It’s only an online game, why read the small print? Thinking about privacy in a digital world

What’s up misery face? Shut up. It’s serious. Oh my god, what?! You can’t tell, OK? Come on, it’s me. Tyler’s in trouble. Your clueless older brother? It can’t be that
deep. Well it is. You know a couple of you know
a couple of years ago he used to go on gambling sites? Yeah, but so what? We all do stuff – we’re
teenagers! Right. He thought it was harmless too, just
a game. He only did it ‘cos he wanted to see if he could win some money for a new phone
he wanted. But Dad yeah – he’s been getting gambling ads on his laptop and he’s blaming
Tyler. OMG. But – can’t he just delete his profile? He did, but it’s too late. But that’s crazy. Are you saying that his
details and stuff are still hanging around? Yeah, that’s what Dad’s saying – basically,
like, the stuff, the data we put out there stays around if you’re not careful. Like,
if you don’t check the Terms and Conditions, you don’t know what you’re giving access
to. So companies can get your contact details and personal info and stuff, and you might
not even realise that they have that information. That’s so creepy! You mean that’s how
they found your Dad’s details? Yeah, basically – data can like – travel
I guess. That’s so weird. How’s Tyler? Pretty freaked out. Think he’s feeling a
bit stupid ‘cos he thought he’d sorted it by deleting his account. But nobody checks the Terms and Conditions! Yeah they do, I do…mostly. It’s about
knowing what you’re agreeing to. Yeah, yeah I mean I do too sometimes. Guess
I’ll be doing it more now. And he’s wanting to get a job, but Dad’s
saying his digital profile with the gambling might, like, count against him. Makes you think doesn’t it? About the future
I mean – and, like, how your data could affect things. There is stuff you can do. You mean like checking the Terms and Conditions? Sure. But Dad was saying you can also, like,
check your privacy settings and even make your profile private. Plus cleaning up your
apps and stuff and deleting things you’re not using anymore. Smart. Like, I also don’t use any apps or
websites that look dodgy. And always give as little personal info as possible. It’s
just about looking after your profile online I guess. Definitely. Dad said to think about it like
your reputation. And you can just get on with it and have fun like normal. Yeah, that makes sense. Especially as I want
to be a lawyer. What?! Last week it was the next Ariana Grande. Not any more – you gotta keep up. Whatever.

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