Let’s Play Aliens vs Romans – Xbox 360 Indie Gameplay

-[Andy] Hello, welcome back to Outsidexbox,
I’m Andy, I’m here with Jane and Mike. -[Jane+Mike] Hello! -[A] And we’re playing indie games again! We’re gonna play Aliens vs Romans
which was suggested by viewer PowderPlays. Thanks for that. -[J] Ah history, skip!
-[M] Oh my god! -[A] Holy wow!
-[J] Woah, graphics! -[M] How realistic is this? Oh god,
the animations are all over the shop. -[A] Are those Romans or Aliens? -[M] Did they just buy some
off the peg Roman architecture? -[A] Why have they got hooves?
Are they aliens? Ah I’ve got a sword, amazing. Come at me aliens. Oh they’ve got guns!
-[J] They’re coming at you! Wait, how did you atomize him
with your sword? -[A] Argh! Roman pistol! -[M] There we go, now how would you know… -[A] Woah, it’s got like
a holographic heads up display. -[M] There is probably
a conspiracy theorist who believes this is actually happening. -[A] Predator wave?
Woah! Invisible predator alien! -[J] Is it? Oh that’s why
this is the predator wave. I thought they were just predating on you. -[M] So this is
Aliens and Predators vs Romans. -[A] Yeah. Why didn’t they call it that? -[M] I know, right. -[A] Aliens and predators
and the next round is like Freddy Krurger. -[M] I’m pretty sure that’s already
happened in the comics. Like, they’ve had Aliens and Predators vs.
Batman and Superman so they have no qualms
about adding more things. -[A] Really, who won? -[M] Superman. -[J] What are those huge guns mounted
at the top of the bridge? -[A] Says Jonas. -[J] I think you just answered
your own question Jonas. -[A] They are huge guns. I need ammo! Get off the turret! -[J] Ah there it is, alien turret. -[M] Press X to use.
Please use the turret, please. Oh my god. -[A] Oh no, I died! -[J] You just lost like most of
your health. Wait for it to recharge. -[A] Does it recharge?
Did Romans have recharging health? Is that how they conquered the world? -[M] Yeah, I mean it was based on just
really good nutrition and sanitation. -[A] Right, get on the turrets,
destroy the alien drop ship. -[J] Look at that alien blimp! -[M] Right, blow it up! -[A] Ahh! Get your dirty alien hands
off our Roman Rome. -[M] Welcome to Earth. -[A] Missile lock! -[M] Is that a missile? -[A] I don’t know. -[J] Does this turret
fire missiles as well? -[A] Yeah, it’s that kind of turret. -[M] Look at the little heat haze
coming off the barrels. -[A] Argh! I got blown up! Alright, so that was Aliens vs Romans, I think we all learnt a bit
about Roman history. -[M] History, yeah. -[J] I’ve learnt a lot about Aliens. -[A] Yeah, alien history, Roman technology. -[M] Wicked spaceships. -[A] Thanks for watching outsidexbox,
we’ll see you next time. -[M] Bye!


  • Josh Wilson


  • Stefan Batrinache

    wtf is this shit =)), i preffer to play Serious sam 

  • Gaming Git

    "Holy moly, I won't miss out on this gem then"…. Said no sane person ever.

  • ThePorkWizard

    That 2000 year old centurion has a surprising level of firearm proficiency. 

  • YepItsTommy

    Lol he goes alien history and Roman technology instead of alien technology and Roman history

  • CamPopplestone

    Seems fun for a dollar

  • Ethan Dizon

    Can you play white noise

  • AtomicSymphonic

    I think we've found some competition for Goat Simulator…

  • Colin Purcell

    This is epic!!

  • DBulldog

    This totally stole my idea of Retreat.

  • The Bodacious Ruff

    Haha, this was actually made by my dads coworker.

  • Zel G.

    Feels like a (very) bad copy of Turok 2.

  • Zigglas Stardust

    Let's not forget about Archie vs predator


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