How to Use All Cheats in The Sims 4 for PC/PS4/Xbox One – Updated for 2020

Hello YouTube. Let’s take another look at cheating in Sims
4, but this time we’re going all out. If you already know this stuff, stick around
because we’re also going to investigate some weird but useful commands you can take advantage
of if you’re willing to use a mod. While the cheats The Sims developers have
given access to don’t change across platforms, how you open the box you’ll type in does. If you’re on a PC, you’ll use Control + Shift
+ C to bring up a white box. Mac users would replace Control with the Command
button. If you’re on a console, just hit all four
shoulder buttons at once. You should see a white box appear, and from
there, you can start typing. Nearly all cheats are used in live mode. A few might work outside of it but this is
the foolproof way of doing things. Money is the easiest cheat in the game. Yeah, there are a few well-known commands
that have existed since Sims 1, like rosebud or kaching, which both give you $1,000 Simoleons,
or motherlode, which gives $50,000 Simoleons.. But nah, we want Jeff Bezos money. A more powerful cheat is to just type money
and the amount you want. The reason I emphasize this is because it
can be used to reduce money as well. The game will automatically do the math and
set your money to the amount you specify. So if you wanted to make the game harder,
knock $10k or more off the starting balance. If you own seasons and win the lottery, you
can deduct that when it destroys your fun. Testing Cheats are the next category I want
to get into. They do a ton of things, so it’s much more
useful for people with short attention spans to know this one than all the other little
ones. Type testingcheats on, testingcheats true,
heck even testingcheats 1 and you can enable these. Once you get confirmation, you can start shift-clicking
things. Yep, hold shift, and try clicking something. The mailbox is the first thing you should
know about but there are many others. Shift-clicking the mailbox will let you fill
needs for your household or the entire world with just a couple clicks. You can also disable need decay, or turn it
back on. In my original coverage of this, I said it
was too long for a video but I should’ve gone over a few other things you can shift-click. Shift-clicking the ground will let you teleport. Shift-clicking plants will let you modify
their growth states – yes, you can turn that seed into a fully grown plant. You can then evolve it to perfect if you’re
patient and don’t mind repeating this process 4 or 5 times. Objects can be made dirty or clean by shift-clicking
them. Doing this to Sims themselves gives access
to a more handy version of the traditional resetsim firstname lastname cheat, with reset
object (debug) being the one to pick if your Sim gets stuck. If you own Discover University, shift-click
your Sim to get the debug menu. You can instantly enroll, skipping the entire
application process. You’ll also find a lot more depending which
packs you have installed. If you own Get Famous, you can change celebrity
levels or change the Sim’s good or bad reputation by clicking the Sim. Next up, free houses. This is the only cheat that works in map mode
that I know of. If you type freerealestate on, you can move
into any house regardless of the cost. This doesn’t mean you can afford the bills,
but you’ve already established yourself as a filthy cheater so I think you can handle
that with another cheat. It’s a slippery slope, friend. You can promote your Sim in their current
career track with careers.promote and the career code, which is usually something simple
like doctor or astronaut. I have a list of these I’ll link to but they
are usually something you can figure out for yourself. Something you may want to know is that careers.demote
works as well, but you still can’t go back to before a branch if I remember right. I want to note here that if you have just
entered a cheat, you can press the up key and the console will automatically go up to
the previous code you entered.. so you can press up enter over and over and spam the
cheat to whiz through multiple promotions. Next up, cheating Skills! Stats.Set_Skill_level will let you set the
skill of a currently selected Sim. It’ll give you every benefit for rank up. For instance I’d type stats.set_skill_level
space major_gardening 10 to get to level 10 of gardening. Note the underscores , which are found on
the top right side of the keyboard. You press shift to use that key. There are a few weird ones that don’t follow
this convention, but most of the skills start with major_. Unless it’s a skill with 5 levels, which would
start with minor most of the time. It’s imperfect, so I maintain a list. I’ll link it in the description. Aspirations can be cheated with aspirations.complete_current_milestone
This will automatically complete the current aspiration stage and move you on to the next
one, which is vital if something bugs out. If you just want the reward points for finishing
aspirations, you can type sims.give_satisfaction_points. This is more effective as you can set the
amount you want. To unlock all areas of Create-a-Sim type cas.fulleditmode. The cas.fulleditmode cheat is used with shift-clicking
a Sim and picking edit in cas. This will give you access to everything here
even if it should be off limits, like changing traits. Be careful that this will change your bonus
trait if your Sim is using one from a different category. Using fulleditmode isn’t a safe way to remove
traits and have them truly gone. The buffs they give can stick around and make
your Sim act like they still have that trait. However, it is safe for changing a Sim’s physical
appearance as well as the muscle and fat sliders. The truly safe way to add or remove traits
is with the traits.equip_trait and traits.remove_trait cheats. To do this, you need to know what the name
of the trait is, and I’ve compiled a big list of them on my site at an address I’ll link
in the description. Even this is not perfect for removing a trait,
because you also need to reset their buffs and EA has locked us out of that for good
reason. If you won’t use the AllCheats mod which we
will get to, then stick to adding Traits with cheats. This is the most common usage anyway. If you want to fill just one need to let you
finish something, you can use fillmotive motive_hunger for example. The names of the others are exactly what you’d
suspect. Next up, relationships. This’ll seem hard at first but follow along
and it’ll come together for you. I promise. You can cheat relationships with the modifyrelationship
cheat. All one word. It’s used like this – modifyrelationship firstname
lastname of Sim 1, then then firstname lastname of the second Sim, the amount, then the type
of relationship. So we could use it like this – modifyrelationship
bob pancakes eliza pancakes 100 ltr_friendship_main – this would make them actually like each
other. The other type is ltr_romance_main and there
also exists a LTR_SimtoPet_friendship_main for pets. So it seems hard at first, but you just need
to remember that track at the end, the rest of it makes plenty of sense. You can level up your occult with cheats. Stats.set_stat is the cheat used for doing
things like giving caster xp. Stats.set_stat rankedstatistic_witchoccult_witchxp
followed by a numbber will give you xp for the witch occult. It takes 2,350 points to be at max rank. But I would just probably type 9999 (laughs). RankedStatistic_Occult_Vampirexp is the one
used for Vampires and it works similarly. These do not require allcheats, they are just
kind of hard to remember. You can unlock build mode by using the bb.showhiddenobjects
to tell the game you want it to list out all the collectibles and other normally unavailable
items. From there you’re able to search for things,
like pomegranate will show me a pomegranate which I can then plant to grow a tree. Once you’re in that show all area, there’s
tons of stuff to be found… even premade mixology drinks. Every crafatable is in here pretty much. But there’s more. Use testingcheats on, then bb.showhiddenobjects
and you can now go one more layer deep. Use bb.showliveeditobjects and you can get
access to the special things Maxis unlocked for builders in a patch. Search for Debug to get started. This includes things like the steamboat from
willow creek, cars, and various rocky textures and other things that might be used creatively
by someone with big ideas, who isn’t me. They’re all $0 and named debug so, you’ll
know them when you see them. If you tried moveobjects on and it wasn’t
working, the code’s been updated. You can type bb.moveobjects to enable the
ability to place objects where ever you want them, even if they overlap. This is super handy at times for decorating
but you should still be aware of the area Sims might stand in when using an object,
or any doorways you might block. Nobody wants to download a house from the
gallery and find half of it is unlivable. By the way, when you’re using this you can
use the alt key to fine-tune where you’re placing things. This is something you can do without cheating,
but it’s even more effective so worth bringing up. The Sims 4 developers have disabled a bunch
of the commands we used to have access to, but TwistedMexi’s AllCheats Mod linked in
the description will let you take advantage of them. Everything I talk about past this point is
using AllCheats. Here’s the thing about commands. They are used by the game, but you can type
them in manually. careers.promote and money x, everything else
listed here, is a command… and there are a ton of them in the game that can be used
by modders or are the functions the game uses to make stuff happen. Players can enter these directly. They disabled certain cheats that were found
to be a bit too dangerous. For instance, we used to be able to use sims.remove_all_buffs…
what this does is remove all buffs, and I’m sure that is shocking. But the thing is, the game tracks tons of
things like pregnancies with this command. So you could unknowingly terminate a pregnancy
using it or cause some other error by removing them. Something that AllCheats does that I really
like, is if you are close on a command, it will give you an error message. If there’s a partial match it’ll spit back
a ton of potential matches, and you can go from there. It’s really cool. With that in mind, we can play with some commands. Something practically useful is the outfits.generate_outfit
command. Especially if you want your Sim to look like
they were dressed by a drunk 5 year old, or ya know, just look like a townie. You need 2 numbers after this.. the category,
then the slot. So 0 is everyday. By typing outfits.generate_outfit 0 I can
cycle through them until I get something hideous enough. Remember that push up to redo the command
thing, because it’s really useful for this. CAS lets you randomize outfits, but one area
at a time and not across the whole Sim. This leaves hair and things like that alone,
which is the best part. And yeah, I expressed in my last video a desire
to get to copy outfits. Can I just say, it kills me knowing this command
already exists and just needs to be put into CAS somehow? outfits.copy_outfit destination then source,
so outfits.copy_outfit 1 0 would copy outfit category 0 – everyday to the formal category. 0-4 are the first 5 categories you see in
CAS. Because swimwear came AFTER the game launched
it’s 9, and 10 and 11 are the hot and cold weather. Because of the way this adds them to the category
and doesn’t replace the first outfit, I need to first go through and remove all her outfits
in the first slot which should be done paused cuz who knows what’ll happen. So I can hit outfits.remove_outfit 0 , 1,
2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 and remove the first outfit in each slot. My Sim should mostly be wearing the outfit
in all categories. Another cheat you can use with allcheats is
weather.start_weather event followed by a weather code, which lets you change the weather. Now, there are tons of weather codes and they’re
hard to remember. But I use weather_sunny_cool. this works in
every world, it’ll make it cool but not cold and it’s sunny and that’s all we want if we
hate clouds in Sims 4, because we think it looks horrible because it’s too dark. If you want to test something, you can use
clock.advance_game_time hours minutes to do that. The trouble with this is, time really does
pass.. so your Sims’ needs will be tanked if they aren’t frozen, and they may do all
kinds of things and need reset when you’re done. But I’d rather do that than waste my life
waiting for 30 hours to pass until the next shift testing some career. So I do it, then reset the Sims. When cheating it’s sometimes necessary to
know the Sim’s internal ID, this is a long string of numbers that identifies your Sim. Sims.get_sim_id_by_name firstname lastname
is the cheat. So I’d use that code followed by Daniella
Teach and now it spits back this long number. Now, something I can do with this is actually
give her the loot she’d get if she completed the snaggle fluster career opportunity. All this stuff is found in the game’s xml,
the loot is the name of the file it’s in when you export name only. So loot.apply_to_sim loot simid is how this
cheat works, so you’d find the loot code for snaggle fluster which is loot_buff_career_10_newrecipe
FURTHER evidence this recipe is not meant to be level 9 but 10.. but anyway, put in
loot.apply_to_sim loot_buff_career_10_newrecipe and her id, and bam, she knows how to make
snaggle fluster. You can do this with any loot in the game,
just be aware doing this type of cheating can be a bit dangerous if you don’t know what
you’re doing, and even experienced people should maybe save before making extensive
changes. It’s also possible to create an artificial
pregnancy, but this one is better explained in another video. I will link to that in the description as
well, if you’d like to know how to force a pregnancy or make twins or triplets. If you have changed a Sim’s trait, or got
stuck with an alien pregnancy you don’t want, you may attempt sims.remove_all_buffs. This will take ALL buffs off, even things
like hidden buffs for having a particular fame level. If you travel, those vital buffs should reset
while the ones you don’t want will be gone. This is the most dangerous cheat to use because
it can break things, but in the interest of completion I’ve brought it up again. Definitely save before using this cheat. Cheats was one of my first videos for The
Sims 4, and it’s got about 500k views at this point, but I’ve come a long way in the last
year so I feel it needs revamped. I’m not going to delete it, I’m just going
to name it something like Old Cheats Video so no one will click it. Because when you delete them it takes views
off your public view counter. Anyway, I hope that some of you find this
useful. There is a lot of stuff you can do with cheating
in the Sims 4. The rabbit hole goes much, much deeper than
this. But this is what I felt people could digest
in one sitting. I’ll link to the text versions of all these
things so that you can reference something much more concrete. Thank you all for watching and have a great


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    Worth mentioning alt placing objects only works if you're using the Sims 3 camera.

  • Amarat

    If anyone is looking for easy and great mods, I’d suggest MCCC and UI cheat extension!

    MCCC has several Discord chats if you’re having trouble and their response time is amazing.
    UI cheats is by Weerbesu and he has his own Pateron where he announce updates and etc. If you’re having trouble, he’s also great at responding!

  • Anilite

    There's a good cheat for cas for people that are into that sort of thing and I believe it didn't get mentioned here. It's cas.clockspeed 0 (or any other number, but I usually need 0). This cheat changes the speed of time in cas, obviously, and I don't know why would you wanna use it to increase speed, but it's definitely handy for stopping time. Now you can have your sim stand still and don't do cringy/annoying animations that disrupt the process. Though do mind that the sim will just freeze in whatever pose they were, so for better effect just zoom in at the sim's head so they stand still naturally and then type the cheat in. After that, even when you zoom out the sim will be frozen, standing perfectly still with a neutral face. It's a niche cheat for sure but I personally use it all the time because I hate sims moving around, making dumb facial expressions and especially hissing every 5 seconds if the sim is a vampire. So yeah, I hope someone finds this cheat useful

  • Elven Roze

    I have never known how to cheat at all

  • Karen Robertson

    Oh hey I just want to say I appreciate your website SO much, my collector sim is trying to complete all collections and it's helping so so much. Thanks!

  • DJ Syntic

    So discovered what isn't exactly a cheat, it does strongly feel like one. Startup a new Sim and put them in a lot and make that lot be the tiny home with the relationship perk. Then start up a club with just them as the member. You are given 100 free club points as soon as the club is formed. Purchase a good reputation from the club perks taking all 100 points you just got. Start a club gathering and say hello to any random sim. Instantly your relationship will become near max. Just keep being friendly to random sims for only a short bit of time and you'll suddenly have the first stage of a good reputation.

    Now with this combo, if you so much as say "hello" to anyone new you'll instantly be at the max relationship with them. Your reputation from Get Famous will continue to increase so fast that on my sim that I discovered this on has a charisma of 1, a Great Reputation (It's either rank 3 or right on the verge of earning me rank 3), and I have 3 maxed relationships. It would be more but when I saw it go up so fast I did testing. If you aren't in an active club gathering or not on your home lot you don't get the boosts from there.

    So if you talk to people when you are off of your home lot without being in a club gathering you'll see relationship gains move much closer to normal speeds. But why is it so fast? Well, the relationship perks for being on your Tiny Home Lot is doubling all relationship gains, while Popular Club makes gains from initial introductions higher, and lastly, with the first rank of good reputation, there is a chance that a friendly introduction will result in a higher boost. Combine those all at the same time and you get a number that is 100% (or higher).

    What do you need for this to work? You need the reputation system from Get Famous, the club system from Get Togeather, and the Micro Home from Tiny Living.

  • Jo Ma Jo

    The editing is amazing on this. You’re really growing as a creator!! Love watching it happen

  • Liz Burgess

    I learned why the cas.fulleditmode cheat to eliminate gloomy, kleptomaniac, hot heads, etc from my dorm didn't work. I may have to learn that command.

  • Kinzi Duncan

    it took me way too long to realize you are THE carl sims guide!! I have your site bookmarked

  • Amber Wensley-Greaves

    no idea why i thought this was gonna be about adultery but i was up for it 🙁

  • Tinna Ròs Gunnars

    I have an app on my phone. It's called "Cheats for the sims 4" snd everytime a new pack comes it updates and adds cheats for that pack.


    Note: on Mac it's still Control-Shift-C. Cmd-Shift-C does nothing


    Also, the modifyrelationship cheat will not work if one of the sim's names contains a space, e.g. with double first names

  • Laver constantine

    I still struggle with the roofs which idk what Happened to the autoroof thing I'd use that and I can't get the planting thing going right. It's one of the things on the Xbox sims 4 I really wish became more user friendly.

  • MinimiMax

    My favorite cheat is cheating on my wife.

  • skyydancer67

    I'm gonna throw this out there: y'all know you don't need testing cheats to be enabled to use free real estate cheat, right?

  • postrockstargazer

    Nice and complete video. Keep up with the good work.

  • Dragon_Tamer165 YT


  • Xavier McAleese

    If there is a way to get babies toddlers and kids back from a child services can you please make a video (without cheats)

  • Ancaryvan

    Just One Thing about Aspiration Cheats:
    If you use cheat to complete the current mile stone. Although you get the yellow mark for completion BUT you will NOT get the the tick as LEGIT completion. I've tried on the Vampire Master Aspiration the last milestone. Got Yellow mark BUT NO TICK. A way to constantly remind player that the goal is done by CHEAT.

  • Ameistar91

    How to control those NPC? and it generates so many weird ppl in the world, how to stop it?

  • Libby Aliendi

    I use ps4 and the bb.showliveeditobjects didn't work


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