LGR – Dangerous Golf – PC Game Review

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[typing] Ugh, I miss Criterion’s Burnout games so, so much. And not nostalgically. I went back to play
it for this video for like two minutes and ended up playing it for
two hours. It’s still a lot of fun. And I especially miss the crash mode, where you’re given a car,
some traffic and a simple objective: cause as much destruction as
possible by crashing into things, with your success being measured by
the monetary value of damage done. It was pure arcade goodness and
it’s high time the concept was revisited. Enter Dangerous Golf, a game released in June of 2016, developed by Three Fields Entertainment. And seeing as the majority of the company
is comprised of ex-Criterion developers, it makes sense that Dangerous Golf
would follow in its footsteps somewhat. Rather shamelessly, in fact, as Dangerous Golf is practically a
reincarnation of Burnout’s Crash Mode, except with explosive golf balls
in place of explosive cars. You’ve even got the same kind
of World Tour progression system, where you’re given a selection
of geographical locations, each containing a multitude of maps, and you compete for medals to unlock more. And sadly, unlike Burnout, which had all sorts
of other things in addition to Crash Mode, here, there’s not much
more to it than just that. Let me just go ahead and say it.
I wanted to like Dangerous Golf, like, a lot! I mean, dude, what an amazing premise. Ex-Burnout devs making another
game based on wanton destruction, turning the entire goal of golf on its head and using the latest Unreal engine,
taking advantage of the latest physics tech. Ah, man, what’s not to love? Well, once the novelty wears off,
quite a bit it seems. I didn’t have much fun with it
beyond the first half hour and for a game that costs $20, that’s a problem. Graphically, it looks wonderful.
The concept is delightfully straightforward and smashing stuff up is always fun. But it suffers from a couple big problems. Knowing exactly what to do, and providing the incentive to keep
playing once you figure that out. Right off the bat, I was confused as to
exactly what I was supposed to be doing, even when flipping through the
tips on the How To Play menu. I thought this was gonna be about
smashing things up, first and foremost, using a golf ball and realistic physics
to break as much crap as you could. But then it started tossing
multicolored flags, unwieldy hazards, unexplained power-ups and
bizarre movement my way, resulting in a bit too much
trial and error for me. For starters, you’re not selecting clubs or
hitting the ball at any speed other than REALLY hard, or really soft. So it’s just a one-button affair
after you’ve lined up your shot. Hit the button, things happen,
and it’s over before you know it. If you break enough objects
on your initial swing, then you’re granted a Crashbreaker–
er, Smashbreaker. which turns your ball into
an explosive sphere of chaos. You then have the ability to sluggishly
control the ball and what it crashes into. After the Smashbreaker timer runs out,
you’ll have to putt the ball into the hole. If you miss a hole, too bad. That’s it. You just lose a ton of money
and the round is over. And if you hit it in, great! Do it again! And again! And again… and surprisingly, little changes between each map. Once you’ve seen each of the main areas, which happens pretty quickly, I found very little to convince me to keep going, especially once I figured out that there’s barely
any reason to experiment within each map. Unlike Burnout’s Crash Mode, where it’s
just, like, one direction that you gotta go, here, you’ve got pretty much total
freedom to break things in any direction. Or so you’d think. Sometimes the camera doesn’t let
you move around how you want and the rest of the time you’re facing the
best direction anyway at the very start, so you’ll only make it worse by screwing around. You’d think the possibilities for racking up
an impressive score would be endless, especially with so much random
crap to smash up in each area. Instead, there’s pretty much only
one optimal way to start each level, and a few key things to break during
a Smashbreaker for a score bonus. And so it’s just a matter of getting lucky
with sinking the ball into the hole after that. And even that is pretty much done for you, with the ball lined up for a perfect
shot if the hole is unobscured. You can go for trick shots and
things like that if you really want to, but there’s not much of a reason to do so, other than as a personal challenge. And even then, the requirement
to hit the ball into the hole at the end of each round makes
you want to just play it safe. And playing it safe is the exact opposite thing
you should be doing in a game like this. There were also a few
technical issues that turned me off, like the requirement to use a
gamepad when using this on the PC, like I’ve been doing here for this video. They’ve since added some mouse and
keyboard support, and props to ’em for that, but other issue remain. The camera! Oh, man, the camera. It goes back and forth between
being sluggish to control and freakishly fast, which is a legit problem for
things like putting challenges. And often it’s downright unreliable, either not following your ball or focusing
on the wrong thing at the wrong angle, making your objectives tough to see. Now that’s just when things
are going as they should be. And when things go wrong, well they REALLY go wrong. So much for the laws of physics! There are also some major
performance issues on certain maps, especially irksome seeing as I was playing on a brand new build with a 6700K CPU and an overclocked GTX 980 Ti graphics card. Then there’s the online aspect of the game,
which I was never able to get working on either PC I tried this on. So I can’t even comment on how it works. The local multiplayer works great, though, and playing with a friend was
definitely more fun than playing alone. But I’d say that’s more due to the other
person, rather than the game itself. Combine these setbacks with
the fact that Dangerous Golf just didn’t hold up well for
me gameplay-wise, and… ah, it’s a palpable disappointment on my end. Again, I love the concept. Any game that lets you burst open
a bunch of fine china toilet seats and cheeseburgers with sports equipment automatically has my attention. But the gameplay is mediocre and there’s just not enough variety to keep me interested beyond that initial wow factor when
ogling the graphics and the physics model. If it had a sandbox mode where you could
just break a bunch of stuff endlessly, well that would be pretty awesome, but… it doesn’t. And as it is, the World Tour is
more frustrating than enjoyable. Dangerous Golf may be worth
checking out for the novelty alone, but it’s one of those where I would say wait for a significant price drop before doing so. [Dangerous Golf theme] And if you enjoyed hearing
my take on Dangerous Golf, perhaps you would like to check out
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    This game is waaaaaaaaaaaay too slow, so much slow motion. And the Smashbreaker mode lasts far too shortly, I wanna be in fireball mode all the time..Plus you have next to no control over where the ball goes, kinda just pick a direction and flick the analog stick and wait for 5 minutes while the physics do its thing. And the "awesome" early 2000s skate punk music is so completely ill fitting in this setting. It should be aristocratic reneissance music, not "rad frathouse rawk". IMO. I played the first few stages and gave up. And putting sucks. And the camera.

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    This seems like a tech demo wrapped in a pretty package (namely the physics and particle effects of the Unreal engine). The $20 price tag that's attached makes it wholly unattractive IMO. Seems like a $5.99 impulse buy type of game, if anything.

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