible to beat with 100FPS. You need 5 seconds more to get to the finish, while with Frame Limiter on (30FPS) you have 30 seconds left when going through the finish checkpoint; – The Mr Whoopee horn does not work with too much FPS I think there are much more problems regarding the Frame Limiter and/or everything above 30/40 FPS. So if you got a problem in one of the old GTA’s, be sure to check out if it still is the same with Frame Limiter on! I hope it still helped! Sr my bad English! Tks for watching my video! ^^


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