How To Stop Sucking At Halo The Master Chief Collection Episode 1

How To Stop Sucking At Halo MCC<br /> Episode 1

 How To Stop Sucking At
Halo MCC Episode 1
Welcome to my new series called How To Stop Sucking
at Halo episode 1. If you’re watching this, chances are that you want to improve
in Halo, you want to figure out what mistakes you’re making, or you just simply want
to stop sucking at Halo MCC. I got you covered. In this series I’ll be going over tips
and tricks, ways to improve your aim, common mistakes people make in halo and how to fix
those mistakes, strategies for each playlist, and so much more. 
sure you subscribe and turn on notifications so you can be notified as soon as a video
goes live on my channel. For episode 1, we’ll start off with the basics, which is finding
the right settings for you. Feel free to leave any suggestions for what you want to see in
the next episode.
Sensitivity is a interesting topic. There isn’t a
magical number that works for everybody. However, your sensitivity is one of the most important
settings you can adjust that directly affects your skill. Your sensitivity should be set
according to your play style and changed no sooner than 7 days of playing on set sensitivity.
If you are moving around and playing aggressively, use a faster sensitivity. For controller I
use 9 Horizontal and Vertical sensitivity, 5 Look Acceleration, and 10 for both Dead
Zones, and Aim Mode set to Modern. For KB/M I use 1.2 sensitivity, 1 Zoomed Sensitivity,
1 Vehicle Sensitivity. Keep mouse acceleration and mouse smoothing OFF.
Lower sensitivity
allows for better accuracy and is best for defensive play styles.
sensitivity do you play on? Let me know down in the comment section below! Be sure to drop
a like while you’re at it if you’re enjoying the content so far! Let’s try
to hit the like goal of 20 likes!
Button Layout:
Having an
efficient button layout means you’re spending less time moving your fingers to
buttons, and keeping your fingers on important buttons as much as possible. For controller
you’ll want to keep your thumb on your thumbsticks as much as possible, especially
during gun fights. The best way to do this is by changing your button layout. I personally
prefer Universal Bumber Jumper which allows me to jump with the Left Bumber (L2) and melee
with the Right Bumber (R2). This means I don’t have to take my thumb off the thumbstick to
jump nor melee, which is very advantageous.
If you’re on KB/M like some of us playing
on PC, I suggest moving your Melee and Throw Grenade actions to your Mouse’s side
buttons. If your mouse doesn’t have mappable side buttons, move these actions to both Q
and E on your Keyboard for best efficiency.
Video Settings:
Of course
I had to add the Video Settings to this episode, it is essential that your game is running
as smooth as possible so you’re having as least amount of delay and most amount of
reaction time you can give yourself as possible. Everyone’s hardware is different however
optimizing your video settings ensures a better experience overall. I suggest trying to get
your framerate to 60 FPS at the minimum and atleast with 60hZ. Your resolution should
be no less than 1080p!
Game play Settings:
the final portion of this episode will be on gameplay settings. In the classic Halo
experience, the crosshairs were placed on the lower third of the screen. Most modern
FPS games now have the crosshairs on the center of the screen, so be sure your Crosshair position
for Halo is centered. This allows a better transition into playing Halo if you do play
other FPS games. 
Having the right settings is absolutely essential
for having high efficiency in any game! I hope this episode has helped you find settings
that work best for you, settings that help you become a better and more efficient player.
If you have any questions about settings or need any suggestions, feel free to ask me
down in the comment section below. Don’t forget to leave any suggestions for future
episodes you’d like to see from this series! Depending on how well this episode
does, determines the fate of this series! Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll
see you in the next video. Peace.

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