Is There Going To Be Super Mario Odyssey 2? | Ask SP

Ok, Will, we’ve got a stack of gaming questions to fossick through today. WILL
Well who doesn’t like a good fossick?! Let’s kick things off with a video from the Ocelot
King and their trusty sidekick, Bubbles! Hi, I’m the Ocelot King. And I’m his trusty
sidekick, Bubbles! And we’ve got three questions for you.
1. What is your favourite mob in Minecraft? Ours is the ocelot, for obvious reasons.
2. What Minecraft biome would you like to be updated next? We’d like the rare mushroom
biome. 3. Should we get a Nintendo Switch or not? If you do not answer we will send creepers to blow up your Minecraft house! Muhahahah bye! GEM
Thank you, your feline highness, Ocelot King and Bubbles. Sorry we didn’t have
time to show all of your video, but we only have so much time. WILL
In answer to your first question about our favourite Minecraft mob, well the parrots
are pretty cool and colourful. But I also really like the dolphins. Oh, and of course,
Mooshrooms! All the charm of a cow mixed with the added bonus of mushrooms. What about you,
Gem? GEM
Ok, this might be controversial, and I know they’re a hostile mob, but I sorta have
a weird respect for Creepers. Sure, they destroy everything that surrounds them,
but that’s just an excuse to re-build, right? WILL
I don’t know if I agree with you there, but ok. GEM
I also think the Villagers are ridiculous and I love them. [imitation of Minecraft Villager
“Hnerh”] WILL
Nice…Now, to what Minecraft biome we’d like to see updated next…hmm, I did like
the sound of the swamp update Mojang talked about. Frog mob! Storage boat! Sounds good
to me! What about you, Gem? GEM
I’m still hanging out for the desert update we talked about a few weeks back. I want to
see those meerkats! But I agree, there’s lots of fun things that they could do with
the rare mushroom biome too. WILL
As for whether you should get a Nintendo Switch, well, as we always say when it comes to big
purchases like these, this is a decision for you and your grown-ups. GEM
Yeah, there are lots of different things to
weigh up. The Switch has a lot of great games and features, of course, but so do other gaming
platforms. So, chat to your grown-ups about whether it’s something that’s right for
you and your family. WILL
Most of all, does it have the games you’re most excited about? Right, moving on now to
a question from Conor in Hobart… NOOOB ALERT in pes20 vs fifa20 Will said that Juventus was not in fifa20 but it
is. Will do these:(:(:($$$ GEM
Uh-oh. A noob accusation! We should probably let Darren know…[starts dialling] WILL
Oh, no, I don’t think we need to involve Darren… GEM
It’s too late, I’m already dialling… DARREN
Greetings, you’ve reached Darren! GEM
Uh, hi Darren, it’s Gem…just calling about an incy wincy noob issue… DARREN
Oooh, well, my Noob Judge robe is at the dry cleaners. But I’m sure I can send one of
my assistants out to pick it up… WILL
Look, that won’t be necessary, Darren. Connor here says that I said that Juventus is not
in FIFA20. He claims they are. But! I maintain that Juventus are not technically in FIFA20. DARREN
Well, let’s see. The contract that Electronic Arts, the developers of the FIFA games, had
with Juventus actually ended ahead of FIFA 20… allowing the club to make an exclusive
deal with Pro Evolution Soccer, which is why they feature in that game instead. So, Juventus
are not officially in FIFA 20. There is a team in FIFA20 known as Piemonte Calcio, which includes likenesses of the Juventus players, but without
the official Juventus team name and branding. I believe you are technically in the clear
on this one, Will. WILL
Yessssss-ahhhh! Thanks Darren! There’s no way I wanted to drink from the Noob Cup. DARREN
…Again WILL
Yes, again… GEM
Thanks Darren, bye! DARREN
My pleasure, bye bye! [hang up] GEM
Ok, I think we may have time for one more and let’s make it a video! This one comes
to us from Indigo. Hi, my name is Indigo. I just wanna know if
they’re making Super Mario Odyssey 2. WILL
Thanks Indigo! Now, we haven’t heard anything concrete or official about a Super Mario Odyssey
sequel as yet. GEM
Yes and sadly, we can’t see the future. I don’t even think Darren is able to predict
the future…yet. There hasn’t been any major DLC for Super Mario Odyssey for a while either. So, unless there are plans for something else to add to the game in the
form of new DLC or something like that, a sequel might be a possibility. WILL
Oh and hey, last month Nintendo in Japan advertised positions to work on new 3D and 2D games which
included a picture of Mario…Which is still a bit vague, of course. That really could
be anything. But still! I have high hopes…they’re…this high! GEM
Good sleuthing there, Will. But maybe just bring those hopes down a little bit…considering
nothing is official. You know what they say about getting your hopes up. WILL
What do they say? GEM
Not to. Not to get your hopes up. And I think that’s all the time we have for Ask SP this
week. If you have a question for us, head on over here: and send it in! WILL
And, remember, if you send us a video and we use it on the show, you’ll receive some
cool GGSP stuff and things! GEM
Stuff AND things. That is a winning combination… WILL
It’s like fish fingers and custard! GEM
*gags* WILL
Maybe not…


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