Is the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate upgrade deal worth it for PC gamers?

hey PC world fans Adam here with Elena
hi everybody and we’re here to talk about the Xbox
game pass Ultimate Edition and why it might make sense for PC people because
the sale or whatever the the pre-release kind of stuff that’s going on is gonna
end soon so if you’re sitting on the fence maybe we can help you decide
whether to do it or not but first why don’t you recap until
people what the hell this deal is okay so at e3 Microsoft announced that they
were launching game paths for PC which is basically kind of like a Netflix
subscription for games where it’s just an unlimited library of unlimited sorry
unlimited access to a library of games that you can just play for as long as
you’re subscribed and the the library is different than the Xbox version for the
console so two different libraries two different services you’re signing up
right there’s overlaps in the titles that you
have access to obviously but right now the PC versions and beta open betas
where I think they said it launched and then they added that with no additional
charge to their Xbox game pass ultimate bundle which which formerly
included Xbox Live Gold which is the service you need for playing multiplayer
online and also getting like you know free games not on the PC just shown the
console this is just so cold and then there’s the standard Xbox game pass
subscription for Xbox one not was the bundle originally and now they’re adding
Xbox sorry Xbox game pass for PC to that and it remains at the $15 per month
price but there when they announced it at e3 and this is old news but when they
announced that you through they said hey we’re gonna let everyone try it for a
month if you pay a dollar okay dollar it’s not too bad the thing is is that if
you read the fine print but if you read the entirety of their news posts about
this they actually specifically said when you activate the trial you will
convert any existing time that you’ve already paid for Xbox Live
Gold and/or Xbox game pass to ultimate ok that essentially upgrades any
existing subscriptions you have to the new servers to the higher-end service
without paying more than that dollar if you’re a PC game you might have looked
at this and thought you know that’s not for me I’m not gonna buy gold I mean I
play online for free it’s a great thing about play on xbox I don’t do any of
that I don’t need to buy it you would miss out actually because and here’s why
so if you’re interested in game pass for PC like if you want access to
Microsoft’s first party titles like halo sea of thieves Gears of War cetera dandy
yeah yeah day in date and you’re like great I’m gonna sign up for the beta
which is only five dollars a month right now that’s way cheaper than ultimate
authority extended to do that because the beta will end and when it ends it
will go up in price to the $10 the normal $10 rate but if you do this deal
what you can essentially do is lock in up to three years of that $5 rate if I
start $5 per month rate so what you would do even though not subscribe to
any Xbox services yet you would go buy Xbox Live Gold which is a cheaper of the
two services that you can do this conversion on you would buy three years
of that so that’s like a hundred dollars that you pay the additional dollar to
convert over to ultimate and then you have basically locked in that $5.00 per
month rate for the part that you care about which is game Pass for PC okay so
so you would you would buy the hundred and eighty dollars worth of gold first
and then sign up for the dollar trial and then it converts it yeah for up to
three yes okay one of the reasons why we’re
mentioning this is because it is a really good deal it’s not something that
I don’t know and I don’t know if a lot of PC gamers are really thinking about
it because it’s so you know console focus no and then also you know I
verified with Microsoft you know how the beta pricing works out over the long
term okay it’s basically going with a known quantity verse
is unknown okay and essentially saying if you lock in now you’re gonna get that
five dollar beta pricing for at least three years if as long as you’re willing
and able to pay up for okay so but what if what if the beta lasts two years and
it stays at five dollars and thank you but then you get an extra year get next
two year or five dollars now the lasts for three years which I don’t think it
will then you’re not really okay you’re not really out anything also the one
potential downside which I don’t really think would happen is that maybe you
sign up for it and you decide that it’s not for you it works out horribly then
you’ve you know invested $180 and you can’t get that back but I think
Microsoft’s only going to add two ultimate like I could see them
eventually putting in access to X cloud or exiled servers someday maybe
potentially so could just get better so they’re obvious downside for a lot of
people is that you will have to play through Windows the Windows Store yeah
correct knots which I mean which they are making some changes you know they
announced 32-bit apps they announced moving away from WWE whatever yeah that
thing is so I don’t know we I mean we know a couple people are interested in
this you signed up for yourself didn’t you
oh yeah but I’m a multi-platform gamer which is a dirty word around this office
oh yeah Gordon’s gonna bust down the door at any minute so yeah if you’re
interested in it you know let us know mitt maybe tell us if you’ve already
signed up for what what you would be looking for in the future especially the
people who are just PC gamers is it worth it for you we want to hear and
then if you want a full breakdown of the how to I will link Alana’s awesome
article in the description and you can kind of see the the exact steps on how
to do it so thank you for doing this at work Elena yeah and and sorry you know
if we’re flooding the the stream with with Xbox content but guess what this
Xbox game passed for PC isn’t too bad of a deal especially this deal so stay
tuned for more videos on PC world we’ll see you later

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