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RYAN CLEMENTS: Let’s get this
door, Sid. SID SHUMAN: I’m going to beat
you. I’m going to beat you. RYAN: Knack power. The combined strength of
friendship. SID: I lost. RYAN: All right.
Knock out some more power. Give me all the precious cubes,
Knack cubes. All right. Now we’re just going
to wreck shop. [LAUGHTER] RYAN: Gigantic belly flop. SID: You know you love it. [INTRO MUSIC PLAYING] RYAN: Hello, my friends, and welcome back to PlayStation
Underground. On today’s show we got Knack 2, and I’m joined by Sid who is
my blue cohost. Hello, sir. SID: Hello. I’m a very, very big fan of what
I played of this game at E3. One I’m actually really looking
forward to coming out this September on PS4. Got a new look here at some new
content today. RYAN: Yeah. So we’re going to be playing two
levels from later in the game. We’re going to avoid major plot
spoilers here. This level, if you can tell
immediately from the search lights, is way more on the
stealth side, and then we’re going to play
another — oh, Sid. SID: Careful. RYAN: We’re going to play
another level a little later in the recording. Oh, god. This might be tight.
This might be tight. [LAUGHTER] RYAN: That’s going to be all
action. Super heavy action and you’ll
kind of see two different spectrums that this game has. Actually, two different sides of
the same spectrum I should say. Sid, we also have unlocked a lot
of the moves that Knack gets. And there’s a ton to this game
that I was not expecting, including some of the combat, which you just exploded me with
your belly flop. But we can also here if you want
to show you can punch my — SID: That’s a good move. RYAN: — and basically use your
co-op partner as a weapon. And you can do a lot of that in
this game. So we’re going to be doing that. SID: Yeah. And it’s actually a lot of
strategic value. You’re going to see some of the
fights we’re going to have with some heavy duty bad guys. Some of those co-op moves really
come in handy. You can, of course, play the
game single player, but it’s a lot more fun to
co-op. RYAN: Yeah. If our practice run was
any indication, Sid. Oh wait.
Here we go. Baby Knack time. SID: Yeah. This is an interesting mechanic
as well, this idea. You hit R1 and you shrink to
baby Knack or Knacklette if you prefer. RYAN: Or baby Knacklette. SID: That’s possible too. RYAN: (Knack voice) Sid, what
have you done? (Singing) Baby Knack.
Baby Knack. SID: The tension is palpable, I
can say that. RYAN: Sid? SID: I want that crystal though. RYAN: I know. But we’re not even going to keep
this save file. Full-size Knack. Wait. No. [LAUGHTER] RYAN: All right go around here. Just kidding.
Go right up. SID: Out of here. RYAN: That guy took a pot shot
at me. I didn’t much appreciate that at
all. All right.
So what we’re going to do, Sid, would you like to do the honors
of moving the table? SID: Yeah. You can’t really get through
there the way that configuration is set up. RYAN: Knack also has some
exterior decorating moments. No, Sid. That was very close to the
lights. Oh, you survived. SID: I survived. RYAN: Stay alive.
Stay alive. No, no, no. Don’t even risk it.
Just don’t even risk it. All right. I will move this. SID: Yes. RYAN: We require more platforms. SID: Yeah. And so the baby Knack or
Knacklette mode is actually — this game is honeycombed with
secret areas. I mean, this is sort of the main
path right here. RYAN: We had a hard time doing
this platform during our practice as well. Oh yeah. I saw that little secret door
down there. SID: Mm-hmm. There’s a ton in this game to
collect, to find. RYAN: After you, Sid. SID: The bark here is a little
worse that the bite from what I notice. RYAN: Oh, my god.
Look at Ryan. He is just sailing through that
with those jumps. Okay. [LAUGHTER] RYAN: Celebrate with a belly
flop. SID: There’s a bug here. RYAN: Which you have destroyed
or collected. SID: Keeping up a brisk pace.
That’s good. RYAN: All right.
Yep. I was just checking out what
Ryder was up to there. All right.
Here we go. Hut, hut, hut. SID: Now one of the things I
like too, in co-op mode — RYAN: All day, all day. Hold on a second. I’ll go right back in here. I’ll go right back in here all
day. Jump over those lasers. SID: We’re all very impressed. RYAN: All right. Well, I have
more room to fail up here. SID: This one’s getting a little
quicker. RYAN: Hut, hut, hut, hut, hut. Oh! SID: Bam. RYAN: Done.
Done. Knack is untouchable. SID: That’s right. RYAN: All right.
Here we go. A little battle scene.
Yeah. Hut, hut, hut. Oh. They’re dancing around my
attacks. Now we got to dodge. There’s a defend. Look it. They’ve knocked away
some of my Knack skill. SID: We died.
RYAN: We died. Just to show you the game is not
messing around. SID: Yeah.
The combat is actually — RYAN: I’m going to take out — I’m going to focus on these
long-ranged foes. There we go.
Look at that. Now that was cooperation. SID: That’s right. Yeah. The combat in this game is
no joke. RYAN: No.
It doesn’t mess around. So as I was saying, there’s
dodge; there’s a block; there’s a parry
if you time it well enough. Boom, boom. I got hit.
I got hit. My perfect streak is over. SID: Bam. RYAN: Sid and I go a little
haywire on the belly flops. SID: I love it. RYAN: All right.
All right. Yeah.
Yeah. I’ll take melee robo. That’s not its official name. It’s just a loving nickname I’ve
created. SID: That’s right. RYAN: All right. So this section got a little
dicey when we did it before. SID: Yeah.
RYAN: Let’s take our time. SID: Take our time now. RYAN: Take our time now. Oh, Sid.
Sid. Oh.
I’ve been destroyed. Wait.
Let me come back. No, Sid, you’ve made a terrible
error. SID: I made a real bad one.
Get out of there. RYAN: Okay.
Let’s try that again. SID: Okay.
We can do better than that. RYAN: All right.
Here we go. All right. So. SID: Now. You can dash in midair as well
which can be helpful. RYAN: Boom. Look at that. If only we had done that the
first time. SID: Bam. [LAUGHTER] RYAN: Just down the jolly
pathway, Sid has to belly flop. Okay. So here’s another big
stealth section, so we’re going to make our way
this way and stay. Hold, hold. SID: Easy.
RYAN: Sid, hold. SID: Couldn’t resist, just
couldn’t resist. RYAN: I’m going to sneak down
here. SID: Okay. RYAN: Oh! Just snuck a little too far.
Snuck a little too far. We just want to get that table.
We just want to get that table. This way. SID: Easy. RYAN: Easy, Knack brother. Okay. You want to get the table
or should I? SID: I’ll get it. RYAN: Let’s do it. Other way.
Other way. Go. Go. Go. Go. All right. Easy. Easy. All right.
Now keep it in the middle here. No, no. Yep, yep, yep, yep. SID: Right there? RYAN: We want — we still want
to take it. I’m going to take over. SID: Okay. RYAN: We’re going to bring it
over this way. Oh, hello. Okay.
You’re fine. You can come back. Warp to me.
Warp to me, Sid. Don’t forget the warping. I’m going to resize. Easy. I think we can actually leave
the table there. SID: I think so. RYAN: Then circle up around this
way. Easy. Easy. These robots they have a fatal
flaw in their light programming. All right. Now this one requires
baby Knack. Hut. Hut. Hut. SID: Yeah. RYAN: Sid, we’re flying through
this. We had significant — nevermind.
I lied. Okay.
Easy. Easy. Let it resume its course. Hut, hut, hut, hut. SID: Nice. RYAN: Up the stairs; up the
stairs. Ignore everything else.
No distractions. SID: There’s so much to collect. RYAN: There’s just no time. SID: Get that crystal. We got swords. RYAN: Yes.
Super Knacks. Not the official name of the
Knack. SID: This feels so good when you
get these brief moments where you have dueling swords.
Very satisfying. RYAN: Look at that.
Destroyed. Done.
One and done. All right. So that is pretty much the end
of the stealth level. Now we’re going to hop over to,
well, a little bit more of an
action-packed section. All right, everybody.
Now, we are back. We skipped ahead a little bit. The city is under siege, and Sid
and I want to wreck shop. SID: That’s right. And Knack is looking a bit
larger and beefier If I may. RYAN: You know, I think you’re
right. I think you need to punch me
through. SID: Yeah. RYAN: Do it. SID: Devastating. RYAN: Destroyed. SID: That’s awesome. RYAN: Tremble before me. SID: Honestly, the combat in
this game is quite satisfying. RYAN: Yeah.
It’s really fun. Don’t punch the electric glowing
enemies until they’ve discharged their shields. Okay.
Sid’s just busy over here. All right.
My turn. We weren’t coordinated. Done. SID: Crushed. RYAN: Crushed like the weak
thing you are. All right. So. Watch out. Back up.
Back up. Back up. SID: Screw punch. [LAUGHTER] RYAN: Hut. SID: Wait.
I should fire you at him. RYAN: No not yet; not yet. Now go, go, go. Oh, wait. No.
I lied. I lied. SID: Bam. RYAN: My strategy was off. SID: Bam. RYAN: Sid, I’m getting killed
out here. [LAUGHTER] SID: Made short work out of
him. RYAN: Destroyed.
All right. SID: Excellent. RYAN: Uh-oh. Hello. Here it comes. A shield has been destroyed. Run, Knack. SID: Get out of there. RYAN: Get out of there, Knack. The super punch is coming. Oh! Yes!
Baby Knack! SID: Awesome! Yes! RYAN: Action Knack! SID: I love it. RYAN: Safe. And a bunch of
pieces just climbing. SID: It’s so cute. RYAN: All right.
Here we go. Let’s keep this fight going. SID: The way this game plays
with scale is really interesting. I’ve never seen anything quite
like it. RYAN: Oh, god. You will be defeated. SID: Is that your Gadriella?
What’s her name? RYAN: That is my adult Knack
voice. SID: This is a bit of a pickle
here. RYAN: Yep. No. We got it.
We got it. We’re doing damage. SID: Excellent. RYAN: Go, baby Knacks; run to
safety. SID: Nothing more soothing than
the tiny pitter-patter of tiny Knacklette feet. RYAN: Than Knacklette feet. [LAUGHTER] RYAN: Hello. Can we go right up here?
Just curious. Oh, we can. SID: But there’s a secret down
there. RYAN: Don’t worry about it. SID: All right. There’s so much we could be
collecting right now. It’s driving me nuts. RYAN: I know. But you can save those
collections for — you must my
drink, my Knack brother. Shh.
There’s a robot out there. SID: If we stay small maybe he
won’t see us. RYAN: I made a terrible mistake.
I ran up a stone. [LAUGHTER] RYAN: Run, run. Into the pipes.
Into the pipes. Yes. Phew. Now we become big Knacks. SID: That’s right. RYAN: (Humming to music). Here we go.
Up the stairs. Knack doesn’t take any elevators
or escalators. He needs to burn those
calories. SID: He needs that cardio. RYAN: Yes. It’s excellent cardio and
strength training. Now go, Sid.
Run. Fly as pedestrians look on in
terror. A mix of terror and wonder, a
horrible cocktail of emotion. Go, Knacks.
Slide your way to victory. [LAUGHTER] SID: That never gets old.
That honestly never gets old. RYAN: Whoa! Easy. Easy. Destroy his shield like a knife
through butter. All right. Wait.
I’m going to punch you. Ready? Wait. No.
I messed up. SID: There’s the one. RYAN: That’s the ticket. SID: Devastating. RYAN: Do we go through that
little door? Nay, I say.
We go through this duct. [LAUGHTER] RYAN: Oh, the baby Knacklettes
are the best. SID: So cute. RYAN: Quick we have to gather
our parts again. Yes.
There’s so much. SID: Some serious physics going
on here. RYAN: This brawling is so good.
I could brawl all day. SID: Brawl. RYAN: Look at those
rainbow-colored generators producing all of the city’s
precious rainbow power. All right. Here we go. Here we go.
Here we go. Staying light on my toes. Okay.
Immediately got destroyed. Lights are off. Things got a lot more tense in
the Underground studio. All right. And we skipped ahead
a little bit more. No, no, Sid, wait. Oh, wait.
Am I going the wrong way? SID: You’re going the wrong way.
I’m going the right way. RYAN: I got disoriented.
Keep going, Sid. SID: You can teleport to me at
any time. RYAN: We did that exact same
thing during practice. Hold on. I’m just going to
teleport to you. SID: Yeah. RYAN: Teleporting cannot be
understated or overstated. SID: The at-will teleporting is
a huge feature. RYAN: Oh no. I just knocked out an entire
block’s power by destroying those rainbow generators. All right.
Let’s get this door, Sid. SID: I’m going to beat you.
I’m going to beat you. RYAN: Knack power. The combined strength of
friendship. SID: I lost. RYAN: All right.
Knock out some more power. Give me all the precious cubes,
Knack cubes. All right. Now we’re just going
to wreck shop — [LAUGHTER] RYAN: A gigantic belly flop. SID: You know you love it. RYAN: I do. I do. SID: I hate these guys. RYAN: Yeah. Actually, this fight was real
hairy when we did it before. Dodge. SID: Give him no quarter. RYAN: I like that. Continue the assault. SID: Look at that. RYAN: Destroyed as they cheer
us. SID: I feel like a stud. RYAN: I can feel the glory of
the city. [LAUGHTER] RYAN: All right.
Hold on a second. Let me see if I can just pick up
this car and — [LAUGHTER] RYAN: Oh. SID: Easy. RYAN: Oh, god. I became baby
Knack for a moment. That was not a good time for
baby Knack. SID: We got to keep moving. RYAN: I know.
I’m teleporting to you. Hut. Hut. Get out of the way, vermin. SID: Bam. RYAN: You do not know who you
fight. SID: You and you’re silly, silly
voices. RYAN: I do.
I love the voices. I’ll stop. Throw as many cars at them as we
can. I hope you have insurance. SID: Oh, man.
That hurt. RYAN: Oh. Oh. SID: This is the guy from
earlier, and we escaped from him; right? RYAN: Potentially. I don’t know if it’s the exact
same make and model. I’m doing damage though.
I’m doing damage. SID: There we go.
Devastating. I mean, that feels good; right? RYAN: And the crowd goes wild. But I cant get up. Do I just go this way.
Which way do I go? Ah, there we go. Knack surveys the fleeing
construction workers. What a waste of a good vehicle. Look at these blokes, but Knack
has an idea, Sid. Action hero Knack. Let’s do this thing, Knack. All right. The power of friendship has
gotten us this far, and it will get us to the end. SID: I love that so much. RYAN: All right.
We must baby Knackify. SID: Oh right. Easy. RYAN: Easy. Teleport to me, Sid, if you need
to. You can put your faith in me,
Knack brother. All right.
Going to Knack it up. Knack attack. SID: That’s right. RYAN: Hut, hut, hut, and hut. And up here.
And up the crane. Now with the power of
friendship. SID: I’m going to beat you.
I got you that time. I gotcha. I gotcha. BOTH: Ah! RYAN: Let’s do this. All right. Do you remember your
training, Sid? SID: I hope so. RYAN: Here we go. All right.
Here we go. SID: It starts with a whisper. RYAN: Just the flagrant
disregard for property. Kaboom! That was just one. Here we go. Didn’t expect that. Baby Knack action star. SID: Easy. RYAN: Easy, Knack. Knack, don’t get in over your
head. Jump. Yes. SID: It’s a bit of a nail-biter. RYAN: All right, Sid. Don’t forget your training. Oh, my god.
That’s close. SID: Bam. RYAN: Boom. And the crowd celebrates. The people of the city cheer in
jubilation. Ladies and gentlemen, that was a
little taste of Knack 2. SID: Quick thoughts, Ryan. RYAN: Super fun.
Love it. It’s totally made for co-op. SID: Yes. RYAN: Surprisingly deep and
challenging combat. I’m in. SID: I’m totally in. RYAN: Knack 2 is coming to PS4
on September 5th. It’s $39.99. And I would say I enjoyed myself
here on PlayStation Underground. I hope you did too, Sid.
We’ll see you all next time. SID: Indeed. [OUTRO MUSIC PLAYING]


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