How’s it going guys it’s Savage Rambutan here again, and I’m playing Roblox again Alright, so I’m playing with my friends and I need to invite them ThinkableJaymaster (Jeppoplays.Jr and Yo boi,tyki (lalalakok1234) Wait-um…-oh, yeah right. let me just tell him that it’s private AYyYYy!!!!! My man! Okay. What do you say I’ll be- um….yeah. I hope it wasn’t my name cause it needs to be censored. Okay, let’s go- wait, wait, (angry grunts and noises) All right, fine, okay. This doesn’t count we will start at level two, Hey, actually this is pretty easy. Yeah You know what I’m just gonna challenge him at the next level Alright! Let race! You are nothing but a mortal Okay, I’m sure you’re gonna come in like- ooh. Aww, I can’t type like that’s weird *Coughs*, No, no, no, no no no, no, no. No, I need to catch up now Come on, Come on! Let’s go! Let’s go! SPEED RUN! Let’s go boy! Oh my god Oh my- CATCUS! It’s always the cactus! Come on. Even in Minecraft Even in Fortnite and even in- stuff Stupid cactus. I hate you! OH AGAIN! Hahaha- Alright let’s try this again… Nope, not again cactus, seriously. I don’t fall for things twice. What is that, what level is that? What level is that? Level three. Yes. All right. I don’t fail. Come on All right, this might take a while Keep up?! YES KEEP UP! I know I am busy. Okay. This is my first time playing this I know you’re the best at speedruns jeppo plays Or should I say Jeppoplays.Jr Okay, let’s try this again Come on. You can do this Masterofdaway All right, I am the best, I am the best, come on. All right, NO! ?!? No! First Fortnite now this- now this, seriously! 400 fails later. Oh my god, Oh my god. Ye- YES! Yes, all right, let’s go level for love all fall come on Yes, I’m ready. Oh I can stick to the wall. Can I climb up? No, I can all right. Let’s try this again, okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah god damn it. No, but you’re dabbing. I don’t care I don’t care. Okay. All right. I just care about winning. Come on How does this well alright oh Let’s go alright The following montage is well wait wait All right a lot of deaths Alright, let’s go come on come on Yes Alright level five. I like to stop this Okay, I am not happy anymore Oh, who’s that, it’s Japanese I wanna be you. Come on. Come on me. Wait. Where is he always? Okay, all right, let’s go Chapel place we’ll never catch up Level seven and This is the Vincent. We want my Dean Come on, you can do this you can do this Chapel plays. I’m going to be you Yes This is awesome. Oh, okay You This is hot I’m trying to focus come on Yes, all right level 9, okay 30 of Simon now Okay Why do they not send the hell and only sensor on the body? What is this blah blah aids on what is this? Tell me what is your sensor is wrong see USB New sensor number how are you going to educate children? I probably will Wow The Sun is again I investigate I played SIA video What And then what’s that level 10 Oh Level 10 yay didn’t come online Oh, I am very close to giving up I am very close The eyes I am very good skin. Ow, okay better than hurt. I am not satisfied So Wow woman enemies animations LM gonna animation Features I’ve been focusing and I died again. Shall we fancy? That’s a–that’s a problem with rope. They don’t allow you to I’ll try that soon Okay, who got the votes like this? What kind of idiot notes a girl like this? I mean seriously How do you live on that Any leads on top of a real killer? What kind of cost is a car isn’t meant to do parkour. It’s very a fad Whose rice okay, you don’t call me join Join way, too Why am I gonna shortly Thinking it did not Oh join of it Okay, I was her Thank you guys for watching. Please like and subscribe and I’ll see you guys next time


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