Lightseekers Card Game Starter Decks

Get ready for the next level of connected play with the Lightseekers Trading Card Game Starter Decks from Tomy. Lightseekers the Trading Card Game is a fast-paced tactical card game for two or more players made up of more than 385 augmented reality trading cards. As well as being an exciting tabletop game every card can also be scanned into the Lightseekers video game to unlock new rewards and in-game abilities. Choose from six starter decks each aligned with a different order and with its own distinct play style. Mountain is a jack of all trades with strong combo defenses and protection. Astral is heavily influenced by the cards you play next and what you played last. Dread overwhelms the target with constant damage through buffs while suppressing your opponent’s ability to fight back. Nature gains most power when you carefully tend to your buffs and draw strength from your opponent. Tech packs a bigger punch than most other orders but also puts you in greater danger. Storm has ways to play cheaper and more powerful combos and is also good at dealing with buff threats. Each starter deck includes 1 hero card, 5 combo cards and 30 action cards. Each deck has five exclusive cards that can only be found in the starter decks. The starter deck also includes 1 booster pack containing another 9 cards that can be used to start building your own custom deck. Each starter deck also contains a playmat, health counter, the full game rules, a deck storage box so you can take your cards wherever you go and a trading shield to protect your cards from being scanned while they’re on display. You’ll also receive a Tribute Card, scan and share this with your friends to increase its power and earn extra rewards in the Lightseekers video game. The Lightseekers Trading Card Game Starter Decks come with everything you see here Lightseekers next level connected play.

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