How to download iOS apps and games from Mac or windows

Hey guys today I will show you how to download iOS apps and games from your Mac or Windows Downloading iOS apps from Mac or Windows has many benefits such as keeping apps and games in your device in case of a problem with your iPhone or iPad. by downloading apps and games from your Mac you can install it in your device anytime you want even if you Accidentally deleted the app from your iOS device You can install it again without having to download it again. in recent versions of iTunes Apple has deleted the App Store from iTunes and we don’t know exactly why So in recent versions of iTunes, you will not find the App Store so if you want to download iOS apps and games you should download an older version of iTunes. you can install the old iTunes version without having to delete the latest version. Ok, all you have to do is download the old version of iTunes, which is the version 12.6.4 for Mac, and 12.6.3 for Windows. As you can see here this is the latest version of iTunes and I can delete it and I don’t have to. After downloading iTunes install it. if you get this warning. Don’t worry this alert appears because iTunes certificate has expired and it’s outdated just click continue. Continue continue now click install now enter your device password. Installing iTunes will take some time so I will cut the video. Now after installing iTunes open it After opening iTunes if you see this problem don’t worry, this alert because the old version of iTunes is not able to read the files of the latest version of iTunes. the old version of iTunes is not able to read “iTunes library” file. To resolve this problem. All you have to do is open finder Then go to devices on the left here Now click on your device name. now go to users then your computer username now go to music folder Here you will find iTunes folder Now you will find these three files and all you have to do is delete these three files After deleting these three files open iTunes and it should work after that. as you can see iTunes works fine. now click on iTunes menu Then click Edit Now enable the “apps” section here Now click done. now go to iTunes menu and you will find the apps section as you see. Now you can download any app or game you want from the App Store After downloading any app or game you can install it directly from iTunes or with another program such as “iMazing” Don’t forget to add your iTunes account in the account menu here Okay guys if you enjoy watching this video Don’t forget to like it and share it with your friends and subscribe to my channel for more videos Thanks for watching. See you next time


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