• Herwin Prem

    Can’t emphasize enough how much I like your playthrough videos and so hyped to see one for Lawyer Up

  • Skycroft1000

    I think the theme ruins it for me, not because it is bad but because it is simulating dramas and not reality. Not that that is necessarily bad either, but most of what you do in this game (burying evidence! Surprise witnesses!) is highly illegal and would get an attorney disbarred. Or, at least, should get you disbarred, in a just world.

    Because of that, I would feel like a bad guy no matter which side I was playing, and I don't like it when games make me feel like the bad guy whatever I do or am.

  • Garrett Stewart

    32:48 Oppertunity? They didn't spell check their cards?

  • theluggage

    Looks like an interesting game with a intriguing theme. Thanks, Jon!

  • Bryan Nothem

    Honestly, little disappointed with this. I was kind of hoping it would be a little like netrunner asymmetry with prosecution making the case, and defense tearing it down. It gives a bit of that feel, but I feel it misses the mark somehow.

  • Paulo Renato

    Hi Jon, Thanks for the video 🙂

    at 43:47 you say you can object to Procedures being played, I think that's not correct, you can Object to Procedure Actions being activated, you can't Object to the other player playing the Procedure card to their tableau (that you seem to imply that you can)

  • chkn katsuda

    Hey Jon, do you think this game will go on retail? Or do you think it will be just a Kickstarter exclusive?


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