How to fix GTA 3,Vice City, and san Andreas on Windows 10 2016-2017

hey guys this is early fang hundred and today we are
back after a long time i had exam so sorry to all my wonderful subscribers I
know where for stuff you yeah so we are back on track guys as
modification it’s and today in this video I would
actually want to be covering a glitch or a bug which does not work in with a
stand as you can see it’s cortina completely I mean like it is Windows 10 so are so this is like frequently
occurring glitch that happens in GD three to DEA centers and DD by city so are people with windows seven when
recently completing with this but once you have upgraded to Windows 10 yeah sure I mean you can download GTA 5
and this are and if you want to see it please put a comment down and I will
make that video I will anyway are yeah besides you 25 are you know the
older keynes like such a studio 3d vice city and Jade exchanges aren’t really
working and if you can see the screenshot if they would just open ok ok and content ok so I laptop has really been like
bugging me ok guys anyway are so if you see here I’m not able I’m really like i have no
clue that he’s going to propose something else stand by please ok I guess what my little moppets were
defeated ok so anyway our if you look here so
basically there’s a mother background in the actual game and this is what
occurred to me and I really like oh ok there we go oh so this is what occurred to me and I
was really frustrated and like as you can see here it doesn’t like mess up
your game and you can’t really see anything and as for us all to see over here to
help at all that is messed up and you can really play the game properly and
this like I mean you would have to like not play ddr three but we want to play GTA 3 1 or x CD or
tenders for that matter why would you not want to play so the
first thing is or you want to make sure you have all the games so I’m going to
comb and as you can see i have all the parts so i will put the link in the
description are ya so apparently my internet is not there so actually just a cock question of
Camtasia so i can turn on the internet but let’s just do it for six you guys
can use on ok so our first thing is dude shut up
three are many fires up the link and this is a thing called silent patch and
basically i will put this i will all these links are in the description
obviously but you basically want to put this are silent party was extracted in
within all the other files and you all download separate models will be a
scientist marketed by city mod GTA III board once you go to this website and
download it and all I mean it really depends on your laptop performance now you may be able to be able to run
this game without a graphics card as a graphic to really bad but oh one more
thing you can do is as you can see if gdp loads I don’t know if you can see like this because captains are really doesn’t
record this but even if you aren’t able to see this in full screen trust me i am able to see it in full
screen and the last time i recorded this I don’t know why but it like gives me a
little section in the park like right corner or the left corner we
just cut of the country right there so all but i am actually able to see
this I don’t know what Camtasia does that are
but yeah so as you can see i have no whatsoever witches but as you can see on the left
side and the right side of my device there is actually a black bar you have to put hand if you’re not if
you can be holding it up right in your eyes right he wouldn’t i will most probably this of
put some pictures so you guys can actually really yeah yeah yeah so yeah so working properly and if you get this
error where the same thing i hate messing up your resolutions and stuff so
I and yeah and add those two black for that you see it cancel the screen makes
in the square shape but if you want a white screen all you have to do is go into your you
want to make sure you don’t click on the icons of course and you want to right
click on the background and you will go to graphics options and over here you go
to a solution and you can talk as you can see all when you launch g3 this is
sixtyresolution that you get n yeah so this is the resolution that gdr3
place and so yeah I don’t relate to this but this is the resolution a TV plays
are on so yeah and you were actually so if you I experienced this and i reset my
phone I mean reset my laptop and yeah except
the laptop but it was really annoying and you can like really switch out the
resolution and you can see the blackboard been used and if you actually
go back to graphics options resolution and he’s like the highest possible
resolution it will actually adjust your screen size and you could furthermore
going to graph properties and each in each lies that and I’ll take you of
course he intelligence to graphics control panel if you have a graphics
card so yeah our guys are if you like that
video please hit the subscribe button life share this video with the DD three of
you know like welcome back cher by to this Gucci error oh yeah so of ya as you can see my videos have actually
gotten a lot better so i hope you guys enjoyed it and I’m doing the best I can as you know I am new to youtube or
thanks for watching guys and just like a sunday yeah

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