Ishtar Hero Spotlight

Hey this is Ciderhelm and welcome to the Vainglory Hero Spotlight. Today we’ll be looking at Ishtar, a demonic queen that was set free during the fall of Gythia. Ishtar is a crystal power ranged carry that relies on her basic attacks to deal the bulk of her damage. Capable of summoning an army of Living Blades, she can quickly overwhelm her opponents with a barrage of blasts. Ishtar’s basic attacks are imbued with demonic energy and deal crystal damage, scaling with any crystal power that she purchases. Additionally she can summon and control Living Blades using her abilities. If she performs a basic attack in the vicinity of the Living Blade, it will also perform a basic attack on the target. The first blade deals full damage while every other blade attacking the same target does reduced damage. Ishtar’s first ability, Shadow Razor, summons a Living Blade before commanding it to fly to a target location. This deals damage to all enemies that it passes through. If there are any other blades present on the battlefield, they will also fly towards the target location. This ability has four charges, allowing her to rapidly cast and control the blades in a short span of time. However, the cooldown on this ability is fairly long so using them all will leave her open to an attack. Ishtar can only possess up to four Living Blades at any time. If she performs this ability while four blades are on the field, she will instead command all blades to fly towards the target direction. When Ishtar activates Blade Whirl, she performs a spinning slash that slows and deals damage to all enemies around her. If she successfully strikes an enemy, then she will also gain a small burst of movement speed. If she activates this ability while Living Blades are present, then they will also perform the same ability. Enemies take less damage from each Blade Whirl after the first. Additionally, this ability grants a passive amount of attack speed for every skill point invested. Ascension allows Ishtar to achieve her final form. When activated, this will empower her for a short time granting her vampirism, movement speed and bonus damage on her attacks. Additionally she will destroy any Living Blades on the field and summon a new set of four in her vicinity. Here Ishtar is up against the enemy Magnus in mid lane. To prep for the battle, she spawns a Living Blade off towards the side of the lane. Then with Shadow Razor, she sends two Blades towards Magnus and immediately casts Blade Whirl. Right afterwards Ishtar casts Ascension but Magnus manages to run away to the safety of his turret. However he doesn’t respect the fact that Ishtar is empowered or the fact that she has four Blades out. He steps forward to try to farm the minions but Ishtar is ready, she casts Shadow Razor to send the four blades towards his position and then casts it again to send it through Magnus and finishes him off with a basic attack. When engaging in team fights, controlling the Blades to go towards high priority targets is key. In this fight, Ishtar’s team engages between two enemy turrets. She starts off by using Ascension and then sends the four Living Blades towards Vox. She quickly dispatches him with a barrage of basic attacks and then sends them to Ringo to finish him off next. Miho attempts to use Shingetsu but that just makes her an easy target for Ishtar’s Shadow Razor. Skye quickly falls afterwards and Ishtar’s team presses forward to destroy the Vain Crystal. Thanks for watching the Ishtar Hero Spotlight. She’ll be coming to update 4.6 with the Orchid Ishtar skin, so be sure to give her a try.

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