Life is Strange 2 (PS4/Xbox One) Unboxing

hey guys welcome back for another
unboxing with popngames, in this video we’re gonna be unboxing life is strange
2 for the Xbox one and the ps4 and here’s the front cover, we can see the
trees and the characters there and down below we see that the game is rated M
and it’s developed under published by Square Enix and on the top we have some
accolades, it says 9 out of 10 triumphant from GameSpot, absolutely stellar from
trusted reviews and emotionally intense from Eurogamer, on the bottom of the ps4
version it also says internet required details on back and then moving on to
the spines we see a black spine on the ps4 on a gray spine on the Xbox one and
from the tops we can tell that both of these are y-fold copies and now onto the
backs, it says one journey, many paths, on the top it says the BAFTA award winning
life is strange series continues with an all-new story from don’t nod
entertainment and below it says after a tragic accident, brothers Sean and
Daniel Diaz run away from home fearing the police and dealing with Daniel’s
newly manifested telekinetic power, the boys decided to escape to Mexico, the
road is long and as Daniel’s power grows your choices will shape the lives of the
boys and everyone they meet, stunning visuals and heart-wrenching choices
await, teach Daniel to control his growing power of telekinesis, emotive
original soundtrack and unforgettable tracks from gorillaz, Phoenix and more
the screenshots there and then down below it says includes bonus game bonus
game the awesome adventures of captain spirit, every boy dreams of becoming a
superhero when they grow up, for Chris is that dream about to become a reality,
plus bonus Arcadia Bay patches for your in-game backpack and disc contains
episodes 1 through 4, episode 5 downloadable from PlayStation Store
using the enclosed voucher code and on the Xbox one for that spot it says this
contains 1 for 4 and entitlement to captain spirit and episode 5 Captain
Spirit in episode 5 will automatically download from xbox live as part of the
installation process, high-speed connection and Xbox Live
required, alright and down to the play modes on the Xbox one it says Xbox 1x
enhanced, single-player 65 gigabyte minimum and on the ps4 single-player 50
minimum DualShock 4 compatible and ps4 Pro enhanced and they’re rated M due to
blood, partial nudity sexual content strong language use of drugs and alcohol
and violence and let’s take a look at the ps4, we see the game disk on the
right hand side right here we also have this thing here take a look just three
of these nothing on the backs really just some you know and then we also have
this code it says use this code below to access downloadable content and that’s a
12-digit code it says the expiration date will be right there
so 23rd the february 4th of 2030 and i guess here’s the english expiration date
right there, alright and now for the xbox one so we see the game disc right there
and i don’t think we have a code with this one let’s see you have this thing
to have the same included bonuses yeah yeah same exact thing as the ps4 version alright and that will do it for this
unboxing of life is strange 2 for the ps4 and the Xbox one, as always thank you
guys for staying tuned to popngames for these unboxings and if you enjoyed
this one you can let us know by liking commenting subscribing and clicking that
bell thanks for watching bye bye


  • Ziad Diab


  • God Of Gaming

    The collectors edition is even more epic

  • Communism 96

    This game feels too similar to Beyond Two souls

  • Wayne Blake

    I'm definitely getting this game

  • Tibor Horvath

    I'll get it for Xbox… Xbox version doesn't need a code. Just downloads automatically.

  • mn nm

    I got the game and episode 5 says coming soon and it's not even on it when the episode came out last year…..what a load of crap I don't wanna finish a unfinished product why the fuck did they release it without it being complete. I'm returning it I don't support that. Will I be missing much since I can't play the last episode since it was not included?

  • Evangelos Killer mike

    Finally you stopped making videos about dumb irrelevant weeaboo games for fake gamers & got back to the games that are relevant(American & European games) these are facts.

  • 1solo9

    I thought this was a Xbox one Exclusive? Well I'll be getting this game for my Xbox one X anyway.

  • James Wayne

    Why on earth is the last episode not on the disc? Definitely won't be purchasing this from a preservation standpoint.


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