Halo Reach on a very low end PC? Easier than you think!

This video is brought to you by CuriosityStream,
which know comes with a little surprise called Nebula. There are very few modern shooter franchises
with the impact of Halo. The only problem is that it is mostly a console
franchise until now. We got a heck of
a present in the form of a PC port of Halo: Reach, part of the Master Chief Collection
which promises to release almost every mainline Halo game on PC for glorious mouse and keyboard
gameplay. That, of course, tickled my curiosity. Most console exclusive ports running some
custom engine tend to be a bit of a hit or miss when ported on PC and this game has one
graphical option. Yes, you heard me right… one. It goes from performance, Original and Enhanced. What really got me was that it has surprisingly
low minimum requirements. Could the game be forced to go under the performance
option for better FPS on integrated graphics? Now figuring out which engine this game uses
has been a bit of a mystery. The game is reported to use Unreal Engine
4 but only on the front end UI and progression system so I initially thought there was no
use in anything I knew about unreal. LowSpecGamer discord community member fork
proved me wrong when he discovered the game creates configuration files in one
of the default locations for unreal engines That is in app data, local low, MCC, Halo Reach
as I am showing on the screen. In the master gameusersettings configuration
file that I am so used to seeing in Unreal Engine 4 games, there is a new set of lines
that I had not seen before. Turns out these control the draw distance
system of the game, where after a certain distance a low detail version of the object
is loaded and longer after that the object is just not rendered and we can manipulate
that to our advantage by modifying the value of Scaleval on these lines. Setting the values to 0 just revert to the
default, but settings it to a very low value like 0.001 works and can easily be achieved
with a simple replace operation in notepad or notepad++. If you want to revert this to default values
you can do the same or just delete the file and the game will recreate it next time you
launch. However, you will notice its effects, particularly
in environmental elements like rocks or threes. Interestingly enough the effect is not applied
on characters or enemies, but mostly to environments. The effect this has on performance is remarkable. I ran most of my testing on my personal laptop
the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro and forced the game to use the integrated IntelHD graphics
included on the i5. On a still scene without combat, I was able
to get over 30 FPS on 720p on the regular performance settings, and with the tweaked
draw distance settings, it can often get over 50 on the exact same scene. I felt bold enough to give it a try on the
much weaker Lattepanda Alpha which I received recently and that comes equipped with a much
weaker m3 CPU and a more thermally constricted IntelHD 615. The fact that I was able to get anything remotely
playable at 720 on a combat scenario is pretty impressive, although I quickly I realized that these settings
have a major issue which is that the rendering distance of enemies makes firefights very
difficult. Thankfully this is controlled by the section
labelled as ObjectFadeModifer so reverting those scalevalues to 1 brings back the
full draw distance which of course means less performance but a playable game. Under these usable settings, I returned to
the Intel HD 620 and saw manageable framerate even during combat, not a bad result at all. However it is not hard to argue that a huge
part of the core halo experience is its chaotic multiplayer, so I wondered if this PC would
keep it together using those tweaks in a variety of multiplayer modes. I needed to assistance of veteran Halo player
so I enlisted the help of my friend TierZoo. If you have not heard of TierZoo before
he uses gaming terminology and language to talk about Nature, the world’s most complex
videogame. It’s one of the best genre mashups I have
ever seen on YouTube. Also, he played a lot of Halo back in the
day so I asked him to help me a stress test this config to the max. Alex: *laugh* I’m riding with them, I didn’t know
this was possible. Tierzoo: Oh, did you get on the passanger
seat? Oh, I see you! T: Oh, you beat the driver, alright. I’m gonna go into the driver’s seat. A: I’m already having a great time, this is
fantastic. T: He’s still alive. A: Oh god. T: YEAH Yeah, nice. A: Not anymore! T: Yeah. He’s out of there. T: It is time to crash A: DIE ALREADY T: You got him, right? Yeah! Yeah, nice. Alright. Alright, we gotta bail… no. *Both laugh* One thing that I definitely had to watch out
for is that the game does a lot of background loading in the first 30 seconds or so of a
match. This means that if you are in a mode that
is particularly CPU heavy right at the start of a match you might get some occasionally
crashing issues T: Dino Blasters… I don’t know what mode this is. A: Ohh! I can fly! T: We got infinite jetpack and can concussion rifle… A: I think my game just crashed. Yeah, no, ok. It’s crashing again, no, wait. T: Alright, I thought so. A: I broke something, I don’t know
what it did but it’s really causing trouble T: Oh, there you are! Oh, I got ya. Double kill, let’s go. T: Ah, Doom Ball… I don’t know what this is. “The ball randomly explodes”! Ok, great. *Laughs* *Laughs in noob* A: So far, so good. Got him! Ah! Oh no, oh no this is terrible. T: Come here! A: Why do I walk so slowly? T: Yeah, you run slower with that. A: Oh, I’m gonna get the ball, gonna get the
ball! This is terrible! Help! Ok- it exploded! It killed me! T: The ball randomly explodes, you know that. A: That’s so unfair. T: You killed me! Darn it. A: That was some expectacular kill. T: Nice shot A: *Screams in Noob* T: Gotcha! T: Come here! A: How does the hammer not kill you? A: Ok, now I think I am getting the grasp of the sword T: Good. Duel me. It is time to see what you got. Did you just fall off the map? A: Oh no! T: Oh, they hit us with the plasma pistol. A: No, die, die, get off my ship. T: Get em! Excelent. A: Immediately. T: Almost there. A: C’mon! T: Getting off, getting off. I’m gone. I got the flag! T: OH NO. NO. SORRY. That’s the wrong button! *Laughs* We had it. A: *Laughs* Get in T: No, I’m not getting in that thing, are you kidding
me?! It’s falling apart! alright, alright. *Immediate regret* I told you! *Laughs* I had no idea this game could be so insanely
fun when played with friends. I had a great time and hopefully with some
of these tweaks so can you. Now if you love seeing independent creators
being happy rather than constantly struggling you might love to hear of a project we have
been silently putting together called Nebula. Nebula is a streaming service put together
by a bunch of creators, including myself and TierZoo to experiment with content without
fearing YouTube demonetization or algorithmic suppression, and while we are currently uploading our backlog
there are already some really good original experiments there. Our very own TierZoo recently made his first
Nebula Original, Let’s Play Outside, where he goes through a playthrough using a
dinosaur build. It’s so fun. If you are interested in giving Nebula a try
I have quite the offer for you. CuriosityStream, the sponsor of this video,
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