Is It Worth Buying? The Yellow King – Indie MMORPG 2020

Okay , The Yellow King. Another small, indie mmorpg released in 2020,
February 5th 2020 to be exact. Not a whole lot of info about the game was
out there prior to the last couple of days, the developers didn’t have much if any social
media or even internet presence prior to launch so it was hard to get info on what the game
actually was or played like. Well I’ve now played it and this is my first
impressions of the project, in this video I will go over what the game is, how it plays,
what the current issues are, things I’d like to see improved or changed, the future of
the game, how the foundation is for now and if it’s worth buying at this early stage. First, let’s go over a few details about the
game that you should probably know. The Yellow King is a dark horror mmo, inspired
by the writings of H.P.Lovecraft, which if you’re unaware is a very famous author, most
notably known for his work on the Cthulu Mythos. The game will or currently does feature the
following, boss raids, guilds, pvp, leaderboards and the most interesting feature in my opinion,
the infinite dungeon system which is currently split into three sections, solo, group and
guild. The Yellow King is developed by a small team
of 10 people, the game has been in development for 8 months but development went into the
assets and certain features for a previously cancelled game from the same developers. The game retails at 25 us dollars and is currently
in steam early access which is said to be lasting until roughly 2021 when they plan
to launch the game fully if it’s ready. The game runs on a buy to play model currently
and it is said that after launch there will be a subscription but anyone who buys into
early access will have a life time subscription. Okay so that’s enough about the details, what
is the game actually like to play and what is my verdict at this stage? First off, the game definitely is a cool idea. I have to preface this video with the following
statement. The way I view alphas, or early access on
steam in general is like this. There are three types of early access and
alpha games. There’s the games that are an enjoyable, mostly
foundational complete games that are likely fun and worth the money even in the early
state, you’ll probably not mind if they never get finished because they are worth the money
at the time. Then there are the asset flip or scam games
that have no intention of ever being fun at the start or being finished. And then you have the third category which
is games that are a true alpha, a true early access and are in that section because they
are super, super early and require an absolute ton of work which you’ll only really buy to
support the idea and get a brief idea of what the game is about but likely won’t get money
worth of gameplay. I’d say The Yellow King firmly fits into the
third category. So my hands on with the game was short, I
think I saw as much as I needed to see to formulate an opinion without subjecting myself
to any more of the very clear issues the game has upfront which stop it from falling into
the first category. The game is a weird one but conceptually I
see it being a really solid idea and one that should be fairly easy to execute upon without
needing to be a massive commercial success. The Yellow King has a very strange control
system, one where you don’t even need to use the mouse, your w and s move forwards and
backwards, a and d turn your character and camera around, so the traditional using the
mouse to turn your camera isn’t in here. You have three interactive buttons for combat
as far as I’m aware, single attack, charged attack and then with a shield I had a shield
slam, plus you can hold a button to block with the shield. The core gameplay loop right now is basically
farming the infinite dungeon for gems, using the gems to unlock weapon skills and then
finding weapons in the dungeon to use. So that’s the core loop, pretty simple right? The idea is to have leaderboards to see who
can get furthest in the dungeons and that adds an extra carrot on a stick for people
to push the boundaries. As of right now, the game has some core issues
that prevent it from being an enjoyable experience. The game has what I can only describe as a
latency issue, I thought being in EU that it felt roughly about west coast US server
ping related…But I then asked in my discord and a west coast US person had the same exact
feeling I did. So it doesn’t appear to be server based, though
I was in touch with someone on the development team for the game and they said they are aware
of that issue and working on it so this is unintended. This right away made the combat that otherwise
is simple yet enjoyable quite a pain, since creatures would be hitting me from quite far
away when they shouldn’t be able to, my inputs were delayed so I couldn’t block or roll effectively
and just overall having that input delay would make the best combat systems feel bad. So while the combat is simple, I see the appeal
but the delay just makes it unenjoyable in the current state…And since the combat is
practically all there is to do right now, you can see why I didn’t fit it into category
one. On top of this, the AI is absolutely just
not good currently. Creatures have two reactions when you enter
a room. They either all just randomly charge you for
no reason, or they literally ignore you as you walk past them, even ignoring you when
you hit them a few times. Add onto this that the creatures appear to
be casper the friendly ghost and just walk or roll through every object in the game…It
basically creates a scenario where archers will roll away from you, into a wall and then
stand in a wall where you can’t hit them, shooting arrows at you. These are obviously fairly glaring issues
and ones that I imagine will be on the forefront of their development to get fixed. So basically when I played the game, all I
did was go into the solo dungeon and grind it for a couple of hours, I died a few times,
killed a boss encounter once and then decided that I’ve seen enough to make this video. At the stage the game is right now, I absolutely
cannot recommend you buy this unless you want to support the developers vision for the future. It’s just not in a state where 9 out of 10
people would enjoy the gameplay with the issues it has. That being said, the actual idea and core
gameplay loop is really interested. I’d struggle to think of a game to compare
this to off the top of my head to be honest. It’s definitely not what I expected when I
saw the teaser for the game but not in a bad way. The biggest hurdle for me just playing the
game right now is minus these issues, there’s a massive grind barrier. In the time I played I think I only got like
40 gems or something and 1 single skill point into a weapon takes like 600…So the grind
right now is absolutely monster status and the fact that the core loop is kind of busted,
just makes it not something I would ever recommend to do. Also due to the AI being so bad and you being
able to just walk from room to room without any requirements of killing a certain amount
of creatures etc I could see the leaderboard system being fairly meaningless currently
since you can just walk by everything and keep progressing into the dungeon as it stands. There’s not really much if any RPG systems
currently and since the game is listed as an MMO and not an MMORPG, some of the things
you would expect from that may not ever make it into the game and others will but aren’t
there as of right now. For what the game currently is, the asking
price is just a little too high as an actual game to play right now if you’re looking for
something fun to sink your teeth into you’re very unlikely to get 25 usd worth of playtime
right now depending on how you value your money. I haven’t seen a lot of people talking about
the combat being slightly delayed so maybe this is just anecdotally an issue for me and
the few other people I’ve talked to but if that does turn out to be how the combat is
intended to work, that along with the camera angle and controls would make me probably
hard pass on the game as a personal choice. So I’m hoping that it is actually latency
that is the problem but looking at the steam reviews, no one else has mentioned it as of
now. This is definitely a game that is going to
sit on my list of revisit in 6-12 months and see where it is at. Currently I can’t justify a recommendation
for the price tag on any basis except to support the devs and have the game at a reduced price
for if and when it becomes a good gameplay experience. As I said before some early access games are
exactly that, they are purely there for testing purposes and not meant to be played as an
actual game and therefor reviewing one as an actual game seems disingenuous. Foundationally it has a good idea and it seems
like a solid backing from the team, the core concept is good, the graphics suit the game
a lot, I had zero fps issues. What I’d like to see improved is obviously
the AI, the latency issue, the controls and having some actual RPG elements. Right now you can pick up weapons but there
is no inventory system and as far as I can see, hardly any actual forward facing stats
to determine what you want to use if you could even get by the grind wall of leveling up
a weapon skill. Overall, cool idea, they have had a fairly
problem free launch in terms of server outages etc and they are extremely open and direct
in communications with their community. I wish them nothing but the best of luck on
the project and we will revisit it later in the year to see how they are getting along. Thanks for watching,
Shoutout to the membership squad for the continued financial support. Marathon5150, Mad, Chillie Hue, Rowan, Miss
Yun, Ramms, Duo T, Cryy, Dramforger, Magoo, Joe, Marius, Oliver and Lizzie. Thank you guys, I promise I’ll get the end
screen up when I have more time. See you on the next one, PEACE!


  • Ash MCleod

    Seems like a good idea, I’ve never heard of the game before but I’ll keep an eye on it. Bless Online Killed all Early Access games for me so now I’m paranoid on them

  • Retromastery

    I can tell you that I personally have next to no latency when I play, it feels slow but responsive for me and I live in near the east coast (Quebec Canada). I'll agree that the control scheme are really weird and not comfortable, that's why I'm using a custom controller scheme made on steam by a user on discord, they did say however that they are working on adding more control schemes.

    The game definitely needs way more work but the foundation is there and it could be great in the future, for me the main gripes that I have with the game are the lack of content (Obviously) and the controls being… clunky to say the least. But tbh I buy early access games because I wanna help test them, I love testing unfinished project so I can give my feedback, I signed more NDA's than I can count and I'm currently testing this game and Torchlight III

    Overall, the game is fun for me but only for a couple of hours, it will change later down the line but as of right now the game is only a skeleton with some tendon so it can move and do simple actions


    Awesome vid Kira.
    Love the content man.

  • Vorpal Blade

    I would really like this game to be a success, an mmorpg in Lovecraft's world is a game I would very much love to play. Though I do find that whole "subscription" thing odd…
    Will Phantasy Star Online 2 be next on the chopping block?

  • eXo

    you made mistake on title : Is Is Worth Buying?
    tnx for this news ^^

  • BM03

    It's supposed to HP Lovecraft inspired but from what little bit of info I saw here, I don't see anything related to it at all. You think HP and you are ready for the eldritch abominations, the tentacles, the grim theme, the representations of people deprived of their sanity. Shit you get the family friendly HP dose in a game and you at least see tentacles. All I see here are skeletons in a dungeon. Just for the record, I am not shitting on this passion indie love project, I'm just wondering if some of the stuff was left out of the video or if it plays into the mechanics or something.

  • Dreamforger

    I love how you use your platform to bless us with these rough gems <3

  • Songhail

    Awesome, was hoping you would make a video on this game. Going to have to pass for now and reconsider after it is developed further as I'm sure, after watching, I am part of the 9/10 that won't enjoy the gameplay in the current state. Thank you for your review.

  • lend lend

    Loots verry interesting but price sux

  • yegga66

    Glad I saw your review was on my wishlist but for now, not so keen. Will be interesting to see how it progresses…..

  • logos paint

    I think a game like this would sell millions on the Switch

  • drkmgic

    I've never heard of this. Thanks!!! For letting us know about this.

  • drkmgic

    Why do games put things in early acess when it's not even ready for early acess.

  • ScribbleVicious

    Controller Support?

  • Chris Cesario

    Hooray for more low quality early access trash on Steam. We didn't already have enough.


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