How to use PS4 Controller on PC with AntiMicro 2017 Update | Gamepad Blade and soul

Recently I have noticed that there are a good
amount of players online that are interesting in using the Antimicro software to play blade
and soul online with a PS4 controller, or PS3 or any gamepad. To be honest I know there have been many changes
in the Antimicro world lately and there are some things that were updated, so for all
those who want to use AntiMicro, which is one of the best key mapping software I have ever
used. I’ll help you have it working in no time! First off a little history, and to make long
story short. The original creator of Antimicro dropped
the development of this app. So a group of people decided to extend the
life of this software and now they have been developing, updating and bug fixing Antimicro. You can find the link to their GitHub in the
description bellow, believe me. It’s a good read. They have documented all the changes done. Now to download the Antimicro software I also
added the URL in the description to download the file, nevertheless in this video I’ll
show you where to download from the GitHub site. How to install and how to set it up. I also added the configuration profile since
it is not an easy find in the GitHub. I got other videos that walk you through the
gamepad setup and Antimicro workaround you can check the cards about to watch those videos
which can set ground to installing and using Antimicro. First step we’ll go to the Antimicro GitHub
site and go to releases. There are multiple ways to use their software,
but I’ll go with the safe method which will install Antimicro to your pc and you won’t
have to fight back and forth to see if the software is running or not. We’ll go to the release section and download
antimicro-2.23-win32.msi file. After downloading we’ll install the software
and you’ll noticed that it doesn’t open up automatically , so we need to look it up
in the list of apps installed, don’t run it just yet, we want to make sure the gamepad
drivers are installed and running. In this example I’ll use ta PS4 controller
since a lot of us are using Windows 10 and the drivers for PS4 controller are up-to-date
and working like a charm. Now connect the PS4 controller and wait for
the drivers to install, to check if your gamepad is functional go to the “Devices and printers”
section and look up for game controllers to test if it’s connected properly. After this has been tested and is locked and
loaded we’ll proceed with Antimicro. Go ahead and open up the app and you’ll notice
it detects the gamepad in the upper left section, that’s step one. We’ll need to calibrate and make sure it
added accordingly to Antimicro. Remember that depending on the drivers the
software will be able to control the gamepad. So in this case what I want to do is… Go into options and go where it says game controller mapping Then go ahead and click on save and now you can test to see if your AntiMicro is… Picking up all the keys that you are pressing. So I’m just going to open up this so you can see everything. If you
check the card up at the right I added a video on how to use Antimicro with a PS3 controller
on blade and soul if you need to use a Dualshock3 controller go ahead and check that video out. It will surely help you. Now we’ll start mapping your gamepad to
make sure all the buttons are being detected by Antimicro, and from there we start mapping
the keys we want to use. I’ll again use as example Blade and soul since
this is a game that doesn’t fully cover gamepad mapping and people would most definitely
want to choose how to play their character with gamepad. We’ll start with the basic setup which is
for movement and I’ll give you some hints on how to setup the rest of the key binding
and from there you are good. Remember I added in the description bellow
the profiles if you wish to download them and also here is a link for the GitHub profiles
library where other collaborators have uploaded their profiles for various games. So in this case I’m going to do some basic stuff for blade and soul… uh… We have the left stick and we have the right stick. So, what I want to do or what I want to add here is to cover the same things I am doing with my keyboard. So in my case for example. If you want to go up, that should be W. So my up key or my up stick on the left should be W. So Igo like this, then if I want to go backwards or back. And that will be my S. So if I want to go to the right or to the left it will be D and A. So.. From here we already have set up this part and I’m going to open up my blade and soul. So you can see now that I am doing my… Using my controller. If I want to use my view… What I need is to switch over again and I’m going to go to AntiMicro and I’ll add a special key. This case my mouse moving forward right which is up. My mouse moving backwards which is down. looking to my left side. And moving to my mouse to the right side. So… If I go ahead and save this. Go back here. I’m moving and now…. Looks up, look down Double Tap. And move forward… These are the basic things that I can set up in blade and soul. Obviously I still need to set up or map the other keys. Just to give and example. Just as a test for… the game controller. So you can paly aroudn with this. In this case I’m going to load a A previously created uhm.. blade and soul AntiMicro profile. I have gone through the basic process of downloading,
installing and setting up Antimicro to be able to play in blade and soul or other game
with any gamepad. Finally we open up our Blade and Soul game
to test our changes, we need to make sure that the gamepad option is not turned on and
set as keyboard and mouse so that AntiMicro can translate the buttons you press. I hope this video was helpful if you have
any questions, or doubts don’t hesitate to write in the comments bellow, let me know
how it went for you and if you want to leave your kudos don’t forget to like this video. For more easy to follow tutorials like this
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  • JumpinJackFlash

    do you know if these will work with button box controllers?

  • dennj

    i put the profile in antimicro, but when i load up blade and soul it doesn't recognize movement from the gamepad, i turn off the gamepad in the game like you said so it can work with antimicro but still nothing

  • Anthony Mitchell

    Got all the way up to being ready to play, I'm in game, game pad gets disconnected by game, administrative mode closes the whole antimicro app. Idk what's going on man

  • Tom Joe

    Okay so I'm doing everything, and all of sudden my pointer is automatically scrolling down, and won't stop. wtf

  • Tom Joe

    Doesn't work

  • Cesar Burgos

    When I go to the game it's stops working what can I do

  • cjtron

    thank you for making this—- subbed+ in future, suggest you explain a bit more into more advanced details, like for sensitivity for fps + racing games setups in the video, not just links/profile download. I would liek to see how to set it up for more (sensitivity based) games; racing & fps

  • Bobby Bono

    good job

  • Kretos Kim worked

  • Simón G. Antar Nieto

    I'm looking for the "fork" of the AntiMicros (even, it seems to work fine for me, only Advance Config for a button don't save right timmings), but i can't see the link in the description, as you say.

    I'm gonna post the where I downloaded the Main Branch, and the link for some profiles files:

    Download site:
    Some Profiles:

    It works perfectly in X-Men: Children of the Atom through DOSBox

  • Devil Hunter Dante

    does it have rapid fire?

  • James Avfc

    love u so much now i can play godfather <3 x

  • Rodney Tholanah


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    So, umm, your profile doesnt load up for me. I load it and load it, but nothing appears. Any advice?

  • Amero

    guys i want to play need for speed most wanted on controller and the game already supports it but the game steering isn't set to deadzone 0 so if i steer left the car will continue steering left even if i let go of the joystick becuase the deadzone isnt set to zero. i heard about this on reddit but he didn't make himself clear. what do i do?

  • Nayr TheViking

    Great guide, but I've got a small problem: After closing it once and attempting to open it again, AntiMicro won't start. I keep clicking the shortcut but nothing's happening.

  • WassiliPlayz

    How do i make my left shoulder and right shoulder scroll

  • sub shoutout

    Does it work on mav

  • sub shoutout



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