Let’s Play Super Mario Flash 2 – Episode #3 – Less Laggy Level 7

Hey, everyone! This is me, Fred And welcome back to Let’s Play Super Mario Flash 2 “To fly with your magic cape,” I don’t remember what I’ve already actually done I’m just gonna be, uh… I haven’t played this in a while Wow Like nothing I just said went together But whatever I don’t- God damn it Uh… Yeah I honestly have no idea why I’m recording I did not plan this through at all But, um… Okay, I forgot about you I will take a Yoshi Thank you very much I- You son of a bitch Alright Sure *inhale* Oh, this is… *sigh* I’m not gonna get past this level, am I? *laugh* Okay Jump is the up key Not the space bar I need to keep that in mind Okay, trying this again Um… Without the “jumping off a cliff” part this time Hopefully Alright, I see you That was dumb I don’t think anything even can be in those blocks I could be horribly misremembering that, but… Yeah So now the question is “Did I-” Oh my God Pffth What the fuck? Pffth God damn it You know, I hate that there’s no infinite lives cheat in this game, since that would arguably be like the most helpful thing they could implement Just because it’s so fucking tedious and annoying to get back to a late level that you game-over’d on *laugh* I don’t know why this sprite amuses me so much *sigh* God damn it Imma call bullshit on that one Shit, you know what I just realized? It’s Level 7 Level 7 is always- What the fuck was that? Level 7 is always gonna be a problem for me, I guess It was in the first game And now it’s shaping up to be in the second game It’d be great if this game had the 50 lives cheat like the first game did, though Because at least then I wouldn’t have to get back to Level 7 after every 5 deaths *sigh* I’ve been recording for almost 13 minutes and I have gotten literally nothing accomplished this entire time Okay, no, I don’t wanna do that Oh? I see Okay Oh God God fucking damn it Piece of shit I don’t even care how long it takes I am determined to beat this level in this video And if I go insane in the process, then so be it, motherfucker Alright I’m back where I’m supposed to be Except I’m being attacked from all sides “All directions” would be the correct way to say that But I don’t usually go with the correct way to say things I was right at the fucking end Are you shitting me? Alright, whatever I beat one level That was the goal I’ll keep going and then I’ll probably game-over on the second level And then I will be mad Also, yes, that level has a secret exit But I am not getting that right now because I don’t know where it is and I can’t be bothered Oh no Oh no, what is this? Alright So far my only complaint is that if I die I won’t be able to get back to where I was very quickly Though to be fair, with how bad I am at this game, that wasn’t exactly the case with the last one either Oh, you dick No! Are you shitting me? I lost everything Alright, that works Okay Also, I just realized I’ve not been talking since I got back to where I was Sorry about that Hey! Don’t come over here You assholes Okay, sure That’s better than nothing, I guess God damn it Marginally Marginally better than nothing Oh, I was probably supposed to do that the smart way Well, I’m not one for doing things the smart way Okay, let me up Let me up, you asshole! Okay Wait- Don’t- Nah That was a terrible way of phrasing that And, uh… Yeah, I should probably just not talk sometimes Okay I will take that fire flower Thank you very much I hate you so much Oh God! Aah! Okay Um… Why would I want this? Oh I see now Oh fuck Okay I was very worried for a second there, not gonna lie Oh Alright, I’ll take that I was expecting a boss of some kind But I’m kind of glad there wasn’t one Kinda, not “kind of” I need to break that habit So I guess I completed world 2 then “Start point” Wait, what? Oh We just went around in a giant fucking circle Alright Level 9 It’s gonna be underwater, isn’t it? Okay I’m intrigued Oh God Aah! I’m intrigued, but also very concerned Can you go through any of these pipes? That is my main question right now Well fuck Let’s take the bottom path this time Or not *snicker* *inhale* *muffled yelling* Alright, this is fine. *chuckle* This is fine! Why would I be even the slightest bit upset about this? *laugh* That’s ridiculous! I am not losing my fucking mind at the moment! Of course not! What the fuck? You know what? I’m just gonna speed this part up so that you can feel a fourth of my frustration at how fucking long it takes to get back to where you were when you game-over late game And for the record Apparently there is an extra lives trick in this game, but it’s not a cheat, and I don’t really know how to do it So it doesn’t really help me And I don’t feel like watching a video in the middle of recording a video To be completely honest That’s not my plan right now I just realized I never picked up that fire flower I should probably do that while I have a chance Alright God damn it Uh, no I call bullshit on those hitboxes Okay, I have not seen this I’m going to die any second A power-up would be appreciated Please have something You piece of shit Alright This is fine What? Why? What- Oh God Oh God! No I disapprove I also heavily disapprove of this, and I’m not sure why I did it Power-up? Please? Power-up? Please? God damn it *badly humming* Okay, I’m done with that I’m sorry Gimme! How helpful is this actually gonna be, though? Can I get 1-Ups? No, I cannot I mean, I probably can, but I didn’t Aah! *hyperventilates* This is oddly stressful! This game does have midpoints, right? Why haven’t I seen any? Oh fuck Now, look I’m not saying Boom-Boom is hard But I’m probably gonna die SON OF A FUCK!! Okay *laugh* This is fine I’m taking the bottom path this time because it’s more interesting And misery loves company Never mind, I’m taking the top path because this is fucking bullshit *sigh* I probably could’ve just ducked I was doing so okay And now I’m not Give me that fucking mushroom. Thank you I was wondering if that was gonna hit me or not Thankfully it did not *buzz* Oh shit *beep* Okay, well next time I die or complete a level, I will leave So I guess I’ll go ahead and start doing my outro If you people have enjoyed this video, leave a like If you have anything to say about this video, leave a comment If you have any suggestions for future- What the fuck? If you have any suggestions for future videos, whether in a game or in real life, let me know in a comment or a private- Oh God A private message Um Oh Jesus shit! Uh… Thanks for watching! And I’ll see you people next time! Okay Okay, just… God fucking damn it Alright, bye Hey, everyone This is me, Fred And welcome- *alarm* Wait, shit *beep* Great Great start Jesus Christ I’ll figure it out eventually Okay Just cut that fucking entire part God damn Hey, everyone This is me, Fred And welcome- God damn it I keep doing the wrong thing

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