How to install Thor mod in Vice City

Hello friends. You are watching my third superhero mod which is Thor. If you want to know how to install this mod in your Vice City then continue watching. First let’s download the Thor mod from GTAinside. Now extract it. Now for scripts you need to download cleo. Now extract it. And paster the two file and folder to your Vice City root directory. Now all the files from the scripts folder need to be pasted in the Cleo folder. Now let’s download Thor’s Hammer. This will also be found on GTAinside. From this we will only use Audio and models so let’s extract that only. The files in the Audio folder need to be pasted in the Audio folder in your game. But before replacing that, create a backup of it. To replace DFF and TXD you need to download TXD Workshop so let’s download that. Now extract it. Here you need to set the path for the image file of your game which will be in models folder of your game but do make a backup before that. Now let’s replace the files one by one. Hammer model is made by Rebix and Thor model has been converted for Vice City by Super Gamer X. Finally, save it. Now let’s see Thor in action in Vice City.

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