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For those of us that have been on the keto way of eating for some time, we understand the benefits of Keto Coffee. 

For those of you who are new to Keto some of the benefits are:

  • Increased weight loss and improved ketosis
  • It helps you to feel fuller for longer and reduces cravings
  • It increases cognitive function
  • It is an extremely efficient way of taking in essential healthy fats and calories, without any adding unnecessary carbs.
  • It tastes great!

It’s all part the package.  

Keto Coffee is perfect for bumping up those fat numbers or replacing your breakfast. Additionally, the healthy fats keep insulin response low and allow you to still retain many of the benefits of fasting*.

Keto Coffee and Bulletproof Coffee are very similar, but with Keto Coffee you aren’t required to purchase expensive branded coffee, MCT Oils, etc. to make it.  Coffee, Butter (Grass-Fed is better) or Ghee and Coconut Oil or MCT Oil are all you need.  Optionally, you can add in Heavy Cream (I do), keto friendly sweeteners (I do Not), and your favorite spices (try cinnamon).

*Consumption of anything other than water technically breaks your fast.  Many people, especially those with any metabolic conditions (insulin resistance in particular), can still get many of the benefits of fasting and enjoy their keto coffee because fat does not trigger a strong insulin response.    If you are looking for some of the other benefits, such as autophagy, drinking black coffee has been shown to increase those benefits. 


Most people drink their coffee in the mornings upon awakening.  You’re foggy, slow, and just need to get through your morning routine and out the door.  Maybe you make coffee at home and take it with you or maybe you stop at a gas station, Starbucks or your favorite coffee option.  

Pre-mixing your Keto Coffee is a good way to make the morning easier, and what I want to show you today is how to prepare your Keto Coffee even faster or more conveniently when on the go.  Keto Blox combine Ghee and Coconut Oil into pre-formed blocks that are ready to go when you are.  Just pop 1-2 in your hot coffee, let them melt, and blend = Keto Coffee.

So how do we make and use these Keto Blox?  Well lets get into that.




Ingredients  (1-1 ratio)



  • Melt your coconut oil and your ghee separately.
  • Measure 8 oz of your ghee and add to your large glass measuring cup.
  • Measure 8 oz of coconut oil and add to your large glass measuring cup.  
  • Mix with a spoon.
  • Pour into your molds.
  • Freeze for about 2 hours and then transfer to the refrigerator. 

Directions to Use

  • Pop 1-2 of these into your coffee and blend.
  • To blend you can use:
    • Blender  – My home use option 
    • Travel Blender – My office or hotel room use option 
    • Immersion Blender  – Another great option for office or hotels.
    • Milk Frother  – this is my go to when traveling.  Battery powered and can be used anywhere.  It does an adequte job of mixing your fats in with your coffee.  But If I have the option, I will go with 1 of the top 3 depending on the situation.  

Nutrition Data (varies as to the size of your blox**)

1 Block = 137 kcals / 15.7g fat / 0 cars / 0 protein

**My recommendation is to determine the total calories of the ghee and coconut oil that you used and then divide by how many blox you make.  



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