How Randomization Works in Super Mario Maker 2 !

With the release of Super Mario Maker 2, nintendo
changed the way randomization works in the game. Nothing is random anymore! Clown car randomizers always travel into the
same direction, dropping coins always drop onto the same spot, and even the silly hammer
bros appear to suddenly behave completely deterministic. Or .. so it seems. But hidden in the middle of the newly discovered
desert, a very interesting tower was found. The very varying tower. A tower that changes it’s layout every time
it gets played. Apparently there is still a way to randomize
in the game. Looks like we should take a closer look at
this. So today we are first going to take a look
at this randomizing tower, and afterwards we are going to discuss how randomization
in Mario Maker 2 works. So are you ready? Let’s do this! Alright so here Mario finds himself directly
in front of this randomizing tower. The entrance is currently locked, but after
a bit of exploring our plumber finds this on/off block. If Mario hits his surprisingly resilient head
against this block, then a hidden scroll stop stopping mechanism is triggered, and the entrance
to the tower finally opens up. Hm … I wonder why the stage starts so awkwardly. Anyway so now mario finds himself in the first
room of the tower, there is nothing going on here, it’s just a room that leads our
tower exploring hero into a sub world. But then, the action finally starts! This room features a neat little device at
the top. If Mario jumps towards this question block,
then the coin drops down and grants him a helpful power up. In the next room our empowered plumber has
to simply platform upwards to the exit pipe. But what is this! Those Brick blocks are no ordinary brick blocks,
but they are evil piranha plant dropping traps! Luckily Mario managed to dodge them! That was close. Next up is a small item reward mini game. This brave koopa carries a brave muncher on
his back. There are three note blocks below the koopa,
each one contains a helpful yum yum item, that would definitely come in handy. Mario has to trigger the question block at
just the right moment, for the muncher to activate the noteblock, and for the helpful
upgrade to become available. If Mario messes up the timing however, then
the note block doesn’t drop no power ups, and mario has to continue to explore the tower
without a helpful headgear. How sad! Next our mario finds himself in this room. Here he has to dodge dangerous fireballs,
that a terrifying snake dragon shoots towards him while he waits for a hidden timer to expire. This would be a horrible death trap for a
plumber with less fireball dodging experience then mario, but Mario has seen much worse
obstacles over the years and therefore he easily makes it through this … oh no! … He died! Well that’s unfortunate but at least it
allows us to take another look at this presumably randomized tower. So here mario …. uhm, wait. That’s not Mario anymore. That’s Luigi. Well now that I come to think about it, that
actually makes sense, I mean … mario just died. So Luigi activates the on/off block just like
his bigger twin did before, he enters the ruin, he goes through a pipe and. … Well what is this!? Luigi is in a completely different room than
mario was before! That’s weird. Now Luigi decides to activate the random gameplay
enhancing item dropping box like mario did before, and he is granted a mushroom. Hooray! *click*
Okay since I can already hear the comment section going crazy over this, please put
away the torches and stop sharpening the pitchforks for a second and listen. Look, this is NO loot box, okay! I didn’t start to put loot boxes into my
levels. … That’s no loot box uhm .., it’s, it’s
.. a surprise mechanic! In the next room Luigi, has to first avoid
horrific spikey spikes, that fly through the whole area, before he is allowed to trigger
this scroll stop breaking snake block. The item mini game room is next, but this
time, there is a different minigame. This time luigi has to hit his head against
a question block at just the right moment, for an item to appear at the top. Once the item is up there, the snake block
is able to carry it towards luigi. Now luigi is on the floor where his brother
just died a gruesome death by fireball. But there are no fireballs to be found here
this time. But while this room may lack dangerous fireballs,
there are still terrifying projectiles flying around here. Namely, cannonballs. But Weegee, manages to succeed where his brother
failed. He dodges all the dangerous projectiles and
makes it into this pipe, and transports him to the next floor of the dangerous, very varying
tower. Okay so let’s end this little level overview
here. The level actually continues for quite a while,
next there is a climb upwards through one out of four randomly picked layouts, then
there is either this climbing section where either cannonballs fire, or magikoopas try
to curse our heroes by shooting terrifying playstation button missiles, or our plumber
of choice has to climb upwards on top of a vine, while either bullet bills fire dangerous
dead bone fish, or piranha plants attack. In the next section either flying chain chomps
attack, or cannons try to end this tower climb, before the final boss, against either bowser
jr, or winged boom boom. So how are we able to randomize the layout
of this level, even though most randomizers don’t work anymore at first glance? Well the answer is actually surprisingly simple,
but before we take a look at this, we have to talk about randomness in video games in
general. So the thing is: Randomness in video games
is a lie. It doesn’t exist. Period. So there is probably at least one speedrunner
watching this who just almost got a heart attack so let me explain! The thing is a computer isn’t able to produce
a truly random event. Truly random meaning that the outcome is unpredictable,
even if the initial situation is always the same. Since computer programs, like mario maker,
are basically just very very fancy calculators. Most computer programs use a seed which is
used to calculate a series of seemingly random numbers. As long as this seed is the same it will always
produce the same results, so games need to do some trickery to find a seemingly random
number that is used as the starting point for generating pseudo random events. One trick to get such a random starting number
is to generate it out of the current real world time, since the current time, well,
tends to always be different. Another trick that old games often used, was
just to do some calculation with the inputs the player made to calculate a number that
is the starting point for the random number generation or RNG in short. In a game that works this way all random events
play out exactly the same, as long as the player inputs always the exact same inputs,
which is obviously highly unlikely to happen, and therefore gives an illusion of randomness. So what does all of this have to do with mario
maker? Well the thing is nintendo changed the way
the random seed is generated from Mario Maker 1 to Mario Maker 2. The important thing here is that in Mario
Maker 1, the RNG is completely independent from the level we play. If we start a level several times in the same
spot in the editor, then we always get a different result. In Mario Maker 2 this is no longer the case. The seed is now always the same, when starting
the level. In short, we can load those randomizers thousands
of times, but they will always produce the exact same outcome. So: if we build a small area that leads up
to the randomizers, and have mario travel towards it then the randomizer will always
yield the same results. But, and this is where this stuff gets interesting:
If we travel on top of this conveyor belt again, but this time randomly look upwards
a couple of times, then mario reaches this destination at the same moment as before,
but this time the randomizers actually produce a different outcome! The reason for this is the following. Everytime we start the game, we start out
with the exact same RNG seed but this seed gets changed by player input. As far as I can tell Mario Maker 2 actually
works like those old games, where the player input is the source for random events. This means two things for us, first RNG manipulation
is probably a thing in Mario Maker 2, and second, as long as there is a bit of level
before we start to randomize, then the randomizers start to produce seemingly random events again. This is the reason why our tower starts with
this a little awkward claw section. It’s almost impossible to perfectly reproduce
the exact same inputs every time, before entering the first randomization area, so after this
section, our randomizers suddenly produce a seemingly random outcome again. Hooray! So in short, if we want to use randomizers
in a Mario Maker 2 level, then we have to make sure that there is a short area before
the randomizers, that is unlikely to be beaten by using the exact same inputs twice. Claws are a pretty good item to ensure this. And there is a second thing to keep in mind,
changing the subworld, resets the rng seed. If we send our plumber, or walking mushroom
or whatever through a pipe, then a randomizer directly after the pipe will once again always
produce the exact same outcome. So we need a short section before the randomization,
so that the player input starts to alter the rng seed again. Funnily enough this is only the case when
travelling through pipes. If we enter a door, the RNG seed is not reset,
and randomization works flawlessly. Alright so this is how the RNG seeds work
in Mario Maker 2, but how do we actually build a randomizer in mario maker? Well there are two main randomizers that worked
in mario maker 1 that carried over. The clown car randomizer, and the bob omb
randomizer. The clown car one first. So if a clown car touches ouching spikes,
then it not only looks at us in agony, but it also travels randomly either to the right
or to the left. Using this random output is surprisingly simple,
since we can put most things into clown cars. If we want the randomizer for example to trigger
one out of two shells, then all we have to build is a setup like this one. The main randomizer that we used in our tower
stage, is a clown car randomizer that has a fifty percent chance to trigger an on off
block. This is what such a randomizer looks like. Basically, if the clown car travels to the
right, then nothing happens, but if it travels to the left then it crushes the poor bob omb,
which in consequence triggers our two state block. We can use the signal whether red or blue
on off blocks are currently active to have different enemies appear in the level. All we have to do is to put one set of enemies
on top of red blocks, while the other set lives on top of blue blocks. Depending on the current random state of the
on/off switch either the one set of enemies is allowed to spawn, while the other one is
spawn blocked, or it’s the other way around. Super simple stuff. There is just one thing to keep in mind when
using a clown car randomizer. The bob omb always has to be on the side from
which the randomizer is going to get loaded. If it was on the wrong side, then the clown
car would get loaded first, and travel towards the spot where the bob omb should be, before
the bob omb actually spawns, which would spawn block the bob omb, and therefore break the
randomizer. Alright so the other randomizer is the bob
omb randomizer. That one is best used when we want the player
to trigger the randomization, like we did with our loot bo … uhm our surprise mechanic. Here we use the fact that it is random whether
a coin, jumps to the right or to the left when dropping down. As soon as our plumber activates the question
block, the bob omb does it’s boom thingy, which forces the ugly coin to obey to the
laws of gravity and to either drop onto the noteblock to it’s right, or to the one to
it’s left. We can use the same principle to build an
even simpler pow block randomizer. Here the randomization process is triggered
by activating a powblosion which drops coins down as well. Hooray! Alright so those are the basics for super
mario maker 2 randomization. I hope you enjoyed this little video, if you
did don’t forget to leave me a thumbs up, and maybe you feel especially RNG seeded today,
and want to hit the subscribe button as well. I hope that all of you have a wonderful day
and to see you soon. Goodbye!


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