Is it Possible to Collect 999.999.990 Score Points in Super Mario Maker 2?

Is it possible to max out the high score in
Super Mario Maker 2. To collect a total of basically one billion
points in only 500 in game seconds? A couple of days ago we took a look at this
question, and we came to a conclusion. Nope, sadly not. All that we were able to achieve were lousy
788.086.500 points. Getting more points,sadly simply appeared
to be impossible. Naturally this record only stood for about
8 hours before it got beaten. So today we are going to discuss lots of ideas
that popped up in the comment section below our first high-score attempt. We will take a look at those potential´improvements
and we will try to finally answer the question, whether the perfect highest high-score in
Super Mario Maker 2 is possible. So are you ready? Let’s do this! Okay so our old design basically kills 49
munchers, 3 bowsers and 5 boom booms everytime we reload this area. Thanks to rapid reloading we are able to kill
all those enemies 10 times per in game second, and the way we circumvent the rule of 7 is
by clever pow block entangeling. So let’s take a look at a couple of ideas
for improvements! The idea that probably popped up the most
is the following. Can we improve the score by putting mushrooms
on top of the pipe, so that toadette eats them during each reload. Well, sadly nope! That’s for two reasons, first it is no longer
possible to place power ups on top of checkpoints in mario maker 2, so if we were to do this
we would have to get rid of the infinite checkpoint glitch, points, second mushrooms do not respawn
once they were devoured. Which means putting them there only adds 2000
points once, but nor per reload. Next: Are we able to gain additional points
by having pipes, or blaster shoot out power ups everytime we leave the pipe: That sadly
doesn’t work either. Neither bullet blaster nor red pipes spawn
something in the short 6 frames that pass between each reload, and reloading less often
so that we can fit those in would drastically reduce the score. So that’s another nope. The next idea however is a really interesting
one. Can’t we split the bowser’s and boom booms
over all the different score batteries, so that they grant us 8000 points as the first
kill in a set of seven? So the answer to this question, is actually
surprisingly complicated: When 7 enemies are killed at once, then the first one is always
200 points, and then they grant us more until the seventh enemy dies which grants us 8000
points. The idea here is to swap out the first 200
points muncher kill for an 8000 points bowser kill, so that we get a total of 24200 precious
score points for each battery instead of just 16.400. On paper that would push up our per reload
score drastically, but sadly there is a tiny problem: Bowser’s are always calculated
last, when destroying a set of 7. No matter how we place those 6 munchers and
this bowser, the bowser will always get destroyed last, which means that putting a bowser in
a normal score batterie doesn’t improve the total score it grants. Bowser, or muncher, we always get the same
amount of points. So here is where this gets interesting. If we build a muncher tower, this is no longer
true. Because if munchers are towered their calculation
order changes. Now, the two munchers at the bottom die first,
then bowser, and only then the towered munchers are affected by the powblosion. There is a strange quirk in the way towered
enemies are handled when a pow block explodes, only a maximum of 3 stacked munchers get defeated,
if the tower is higher, the muncher at the top survives. So if we want to kill 7 entities at once,
then the best setup is this one. Here we replace the 1000 points kill with
the 8000 points bowser kill. That is an improvement of whopping 7000 points
per reload, per score batterie, that is pretty significant! So why didn’t we use this trick? Well, that’s because we sadly don’t have
enough room to stack munchers in our design. Since we are trying to entangle as many set
of sevens as possible, we just don’t have the space to tower the munchers, so giving
the bower’s and boom booms their own separate set is the best solution for now. Okay so the next improvement idea that popped
up often is the following: Can’t we just use vertical sub-areas, since those stay permanently
loaded, so that we can fit in more than 8 score batteries? The answer here is a nope once again, for
two reasons. First even if everything stays loaded, it
doesn’t change that we would have to load the area first, which would mean that we can’t
rapid reload, and would reduce the score drastically, and second and much more importantly, when
I spread the rumor that vertical sub areas are permanently loaded, I sadly lied to you
by accident. Vertical sub areas do NOT keep everything
above us loaded. What is actually happening is much wilder
and much weirder. So shoutout to youtuber smash boss who figured
out what is exactly going on. Basically the game does not keep everything
above mario loaded. For whatever mysterious reason, it only keeps
the upper most 16 blocks globally loaded in a vertical subarea. We can visualize this here. This two state flipper contraption is placed
exactly 16 blocks below the upper area border, which means it is inside the permanently loaded
area. No matter how far away luigi travels, the
two state flipper never unloads. But: If we put this contraption only one block
lower, then it suddenly is no longer inside the permanently loaded area and it despawns
after a short while. Yup. I have no idea why this is either, but sadly
it definitely doesn’t allow us to improve the score. Alright so those were most of the suggestions
below our previous high score attempt, but as it turns out, none of those allow us to
actually beat our old highest high score design. So in the beginning of the video I said that
our previous high-score, only was the highest high score for about 8 hours, so what is the
trick? What is the mechanic that was used to beat
the highscore? Well the answer to this question is actually
surprisingly simple. As it turns out I missed one super important
trick. POW blocks have a specific loading order,
that allows us to entangle them in a MUCH more efficient way. So check this out: Here we have two pow blocks, and two sets
of seven munchers. The lower pow block is only able to reach
the lower row of munchers, the upper pow block is able to reach both rows of munchers. So if we run the game, we only score one set
of seven munchers, since one pow block is able to affect both sets of seven right? Well …. right. We only get the normal 16.400 points once
we start the game. Everything behaves as expected, so here we
have the exact same set-up, but this time we put the pow blocks on top and the munchers
at the bottom. The pow at the top is only able to reach the
upper row of munchers, the pow at the bottom reaches both, once again. So if we start the game, we only score one
set of seven again, since one pow block affects both sets of seven right? Well … no! This time we actually score two sets of seven! Holy … fuzzy! What is going on here? Well, the awnser to this question is actually
unsurprisingly, surprisingly simple. POW blocks just have a set loading order. They are calculated one after the other. If one pow already destroyed a set of munchers,
then the next pow isn’t able to kill them anymore. The POWs are calculated first left to right,
and afterwards top to bottom. Alright all that’s left to do for us now,
is to find the optimal pow-block entanglement setup so that we are able to trigger the maximum
amount of muncher murders per reload. So huge gigantic and enormous shoutout to
reddit user Veedrac, he or she was the first one to figure out this trick and to build
an optimal setup. This is what the Veedrac setup looks like:
Here we have a total of 11 sets of 7 that get perfectly transformed into precious score
points every single time this room is reloaded. This design uses every single spot in the
enemy limit, it kills 335000 munchers in 500 in game seconds, and most importantly it grants
us 204000 points per reload. Ladies and gentlemen. 204000 points per reload is enough . . . to
reach the perfect … highest high-score! Hooray! Watch now, how veedrac used this design, to
reach the perfect and absolute highest high-score in Super Mario Maker 2 for the very first
time! Hooray! The race is over, we now know the definitive
answer, the highest high score in Super Mario Maker 2 is 999,999,990 and it was as far as
I can tell first achieved by Veedrac on the 24 of july 2019, in his legendary video: “My
lamest achievement ever” So is there anything left for us to do, now
that the highest possible high-score has been achieved? Well, actually yes! Let’s change this silly high-score challenge
into something different, let’s change it into the world’s most boring speedrunning
category ever. Because while Veedrac was able to achieve
the highest possible score, it took him 491 in game second to reach it, but there is actually
a slightly faster way to max out the score, because this design can actually still be
improved! So do you remember the bowser trick we took
a look at at the beginning of the video. The fact that we are able to score more points
per score battery if we place one bowser into each score battery, and place down the munchers
as two stacks of 3. Well thanks to our newly gathered knowledge
of pow-block loading order, we are finally able to incorporate this into a high score
design. This is what such a design looks like. Here we once again have 11 score batteries,
but this time all bowsers and boom booms are placed in such a way that they optimally increase
the per load score of their score battery. The way this works is the following. This pow is the first one to load, and only
kills all enemies in this score battery. Next this pow activates and kills everything
that is alive in this area, then this one, this one, this one, and afterwards the lower
pow blocks are triggered in the same order, until each pow powblowded and all batteries
got defeated. This design now grants us a total of 213800
points per reload, which means this design hits the MAX score in only 468 seconds, which
as far as I can tell is world record in the lamest speedrunning category in video gaming
history. It’s the only speedrun that takes over 5
hours, of pressing a single button. Hooray! So is this the absolute definitive fastest
way to MAX out the score in Super Mario Maker 2? Well, I honestly have no idea, it is pretty
optimized as far as I can tell, but there is a good chance that someone finds a faster
way to reach the perfect score within the next 8 hours for all I know. One way this design can definitely be improved
drastically would be by using black hole glitch enemy cloning, but I decided not to look into
this for two reasons: First the glitch will probably be patched in a couple of weeks,
and second. *Ugh* See nintendo is deleting offline levels
that use the black hole glitch. Optimizing such a design takes forever, and
I don’t want to put dozens of hours into a design that nintendo then just deletes. Also: Please Nintendo stop deleting offline
levels, that’s just childish. Anyway so here we have it, it is possible
to reach the maximum high-score in Super Mario Maker 2, and the currently fastest way to
do it glitchless, takes 468 in-game seconds. I hope you enjoyed this little video, if you
did don’t forget to leave me a thumbs up, and maybe you feel especially maxed out today,
and want to hit the subscribe button as well. I hope that all of you have a wonderful day,
and to see you soon. Goodbye!


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