Hey guys! Tales Grimm here and today I want to teach
you how to get any games or software for free. Now there are 2 methods you can use to do
this, so if one method doesn’t work, you can just move on to the next one. The first method is going to this website
called I’ll leave a link in the description for
you. When you go you’ll see
a lot of expensive games and apps that have been cracked. The way to get the games and apps is simply
clicking on one and following the instructions on the next screen, and if you don’t see
the game you’re looking for, then you can just use the search bar up here. Now when you get to the game or app you want
you can read the instructions on the screen or you can watch the tutorial video, but if
you watch the video, then you’ll have to know German. The next method is by torrenting. Torrenting is the most popular method. In order to do this you’ll have to download
bittorrent. I’ll leave a link in the description. After you download bittorrent you’ll just
go to a torrenting website, like tpb. I’ll leave a link in the description for
that as well. When you get to tpb just search for the app
or game you want, then look through the results for a link that looks legit. Click on the link and when you get here just
click on the download for the torrent. Now you’ve downloaded the torrent, but you
aren’t quite done yet. Now you’ll open the torrent file with bittorrent
and start the download. After the download is over, you’ll be done. Congratulations. You’ve successfully downloaded your free
software. This has been Tales Grimm. If you liked the video hit the like button
down below, and if you really liked it, subscribe. Thanks for watching!

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