Let’s Play Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door (GCN) Episode 1 (2020) (2019) #Mario

hey everyone this is Prince Mario and
welcome to video #1 of Paper Mario the thousand-year door one of the
best games on the Gamecube and you guys have requested this loudly and
frequently when I was doing Paper Mario for the n64 so here it is anyway so
we’re gonna watch the intro here so I might as well give away my opinion on
thousand-year door I think it’s an amazing game now do I think it’s better
than it’s been Paper Mario one well I don’t necessarily think either game is
better I’d say I personally think both games are good in their own way I will
explain this more as we progress toward later in the LP I think styling door has
some things that improve over Paper Mario 1 and I think there are some
things I like more but Paper Mario 1 would compare a thousand-year door so
that’s why I personally think that both games are good in their own way because
like that reason so that’s why I kinda think like neither game is really the
better game so if you’re a hardcore thousand your door fan you can proudly
just like this video right now I’m not subscribe for my channel anyway so the
the they’re basically telling us the story of road for the setting of this
game but don’t get me wrong this is an amazing game I love this game a lot I
love both games now I easily I could in when it comes to
like GameCube games this is easily and might like my top five when it comes to
GameCube games just like paper lawyer one is in my top
five when it comes like n64 games there’s the treasure chest which
basically is inside the thousand-year doors we learn later in the game and
then there’s the town of rogue board there it’s basically telling us about
the question election Chrysler and the thousand-year door and all that’s
basically what we’re gonna be learning throughout the game then there’s
Princess Peach this is also the first LP with my new setup I’ve replaced all my
composite cable with RGB scart cable so you’re seeing a little bit of a quality
improvement like you’re seeing way less blurry colors I like my paper mario up
here my pokemon got LP overall the video just looks a little bit sharper and I’m
actually able to play this on my original GameCube rather than the Wii
because like one thing the Wii does not sit with do we have to get like the weed
is not some more like RGB scart cables like it does we have to get like
separate kind of ones I was surprised that my n64 was like RGB modded like I
was actually very surprised because like I didn’t think it would actually work
yes so expect more high quality has 64 content in the future and this is going
through an HDMI cable with kind of a more framemeister alternative I do not
have the framemeister but I have more of an alternative to it all this all this
whole setup in total costed me about a hundred bucks but why am i blabbing
about my setup but at least since at least I could blabble about this amazing
game after this intro is over but I have to say when I’m looking at
this through my TV it looks way less blurry than does to composite like it’s
them a lot more colorful that’s one thing there’s still a little bit of
pixels on my TV but I don’t know the reason I didn’t get frame Isis cuz
they’re 400 bucks anyway enough blah blee this is paper mario the
thousand-year door I have wanted to tackle this game ever since Paper Mario
1 and gate anyway so we’re gonna load the save file
anyway we’re gonna start a new game I have a current file going on I have
beaten this game like maybe 2 or 3 times I believe so I do know my way around I
did do a couple of practice playthrough as well was playing through pokemon red
so I do know what I’m doing throughout the game there are any memorable self
Sprint’s as usual and it’s Mario’s house does this look familiar and oh my god it’s parakarry this game
is already awesome it’s just like Paper Mario one is the same way full
mail call it’s just like the way paper mario one opens god so much nostalgia
already there’s Luigi it’s like the exact same
weather hey bro check it out I’ll there from this piece of art for you I’ll just
read it to you how’s that sound my TV just flickered ahem now let’s see here hello there Mario I’m on a holiday
traveling in the Mushroom Kingdom in my travels I came to the position of
a mystical map a treasure map actually it was inside a box I got from an old
merchant a town called rogue porch but since it would be too difficult for me
to try to go find treasure all by myself I thought I could help me hi you could
help me humph already you will of course won’t you I’ve included the map with
this letter so please bring it with you when you come I’ll meet you at road for
this means you must come peach what do you know it’s true there’s a weathered
old map in here with the letter check it out and there’s the map though the
island a row carbage is the main setting in this game so this time this game does
not take place in the Mushroom Kingdom a kind it does technically it takes place
in road forward a moral one takes place in the Mushroom Kingdom now I’m gonna announce this is gonna be
the biggest LP I have ever not really the biggest selfie I’m not sure if this
is gonna take out as long as pokemon red did but this is the LP that’s going to
take them maybe the most parts and these gear I think these are gonna be longer
I’m gonna aim these to be longer videos and we’re on a boat heading no Road
Court Wow six minutes in we’re already on the prologue a prologue a rogue’s welcome and we can
finally control ourselves in the game excuse me sir please wake up sir the
town you’ve been speaking of it come into view look that’s rogue port you see
will arrive shortly please prepare to disembark and we are in rogue port guys we are
actually starting to play paper Mario’s out here door for them and we are at and
we are seven minutes in this video I must apologize sir arrival was delayed
we’ve dressed a bit rough weather are you quite sure you want disembark here I
did tell you what the sordid tales a row for and our way here did I not what’s
that I’m sorry to say there’s a princess waiting here for you
is that so of course sir well that’s what you think that won’t stop you but
you’d be careful sir don’t say I didn’t warn you
anyway rope board is like one of those barber like pounds basically this is
like the toad town of this game now basically like um basically basically
the same controls in Paper Mario one one thing I do like more about Paper Mario
thousand your drawers that you start with the hammer however one thing I’m
more like more ok Mario one is that in this game you unfortunately can no
longer do the spin anyway there’s a save block sweet I guess we can actually save
we can try saving our game for the first time because if we go up here hey what
do you want get away from me freak oh come off you airhead I know it’s tough
for you but don’t play dumb with me I’ve seen you walking around town just ask
for information about the crystal stars well now I’m doing the asking so be good
girl and tell us what you know right now never I don’t have anything to say you
creeps you I suppose it wouldn’t be right to say if it’s a little lass like
you met with their ultimate demise buh-buh-buh-buh boys we’re taking this
firebrand to our fortress as you command Lord frump we’re on it no no stop it
right there you weirdos I’ll scream really I guess we gotta help this girl
in distress because Mario hasn’t done that a million times before like I’d go
anywhere with smelling lunatics like you hmm
not likely what what do you think you’re doing chump you think you can screw up
my plans good it’s always something looks like I’m gonna have to give you a
little taste of the old crumpled bomb anyway this is our first battle in the
game I’m getting a case of battling anyway
battling works kind of the same as Paper Mario one however one thing is that you
could start off with the action command so I like that more about thousand-year
door and one thing is that you start off with something called a stylish command
I will show off the hammer one first because I can time this one perfectly basically when you let go of the hammer
you press a and then when you land on the dryden press a again I didn’t do it
right but if you press B basically if you time it right you can draw if you
can hit the opponent and basically I’m gonna try to do this right yeah if you
press a well in midair basically you can do the stylus command for jump in yeah
that’s the UM that’s the stylus command for um that’s
the action command for beating trusty however I don’t do it often because you
have to time it perfectly and we got nine star points I believe yeah we get
nine star points okay you got a couple of decent hit
shots and I’ll give you that but unfortunately for you that means it’s go
time POTUS him quick this way anyway so we’re gonna
view what a bunch of loons so we’re gonna sneak out a solicitous sneak out
of here what do you say any worse we’re gonna she’s gonna follow us out of here
and we might well avoid this Lord drunk guy whoa stop where’d they go oh you
Johnson did you see them on you okay one of the same Johnson Oh crud they bolted and we’re in a different part of Road
port Wow mister you totally saved me thanks I had just got to give you a
little reward and she kisses Mario my name is goombella I’m a student at the
University of goon nice to meet you so uh who are you Mario
wait you mean like the famous guy wow I can’t believe I met you here you didn’t
recognize Mario cool anyway no offense but it looks like you just rolled it in
town yourself right me I already hate it here there folks around here we folks
freaks and weirdos everywhere it’s nasty I mean I know this place is called rogue
Corp I shouldn’t I should have expected it but she’s I never come to a place
like this if it weren’t so some legendary treasure here what you’re
looking for the legendary treasure too seriously
whoa whoa whoa bucko what you got there and she got sure with the treasure
mapping oh my gosh it’s that is not a treasure map you have to tell me where
you got that Princess Peach what great Haga Lee Baca
Lee if it if it isn’t master Mario bit of a coincidence bumping into
another in this sort of placement hole so tell me master Mario what in the
world brings you to this wretched little bird Maundy Princess Peach sent to a
letter in a treasure map and she told you she meets you here in rogue Court in
truth I came to read that word you’re asking me where Princess Peach’s um I
was just about to ask you that we stopped in this town to acquire some
sort of few horse shit but don’t you know I only took my offer more as soon
as I did she vanish so chic you got kidnapped again you know how headstrong
she is mari I just seem to be back momentarily but this point I feel we
might embrace the possibility this you may never return I may be at loss to
what to do I’ve been fraught with worry I tell you but I’m feeling better with
you here master Mario surely will find here surely I know this my place Master
Mario and this is not it I’ll leave this toss to you I believe I’ll recline in
the end right here over there and joy a spot of tea perhaps
in fact I highly recommend it particularly to find your H to find your
HP at heart points running low just drop it on in hohoho yes anyway a little rest
there will fill all of your HP I must say though the rest of this town is a
little bit rough yes rough indeed um Princess Peach did he mean like peach
the tamasam Kingdom princess the princess will always get napped by
Bowser the Koopa King the one you rescue wait a second this is crazy Princess
Peach sent you that treasure map whoa this is really intense well where could
she have gone did that notes you think you think maybe she got sick of waiting
and went to find the treasure on our own oh I know more you’ll come with me one
of my professors in here researching that treasure will show them your map if
we start looking for the treasure then maybe we’ll catch up to Princess Peach
great we’re all good then let’s go Mario and goo Melo joined our party umbrellas
ability a primer press SCA information about nearby people places and objects
this is rope or Plaza it’s the center of a town the main business district
it’s a crossroads where many people I’m not gonna read this yeah I’m not gonna
read that either I’m not gonna read that either it’s face she basically works the
same as you Mario in Paper Mario one first off we gotta find my professor
the thing is census I think is since I got out of town my I just got to town
myself I don’t actually know where he lives so keep an eye out here’s what
Professor frankly looks like however I do know where he lives
so there’s another save block in case you want to save your game I’m not gonna
do that hey by the way Mario have you saved yet
yeah she’s basically saying what I just said and there’s an abbot that still our
coins however one thing is that one thing is that um not many people more a
thousand or all pieces to show this however I read this on a guide is that
you can actually get these coins back as soon as you get them taken from you
thing is that one thing is that I will for sure say is that when compared to
other Paper Mario games even though this is considered the best Paper Mario game
in the franchise this doesn’t get tackled very much on YouTube like I
don’t know why just like whenever like you search this game on YouTube I only
see like a couple hundred thousand search results when I like but when I
search any other Paper Mario game even like Color Splash I see like millions of
search results like no idea why anyways so I know for a fact that
Professor frankly lives here because I played this game before oh hi there you
are professor frankly was Oh who’s there who wants me ah yes you now you uh I’ve
seen your face before yes that face wait for it just a moment don’t tell me now
silence I’ll get it right um it’s not goo Brielle her it’s not
English that’s not even a goo my name uh huh got it
your goombella aren’t you you were in my archeology class last year am i right
well yes sir that’s me I’m goombella I’m a junior you goon that’s not what you
said last time of course I remember you that’s not not to toot my horn but I’m
pretty good remembering you though your sticker you stick out in my mind because
you were such an exceptional student and that guy behind you is who morio
professor he’s Mario you know the famous one oh my apologies I’m such a bookworm
I haven’t had a clue about the what’s hip right now he saved the world like so
many times and you don’t know him in any case what sort of errand brings you to
all the way to a place like this we were hoping that you tell us about the legend
repressors said to blow road court I thought if anyone knew anything about it
you were you would impress her frankly of course I know about it the reason I
came here was a study of that very subject
why do you take what he takes what to learn about the legendary treasure you
know that most say it’s a little more than a fairy tale don’t you
archaeologists and historians have to search for truth in those fairy tales
though me I believe the librarian treasure truly does exist and I really
want to find it good point well made in that case I will cooperate with you
however I can most of all about the treasure there are
many mystery surrounding it some say it’s an infinitely vast
treasure of hoard I came region a while others say it’s a
magical item some book Saints actually a monster
whilst others others claim it’s an empty chest I’m not gonna say which one
actually is by the way we’ve played this game before you know which one it is so
many different theories obviously it’s impossible to find the truth among them
but all agree at one point to find the treasure one half the one must have the
crystal stars to find the treasure of yours take the take the seven I thought
that was a typo for a second take the seven crystal star to the thousand-year
door you mean the crystal star is that all
sane and super elderly people passed down indeed the same as the saying goes
if you want to find the legendary treasure you must you first must cluster
the seven crystal stars hold the magical map a lot before the entries of the
thousand-year door then the stars will light the way the leaves of the stones
would be yesterday yeah a lot of the Lord red said that the magical map is
taken in the doorway then it’ll show you where to find the crystal stars correct
and the thousand-year door supposedly here deep beneath this town yet the
critical piece of the puzzle the magical map is lost if we had that
map we do have a professor or well not exactly mario has a magical map what pop
of the Rose I’m not gonna read that gibberish you you actually have it could
I just take a quick look at if you don’t mind astonishing
that’s this Zig this is the real thing the one in the only magical map you son
you are my hero you’re great fantastic wonderful even with this we can find the
crystal star just by holding this a lot before the legendary door right on
professor good golly why are we doing a sitting
here the REO boom boy Kimbella Mario what often must goes instant let’s take
the magical map of the legendary door anyway so we’re gonna go to the
thousand-year door I bet you didn’t know this fraternal thing came off didn’t you
can hang we can use this pipe to get down and under the city streets come on
both of you let’s get moving oh wait hang on a second Morgan
something just occurred to me I’m fairly certain there quite a few hoodlums below
so keep your guard up so you to do remote occupants don’t you of course
because I already explained that really a mess are you maybe you’re out of
practice once no thanks I’m good again I already explained that when we were
fighting Lord Crump a bold young lad aren’t you very well then down we go
just down the pipe and tilt down enter it so it’s basically works the same as
it doesn’t pay for Moria one so we’re basically in the sewers which again tick
which basically how we access certain chapters in the game hey hey man what’s
up who’s the hottie you got in there with you
what’s up baby want to hang up with us for a while we play real nice man what’s
a fine-looking Goomba doing without a tubby moustache man like that oh it’s
like so sweet that you boys think I’m cute seriously yeah guys like you make
me feel like I’m totally barfing so let’s get our you’re a goombella you
just roasted the hell out of them ouch that was cold
what do why don’t you’re too good for us come off it little sister nobody’s zigs
us like that nobody let’s get him now this is like legit battle in the game
now unfortunately um one of us one of them is holding an item that’s one thing
about this game sometimes the enemies can hold items anyways so basically we now we can use Y
to switch party members so basically like I’m firstly having time view Bart
boom Dallas Tyrell I didn’t do it unfortunately you got press a at the
right time however I can do Mario’s basically what the stylus means do is
that they can increase your audience like things because this game introduce
an audience thing in this another thing is that this game introduced I am what
is it called this game introduced a on star when you get a crystal star they
introduced like AM star meter anyway goombella has a thing called a
catalog so basically um you can paddle an enemy and basically like and
basically cattle them that way I’m not gonna be doing it with every single
enemy in the game however I’m gonna be doing I might do it with some of the
earlier enemies maybe as soon as I get other party members I’m just gonna stop
as soon as I get the peekaboo badge or other party members I’m just gonna stop
using catalogs anyway so I guess now wait to go through this warp I guess
like later on in the game you can take a shortcut and just warp pipe see well I
guess now we can fight these guys that’s one enemy I’m actually tightening
these styles in the commands of Mario just not much new Bella basically how
leveling up works in this game it works the same as in Paper Mario 1 if you get
100 star points you get a level up basically our leveling ups going to work
is that you I’m going to be increasing a lot of BP just like I did in Paper Mario
1 basically um however I’m going to do ever if my HP and FB is low I’m going to
do a lot of HP later in the game as well but I’m gonna try to increase a lot of
HP because there’s bad as I know I need for this part in the game just like in
Paper Mario 1 anyway destroy these blocks anyway there’s a puny this is
actually the entrance to chapter 2 however we don’t have the ability to go
there yet I want to say there’s a hidden item over here anyway there’s the UM
there’s the pretty lucky badge which actually um if we we can’t actually our
first badge in the game so we can like equip the pretty lucky badge and we
actually can actually make enemies miss sometimes which is actually pretty good
early game badge normally have to buy it but like you can get it you can also get
it as a hidden item and we have to get this key right here those are also new
enemies I might show them off it in a little bit anyways this is a treasure
chest whoa hey you can you hear me you can that must mean you’re the hero of
legend only the great hero of logic can hear my voice yeah everyone else nothing
so long ago an evil spirit cast a curse on me locking me in this block so I was
bummed I’ve been here ever since waiting a long long time for the hero to come by
so yeah anyway big guy what brings here like you to a place like this or
Mario were with you I’m not happy confident that we can trust this box I
think it may be best not to mention that we’re looking for the crystal stars
won’t rat I just said out loud what’s wrong with me
oh yes searching for the crystal stars are you now you so you really are here
out well you’re definitely gonna need my help if you need to get those bad boys
so first you should you look for the key in this box yeah we already found the
key we just talked to him again give him the black key we he fools am I
gonna get cursed this is the one of few instances in the game we get cursed oh
boy did you fall for it I burnt you what do you think I was gonna help you
instead I’m gonna spread a little bit of the suffering I need you’re within that
stupid box yeah sorry but those are the breaks I’m
gonna cast an evil tousle curse on you instead of a curse this is actually a
new powerup basically um basically if you press Y the worst part of this car
is you have to tell left and I did not mean to press that again that’s just me
skipping the text yes I get it it’s terrible so uh wow
just wow that what was that guy’s beef anyway so now we can go on these things
and now we can turn into a paper airplane which I actually do like that
about this game they introduce new aspects and now we are at the
thousand-year door it’s kind of its kind of exciting how Barry or this early in
the game we are out the thousand-year door Oh Mario goombella look at that it’s the thousand-year doors spoken the
legends I can’t believe it’s real so the legends are all true there it is big as
life come let’s move closer anyway if we stand on this platform
hey what’s to deal with the rear of Podesta here what could it be you think
we’re still on this pedestal it’s actually going to tell us where the
location of the crystal star is professor what’s going on and the crystal star is none other than inside a castle the location of the
crystal stars are important on the magical map in Mario’s lark a special
move you can now use sweet treat so every time you get a crystal sorry can I
use a special move professor the map it moves with all those crazy lights firm
it appears that information relate to the location the crystal stars appeared
and that shiny light looks at as a mysterious power is given a Mario well
one way or another we should return to my place and say the map closely I see you understand it professor my dear of
course I do firstly about the light which you say I’m Mario by my reckoning
Mario cannot perform it wasn’t no it was a special move a special move yes it
well stuff like this is better explained by example rather than words
would you like try it out no I already know how to do it so no yeah I forgot
for you this tax pedal meadows yes the area is a vast meadow that lies too far
to the east of road port tell you the truth I’ve always thought that place was
a tad suspicious the name pedal marrows did come up from time to time my
research ok fine so we’ll go there does anybody know how to get there what I’m
fairly certain that somewhere beneath the city is a pipe to peddle Meadows if
you just find that you get there instantly I’ve traveled up ever since I
even read that say by the way more I’m curious where did you get that map
anyway from Princess Peach really her Highness sent this to you Mario this
Princess Peach this wouldn’t be her wouldn’t it so it is her your princess
came to see me the other day she wanted to learn about the treasurer I told her
about the crystal stars and mice in specialist about petal meadows it
doesn’t seem likely but perhaps she tried to go out and pet mouse on her own
you know professor there was another suspicious group asking about the same
thing but I can’t imagine Princess Peach
getting involved with them alright it’s settled
off to pal Mel’s you two go if Princess Peach indeed went there your first
priority must have catch up to her collecting the crystal stars album is a
means to an end and that end is Princess Peach aren’t you coming professor
no I’ll stay in town ask around about Princess Peach in that suspicious gang I
forgot to read that text you’ve got a professor well Mario we’re off anyway so
we now have a star added to our counter wait just a moment we got a new badge we
got the power smash badge it’s scary out there take me with you would you like me
to do a badge no cuz I already demonstrated how to equip a badge but we
could equip the power smash badge anyway so now we have filled a max of 3bp anyway so I’ll demonstrate how to get to
petal meadows so basically now that we have the new um
now that we have the new ability we can now go to petal Meadows I think there’s
also gonna be a mini boss here bloo-bloop out to herd thankfully unlike
Paper Mario one is the only bluebird fight in the whole game bloob bloob bloob who just what wakes up
and wax someone cutsies like that bloob bloob bloob somebody with some seriously
not Moxie tattoo blue blue blue blue would you look at that at sunset
saucy mustache guy Liberty blue blue he’s in a world of hurt anyway so your
main goal is to jump on his tentacles right now some guys will do that I’m
gonna I’m actually gonna use Kim better than tattled him notice how I have a few
members of the crowd right now that’s because the audience gets added once you
get the crystal star what you get the crystal star now one of his tentacles
gone I didn’t time it I in time few bells one time I will time your Bellis
thing right once those of his tentacles gone he’s gonna fall on the ground now
he’s got 12 HP alright he I kind it right yeah press a at the right time I
guess you gotta jump press a before you jump no I’m gonna show off powers man I
see stylish man for that yeah ah yeah press a just the right time
see now I’m doing it and one more power smacks he’s gonna be down and we got 20
star point for our troubles bloob bloob now it opens a pathway which
we can now go to petal Meadows this way and gooo Bella can you stop falling in
the water please I swear these AI Paper Mario games in
this program to be really dumb anyway so we went from prologue in one video to chapter 1 castle and dragon anyway so I’m gonna tackle a little bit
of chapter one in this video I’m not going to tackle all of chapter one in
this video but maybe we’ll we’ll go for it well here we are the PAL mouths where
folks say a crystal star hides anyway so I’m we go in this tree there’s a
mushroom if we’re going this tree there’s a star piece there’s a safe
block in case you want to save your game which we case we could do that and
there’s a drug I like how this is like peaceful and loving there’s like this
friggin dragon there whoa what was that oh what that is a WoW Mario look totally incredible I’ve never seen
anything that humongous before it looked kind of scary too we’re professor Frank
Lee said this place was peaceful Wow crazy we just start all writing is it
something dream come on Mario let’s go anyway so if we go over here there is a
there’s another mushroom we open this free there’s nothing there what’s in
this tree all right we’re going here there’s the close call badge however I’d
be pretty lucky badge which is better so I don’t need the close call badge wait there’s something in that pipe oh wait you can’t get that one yet I
thought this was a different kind of pipe oh one more thing more of ever
finding stuff like wondering what to do oh yeah it’s telling you how to at all
and we already knew this yeah this is the pipe I was thinking of before and this is a new thing added in Paper
Mario thousand-year door you can actually travel inside the background
and you actually leave that to an advanced in certain points in the game anyway so I think if we go over yeah
there’s a star piece over here basically I’m not gonna go for every single star
piece in the game but I’m gonna go for enough so I can get the peekaboo badge
and I’m gonna go for enough so I can get the quick change badge what’s in here
wait there’s a M there’s a mister I guess we can use that there’s a fire
flower basically like in Paper Mario 1 there’s only on 10 items however you can
expand them if you go through the pay 100 trials anyway we’re in petalburg welcome travelers mmm where you ask that
why this is petalburg sorry but it’s been a long time since we have visitors
here we’re kind of remote Yippity this one sec Ragan hooked a let’s fly flying
around this area well it didn’t help tourism put it that way people to stop
visiting dragging the hook talisman have been the huge thing with our earlier ma
you know so it’s called hooked a lot scary name so anyway green boots have
you ever heard of these things called crystal stars we’re on this quest for
them it’s very important crystal sorry to say nope I can’t say
that I have sorry about that you might want to speak with the mayor though he’s
old really really old and such as such he knows all kind of old of stuff we
don’t Koopas of a de jure me really really smart
you’re something I always thought like what is it wait what is it with Paper
Mario games and like with old Koopas like see meme can know everything it’s
the case in Paper Mario won anyway I like talking to this guy right here ah
Bonjour Madame mossy is easy beautiful day no no no no not you mother you must
fast I am speaking to the lovely cabbage behind you when he say my pretty
abandons is still only come away with you no I
you know what this guy reminds me of his disco Stu from The Simpsons anyway if you talk to this guy hey
what’s up I gotta say I’m really hooked up playing GBA games lately
yeah it’s advertising Fire Emblem which I think was probably a brand new game at
the time anyways so I actually got it this is the mayor’s house we’re gonna go
talking in there hmm was that something there who is it who what do you want for
me I know you thieves here to rob a defenseless old Cooper his people
thieves go on do what you will but as you can plainly see there’s nothing to
steal here oh I guess I have a little money take it you fiends and my auntie
she’ll to just leave the throws of me and the missus can’t do without those
memories what not thieves you say well what’s your story then away you folks
looking for Crystal stars well why don’t you pipe up before you digit we’re just
wasting time here the crystal stars you say you’re hunting um wait what did I
hear about those two things gang things again aha got it hook tail
hook tails got what you’re looking for it’s the enormous enormous raggin eats
folks they say yeah of course so are you reckless fools I mean are you
good gallant heroes off to rough it up you got it this does sound promising why
if you can’t rid us off from Hook tell us how you with gratitude and rewards
wait what’s that I hear you let’s have no rewards I didn’t say that one
unselfish man your noble indeed yep a good egg now
what did you say your name was again Murphy hmm that’s a fine name yes a fine
name indeed it’s Mario I appreciate that Murphy now they’re they’re nice eyebrows
now listen up if you’re intent on going to hook tails Castle find this you can
fight me in this village I don’t know where it’s at but you guys I know you
need stone keys to use that pipe the keys are somewhere and schwann
fortress just past the village get them first
well then Murphy get going and take care of that hook tail monster anyway so I
guess the last thing we can do in this video we got an email our first email in
the game last thing we can do in this video I’d old strength stronghold called
Schwab fortress lies and had a stone creature lives at least I might live
there the game is to keep it out my job is guarding the gate well if the mayor
says it’s okay like fast careful out there though um excuse me or I beg your
pardon wait a moment please pardon me for yelling like that I was panicking
what how to begin my name’s coops I heard you’re
travelling the hook Dale’s castle so anyway um I have a favor to ask well um
oh just forget it never mind ignore me good good bye okay that was weird what
do you think that was all about talk about issues goombella you are it you
are as you have no soul anyway so on I guess the last thing we can do in this
video is that we can get rid of all the monsters anyway there’s a star piece
over here so we look at us menu we have three of them which is which is almost
half of the seven we need to get do you pretty we get the peekaboo badge I want
us all right these are new enemies in the game these are koopa troopas basically i want to say they’re max HP
is poor just like in Paper Mario 1 they basically got a lot of these enemies
they work the same ways in Paper Mario 1 so far we have ten audience members I
think the max amount we have is fifty you can increase the audience members I
believe by leveling up so by the end of the game we’ll have like a lot of
audience members I want to say there’s a item somewhere around here there’s an
item you’re actually gonna need to take out these enemies no spoiler intended this Koopa has a mushroom but I guess we
can get used as fire flower and we can take out that guy anyway 15 we’re
actually over halfway to level I know I’m actually level of me we actually
might get a level up in this video anyway so there’s a POW block spoilers
you’re gonna need a power block if you want to take out these enemies at right
here because they’re actually immune to hammers they’re immune to jumping
they’re immune to everything except POW blocks so you’re gonna need to get that
POW block or else you don’t need to run away from the battle and we get ten star
points for our troubles we cannot get advanced all right what’s some I want to
say if there’s another POW block somewhere around here anyway there’s
another underneath out anyway sometimes I’m not always good at
um timing me um I’m not always good at timing the B button command prompt so I
don’t always do it but maybe like pull on basically with those if you match
like three if you match three flowers in a row your FP gets filled to the max
which that could have been nice but um it’s like three stars then I’m your star
power gets healing the max and if it’s like three mushrooms your your HP gets
healed to the max and if it’s three um if it’s dream shines then everything is
healed and Mac your audience is full and if it’s um three um worm I’m trying to
say it with three um poison mushrooms you get half of your HP and have to be
taken away and you lose half the member zia crowd anyway there’s the padlock I
was looking for so now we can fight these guys so I guess we need to use
that power blocker well technically with the mystery we can
risk gain the POW block that way but might not work anyway we’re actually
almost well of a lot I think I might actually increase FP my first level up
and then I’ll increase beep and then I’ll just keep increasing VP that’s over here there’s a fire flower
there’s an in coupon which basically lets you stay at the inn for free
however I don’t use it very much basically one thing I don’t like about
thousand-year door when compared to Paper Mario one is that you have to pay
to use Yale blocks I don’t like that wouldn’t favored a thousand-year-old is
there like a coin slot like somewhere in here like how does that actually work anyway so there’s a safe block in case
you want to save your game and once you have to talk to this guy right here
there’s this whomp and the controller’s shaking one thing I don’t like about
thousand-year door compared to other GameCube games that you can’t like um
you cannot turn rumbling off anyway so there’s a quiz show hey hey ladies and
germs welcome it why don’t use a fella Fat Albert voice hey welcome everybody
the sixty-fifth super fun quiz jerks this is a sequel under the question okay
Mario one perk up those ears if you correctly answer five of the following
questions you win but get the wrongest you prefer cool and unusual punishment
now for the first question what’s hidden in this place one of these stone keys
yes I was almost going to say crystal star but that’s a no cow’s castle I’m
gonna take a guess with this one cuz mister suffers a new one item in this
game I’m gonna guess 16 coins oh my got it
right all right what does the man that made
where’s the mayor petalburg key I don’t know if he said or not but his name’s
group barb that’s correct that question was too easy but it only gets harder for
here much harder so prepare yourself we’re not done yet folks question four
tell me now where’s the crystal star folk tale castle I just said that
there’s our fourth question right all right again tell me you didn’t just get
your fourth rent right answer it can’t be true that’s it I’m making the rest of
these in here impossible get ready for brain pain are you ready for the
diabolical Russian five how do you get them out go through a pipe basically if
you get these long you’ll have to fight those two enemies from before all over
again which which could be a good idea to bring an extra power block in case
you get these questions wrong oh so very angry I can’t believe I lost I guess I
had to let you through stupid rules huh anyway so we’re gonna go through the
pipe we’re gonna get the two stone keys to go to hook kales castle anyway so
these are new enemies they’re technically fuzzies I’m gonna try to
avoid them maybe I’ll fight them later maybe I’ll
fight them for XP purposes I don’t know but we’re gonna get a level up in this
video and we get the moonstone that doesn’t sound like Pokemon okay they
have um I’m gonna risk the mystery I don’t need this
I had a volt wait I had died me however this the problem is that this
some fuzzy has a sleepy sheep so that’s the problem I was hoping I’d get
something like a shooting star come on please miss Mario alright goombella just
it’s just boom briella we’ve got Jim Bella to sleep alright so I’m going to
use a fire flower on them I think I’m actually get the X please required to
level up from this yeah we level up anyway so I’m gonna increase FP for now
but now I’m just gonna keep increasing BP every time I level up after this
because eventually we’ll get the HP plus badge anyway so now we gotta go to the
other side and get the other stone these are necessary if you want to go to hook
Gail’s castle anyway there’s a badge over here there’s the multi bounce badge
which is good if you want to stomp on multiple fuzzies you know so now we have
10 HP and 10 FPS alright some more fuzzies I’m gonna save that fire flower well we missed actually the first time
it’s LP with what you ever having a pretty lucky badge on and I actually
completely missed the timing thankfully fuzzies the HP’s are three instead of
four on like Paper Mario one and get the action command right unfortunately I’m
not even stylish my right in this battle anyway so we get a mushroom from this
bow that’s nice anyway so we get the Sunstone which is
kind of like um later pokemon games so we’re gonna use the fire flower we get a
nice little 12 XP from this I’m sorry I want to say there’s also a mini-boss at
this now be the last thing we do in this video I guess and should i I’m just
gonna run away from this battle and I actually almost failed running away
problem is that running away you lose coins anyway there’s a New York hey you
suspicious types this is our place and coming here is rude rude rude
sorry suckers if you want to warm welcome to bad now I lunch on your head can’t play this fight anyway so we might
as well have goombella tattle this guy because I want to see how much HP as
okay max HP is 10 so I guess I can use the superpower smash a few times and I keep missing the stylish command
he’s in the center a bunch of mini fuzzies from this come on I’m getting the timing right for
our time to write with every single one alright so another power smash he should
be gone oh crap I don’t even that’s a new thing at it in this game basically
uh-oh yet a heart basically like um audience members can throw things at you
that’s a new thing ahead in this game alright time to everyone wow I actually
went to this bag I even taken damage well because at least I’m I do with
Mario Wow 20 XP anyway so um anyway so now I’m
gonna I think I’m gonna leave it now for this part paper more a thousand-year
door so next time on paper Moyo thousand-year door we’re gonna be
finishing chapter ones has been Prince Mario say I’ll see you guys next time
lair folks bye

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