LGR – Star Wars X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter – PC Game Review

[music: “Luke’s Theme” from “Star Wars”] Ahh! “Star Wars!” X-wings! TIE fighters! Jar Jar! Aw, crap! I shoulda
quit while I was ahead. [whoosh, glass breaking] Yes, a new “Star Wars” movie is
about to blast us all in the face with its hot, geeky film
juice in December of 2015. So… That means it’s time to
talk about something related in order to maximize YouTube profitability. And I figured it’s about time I talk about the very first “Star Wars” game I ever
installed on my PC back in the day: “X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter!” Developed by Totally Games and published by LucasArts in 1997 for Windows 95. Now, of course I played “Star Wars”
computer games before this, like “Dark Forces” and of course
“X-Wing” and “TIE Fighter,” but those were over at my friend’s place. “X-Wing *vs.* TIE Fighter” was different! It was at MY house. And on MY hard drive! Although, it still wasn’t MY game, as it was one that I checked out from the
local library’s computer game section. Yes, we had one of those and it was awesome. As soon they got this one in, I snatched it up and couldn’t
wait to get home to play it. I mean, if the huge “Star Wars”
logo didn’t have my attention, these screenshots on the back certainly did. I loved flight simulators and having one set in space
in a galaxy far, far away and yet right in front of me
in my computer screen? Aw! Seemed like a perfect experience. Inside the box was just as promising, with the game on *two* CD-ROMs, which meant it was twice as
good as games that weren’t. And it also had this
extensive full-color manual, filled with luscious facts and
figures for the game’s features, ships and weapons. And then there was this flier. [booming echo]
“Playing LucasArts Games on the Internet” [gasps]
The Internet? I dunno, man. I’ve heard there’s
some weird people on there that put razor blades in
your candy or something. Anyway, let’s give the game
a look through the eyes of ME as I first played this. [R2-D2 beeping] [higher-pitched LGR]
Aw, dude! Yes! “Star Wars” is on my computer! Look at these graphics!
This is better than the movies! Because it’s on my computer! Wait, what do I do here? Why can’t I fly all these ships? What’s TCP/IP? Which one of these missions comes first? Why do I keep dying so fast? Why does it run so badly,
even with my Voodoo2 card? This game sucks.
I’m taking it back to the library and getting a Garfield book. [normal LGR voice]
And thus ended my initial
experience with the game. What I didn’t understand about “XvT” is that it’s designed as a multiplayer-
focused game first and foremost. I just thought it would be like LucasArts’
“X-Wing” and “TIE Fighter” games mixed together. Hence the name. Nope. It’s more akin to games
like “Quake III” and “Unreal Tournament” in the way that it technically has a
single-player mode against AI opponents, but it is in no way a replacement
for a proper story-driven campaign. Even though I was initially disappointed that
you couldn’t fly a Star Destroyer or a Dreadnought, you do have an array of classic
starfighters to choose from. Mostly an assortment of X-wings
and TIE fighters, as expected, but also things like the A-wing, the XG-1 and the Z-95. Each of these have a customizable payload of
lasers, torpedoes, missiles and countermeasures, and depending on which side you play as, you’ll be able to do battle
against the Imperials or the Rebels. The actual flying around and
combat is pretty much on par with the previous “X-Wing”
and “TIE Fighter” titles by Totally Games. So that’s totally awesome. You’ve got a 2D cockpit to look around in, third-person perspectives and computer
imagery of your opponents to strategically utilize, and a map that helps out with locating
waypoints and other pilots around you. Almost every key on the
keyboard does something which is a fantastic feeling indeed. It really makes you feel
like you’re piloting something that’s simultaneously
under your control and totally beyond
your comprehension. Also, playing with the joystick is a must. I mean it too! The game
won’t even start up if you don’t have a joystick
plugged in and configured properly. So, whip out the old Logitech
WingMan and get to shooting. And dying. And dying and dying… Good grief. Why is this game so hard? Even on Easy, “XvT” is no joke, especially if you’re in one
of the flimsier spacecraft. And what are TIE fighters even made of? Aluminum foil and Scotch tape? Still, once you get the hang of it
and really come to terms with the targeting, the weapons systems,
ship energy resource allocation and space dogfighting techniques,
this a whole lot of fun to play. Especially with that phenomenal
John Williams soundtrack going, which helps make even the most mundane
escort mission a thrill to complete. [pilot chatter] [laser cannon fire] [pilot chatter] However, it’s still a just collection
of skirmishes against bots unless you play online. Back then, it was a problem for me because I only had AOL dial-up
for a handful of hours a month and using that precious time
to play games was a no-go. And today it’s a problem because
unless you’re playing over LAN, you have to use some
external programs and schedule a time to find
some people to play against because there’s no match-
making or anything like that. Now I know some of you might be
watching this with fond memories of playing this on MSN Gaming Zone
or something, and that’s great! I’m sure it’s a lot of fun multiplayer. But I never had that pleasure back then since I couldn’t play online and today I can’t really be
bothered with setting up Hamachi, Voobly,
GameRanger, Vienna Sausages, or whatever it takes to run this thing online. Thankfully, that’s where the
“Balance of Power” campaigns come into play. This was an expansion pack sold
separately the following year and actually came packed in with
boxed copies of the game later on, like this one I have here. This adds a ton of awesome stuff, most notably a story-driven campaign
for both the Rebel and Imperial sides featuring 15 missions each. Not only that, but it includes flyable B-wings, new offline missions against bots, and support for those new-
fangled 3D accelerator cards from 3dfx and PowerVR. Yeah, back then, and even now, it takes
“XvT” from being a slight disappointment to being a pretty awesome entry in the series, at least for the features that I look for. The story missions are far
more complex and varied compared to the fake-feeling
death matches of the original game. And I’m still an excitable dork when it comes to patching games
to work with Voodoo graphics cards like it allows here. The combat also seems a tad
more forgiving on Easy mode, with your lasers actually making contact
with your targets more frequently and enemies not instantly ripping you
a new one as soon as you spawn in. Quite simply, “Balance of Power”
is a balance of gameplay, taking the already enjoyable multiplayer parts and adding something for us
single-player gamers to enjoy. You can also grab it DRM-free and patched to
work on modern PCs from gog.com nowadays, so go ahead and give it a shot. It’s an oldie but a goodie and if anything, it’s already a step
ahead of the new “Star Wars Battlefront”, since it includes space battles, am I right? Heh heh. Ah, gamer jokes. [scream and explosions] [orchestral music] Well that was a video. If you liked it, that’s great. You can click some of these and watch more. Or subscribe to watch more in the future, which is weird.
I’m talking to the future right now. Not sure what to do about that.
I should be doing something responsible. Drink your Ovaltine. And if you’d like to do social things like
Twitter and Facebook, you can do it. As well as Patreon, if you’d like to support
the show financially and see videos early. And as always, thank you very much for the Force. Oh, that was trying too hard. Insert “Star Wars” references here.


  • ironcityblue

    Still better than any current sw fighter game. All the stupid tunnel mission nonsense and lame outside the ship POV

  • William Bacon

    The 90's best time to be a Star Wars fan, unlike now.

  • themonkeyhand

    I had an unofficial expansion for this game too. One mission had you fighting a Star Destroyer that was constantly spinning on its axis.

  • Zac Rodriguez

    I own the standalone versions of X-Wing and Tie Fighter. They're so much fun

  • Brian M

    Now, try playing this on a 386 monochrome notebook….

    Because- oh yes, I did. Slower than a glacier dipped in molasses, almost ridiculously impossible to see screen, with my joystick plugged into a parallel port…

  • Zos Xavius

    You should do a retrospective on Dark Forces and Jedi Knight. Lucas Arts was crafting some quality FPSs before they stupidly gave the franchise over to Raven to develop. Jedi Knight is pretty interesting it is the sole example of the engine they built for it. Well there was mysteries of the sith which was basically an expansion pack. What impressed me then (and even now) is the scale of the levels. Most are just massive with lots of open vertical areas. If you ever want to see the craziest speed run ever, find the speed run someone did on youtube here. With full force speed I have no idea how they could react that fast. Just really amazing.

  • asmcint

    It's funny you mention a Logitech Wingman, because guess what joystick I have!

    A Wingman Attack 2!

  • demonsorrows

    There was an old game I used to play around sixteen years or so ago named Cyberrace(Or Cyber Race?)
    Used to play it or Dune =P If you can find it you should check it out. Haven't seen the game anywhere since then, but likely some people remember it that watch this channel.
    Thanks for video. Much love.

  • Guig Esprit du Sage

    I played X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter without balance of power on my voodoo² : the game had a 3DFX patch, witch was in fact direct3D patch optimized for 3DFX (I tried it with a virge Dx 2Mo but it was not working properly even in 320*200). The patch was distributed via internet and via PC gaming magazines, which was coming with CDs full of game patches and demos at this time.
    When first released in France, the game was in english (which is very unusual on our country), if the player wanted the game in French he had to send back the CDs to the French editor's office for a replacement, which I never did.
    The game was only running on Windows 9X/ME as any attempt to ply it on Windows 2000/XP will lead the game to detect a NT4 system and refuse to launch.

    Latter, I played a bit of it on the "microsoft internet gaming zone" with random guys, it was working fine with a 33.6k or 56k modem and 300ms ping (I thing it was supposed to work up to 500ms) but internet was expensive and much more important: time-limited. https://news.microsoft.com/1998/08/25/microsofts-internet-gaming-zone-brings-together-gamers-from-around-the-world/

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  • Daniel Jungers

    My experience with this game is almost exactly the same as LGRs, except that I was foolish enough to actually buy it .
    none of my friends had it, and I was on a 33.6 modem shared between three pcs, so online play was pretty much out of the question. I also never got around to playing balance of power until recently from GOG. Man that game was frustrating to play. It was like the Black Ops 4 of the X-wing universe, they designed it almost entirely around multiplayer and made the singleplayer mostly meaningless.

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  • cyberbadger

    My childhood experience with this game was huge disappointment because it didn't work with a mouse. I Adored Tie fighter with a mouse. I don't know why they didn't make it an option! Another great review LGR.

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  • MaroonMoonMan

    HELL YEAH if you dont know about this game you dont know SHIT about the vidie games

  • humza ibrahim

    this was one of my first games for my mmx chip pc lol.. this game was pretty easy even on hard difficulty… if you did the deathmatch mode were every enemy is the same ship, get into a tie and just aim for the centre of the enemy tie and the ship would just explode,, the lasers were tooo focused, in the x wing all four lasers firing at the same time on a tie would do the trick any other shielded ship it would need a full shot on it atleast three times from an xwing…. but yup it was pretty lonely in msn gaming zone…. everybody was tooo busy playing bejewelled and all other board based games…… lol sayin that id just pop in AOE2 and play king on the hill with archers lol

  • Sony Co

    One of the best games ever. X-Wing Alliance was even better! You could fly anything against anyone/anything. Totally Games were geniusses. With the Balance of Power upgrade, irt was even better. That B-wingcockpit was a work of art.

  • stormthrush37

    Really?? Your local library had video games you could check out? And relatively recent ones for the time at that?? Dayum. Wish I had libraries that cool in the areas I'd lived. It was a big treasure trove when I discovered a bunch of text adventure games on a disk I could copy and play at home years ago…but those were like at least a decade out of date at that point.

  • Sérgio Domingues

    As I didn't have a joystick, I couldn't even see the game screen after I installed it. 🙁

  • Will Keaton

    TIE Fighter was actually my first experience with the Star Wars universe. Saw it on one of my dad's coworkers computers at the computer store where he worked. I was enamored, and was given it as a birthday present. Not knowing any better, I assumed the Empire were the good guys, since you play as them. When I first saw the movies years later I recognized a TIE Fighter and realized that that game and the movie I was watching were related. However I was very confused why the good guys were fighting against the Empire.


    I allways love X-Wing Alliance for epic story, and one of best simulation of flight in space, since x-wing, tie fighter and offcourse freespace 2 and freelancer 😉 XvT is never be that good in my opinion, but does it really cares?

  • Gandalfwiz2007

    #LGR please review SW episode 1 the phantom menace for PC

  • J Egner

    So sad to watch pre-SWFA stuff on YouTube. All the optimism and excitement, to only have all dashed.

  • RPD

    There was a cheat, editing one of the ini files or some such, that allowed you to fly anything in the game. I flew the Death Star once.

  • mockier

    Went thrifting today and found this for $2 Australian! No box but both the discs are perfect so whatever. Not sure if Balance of power is on there so definitely something I'll need to look into as is patching in Glide support for my Voodoo 2 😀 And if it doesn't like my $12 Force Feedback pro I can use my $5 Precision Pro instead. Thank's for making those Thrifting videos, Man I love thifting!

  • fiereke

    Xvt sucked balls compared to tie fighter. I was massively disappointed. I only played it again when the Blance of power expansion released. But it was still ony 30 missions, which should have been included in the original game in the first place. And you coud see it was still a quick emergency fix. It still lacked the mission briefing with the map. And no voices. And the intrigue and athmosphere of the secret order with secondary objectives like tie fighter was totally gone. Mostly bad memmories of this game.

  • XH1927

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  • Transfixed

    I had the same experience. Spawned in and was annihilated immediately. After X-Wing and Tie Fighter, this game broke my heart.

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  • Wepif

    I saw this game at friends house played a few hours and hooked me so much I bought my first pc just to play this game it was a Pentium 166 with 16meg 1.2 gig hdd

  • JL B

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  • Sony Co

    It became better with the Balance of Power-update/campaign. But X-wing Alliance ruled them all!!!!!!! I play it till this day with the upgradepack the fans made a few years ago. Try it, be amazed.

  • Victor Apocalypse

    I played it and finished it on hard mode. It was a pain, but I did it! o/

  • MasterBuchannon

    Play it through GameRanger! Also, there's a fix for the 3D acceleration problems many people have. Look up "X-wing Alliance ddraw 3D fix" or something like that, you'll find it.

    Edit: also notice the mip-mapping's labeling is swapped.

  • Davis Campbell

    I still play it. Now & then.

  • Conrad Zimmermann

    Then Dark Disney and Ruin Johnson came and murdered SW..

  • Geribaldi's Games

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  • The Flaming Pike

    I loved this game so much. It was one of the first "real" immersive games I had ever played. The fact that your keyboard felt like a spaceship control board was awesome. They combined action and simulation perfectly. It makes me remember Mechwarrior 3 by Zipper Interactive ( who always went for realism of simulation in action games ).

  • Mitchell Keene

    oh man I forgot just how frustratingly difficult this game was!!! Totally makes sense that it was made for multiplayer too! I love it when you review games that I had completely forgotten about from my 90's youth! Thank you Clint, big ol' thumbs up!

  • Laz

    My friends and I played this at work on their LAN. They had several Windows PCs and we surreptitiously installed this on several machines. Our job was to 'man the phones overnight for roadside assistance' but we would really spend the nights in dog fights that were occasionally interrupted by a ringing phone. Good times indeed!!!

  • مهيمن محمد


  • مهيمن محمد


  • nocrtname

    This was one of the greatest games ever made. Complicated but fun as hell once you got the hang of it.

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  • Lord Terra

    I really fail to see what they didn't make the missions from Xwing and Tie Fighter Wars playable? Imagine playing a Cooperative campaign as the Empire and perhaps mixing it up some of the rebel ships controlled by other Human players? I remember being hugely disappointed with XvT, it felt more like a tech demo than a full fledged game.

    Its like hey guys we added some textures to models from our older games and couldn't be bothered making any new missions. The entire thing lacked the charm of the previous games.

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    I loved the A-wing!

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    We'd battle it out for hours online and even took out tons of SSDs once you know where to hit them(shield generators using heavy rockets at close range or these things wouldn't even get close as they're slow as hell and hardly target themselves in). There's no greater feeling than watching your shields go out yet still survive because you mastered the art of energy-management on your fighter and knew how to squeeze those last drops out of your weaponsenergy to protect the rear shields as you tried to escape while you used the viewkeys to watch those SD's or SSDs explode behind you….those glorious gaming moments in the late 90s……….you got so excited and happy………

    There's nothing more awesome than a giant fucking spacebattle in 1998 with these sims, god bless my Gravis Gamepad Pro™. I killed 1000s using that little analogue stick on it, even destroyed many racing opponents in NFS III…………………

    Anakin was right about the Force……….and this planet is getting boring these days. Games and consoles these days, they're so fuckin weak.

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    Also, I booted up a few years ago and played a few rounds with friends via Game Ranger. Still fun remembering the tips and tricks on some missions.


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