Lily Aldridge, Peter Gallagher And Kelly Guess Famous People’s Eyebrows

– So listen, in honor of Lily’s perfume and Peter’s eyebrows, I love them, we have a little game called, “I know those brows.” Are you ready? – [Lily] Yes. – [Kelly] Let’s go people ♪ I know those brows ♪ – He is on my right, come on over! Okay Peter, I think you’re, this is you, And this is Peter. Okay. This is the Blake Shelton podium. – I love it! – What? – Blake gave me this podium because he didn’t think my show is, he thought we were cheap when we played a game so we built this for him. – I like it! – So he just wanted some
free billing, that’s all. – Yeah, yeah. What he wants to do is win, but he doesn’t! (audience cheering) – I’m just saying major! All right here we go. Here’s how the game works. A pair of famous eyebrows
will appear on the screen. Whoever buzzes, you gotta push the buzzer, whoever buzzes in first gets to guess. If you get it right, you get a point. There are no steals. Most points win. And we’re playing for the audience, so don’t fail them. All right if Lily wins, all the women in the audience are walking out of here with a personally signed bottle of Lily’s Haven perfume. (audience cheers) – And if Peter wins, all the men get her gender
neutral Summit fragrance, also autographed. (audience cheers) – And if I win, I get
total bragging rights, and let’s be honest, I’ll
probably give you all a present. So you’ll get something. (audience cheers) – Probably all the perfumes. All right, let’s see the first picture. I’m gonna do this while drinking. (buzzer dings) – Eugene Levy! (dinging) – That’s true! It’s true! – [Kelly] I’m gonna nail this. I’m gonna step back to
give y’all a chance. – No! No, no, no, no, no! – To give you a chance, I’ll step back. – You be you, you be you. Come on. – I love that we have these cups still. – I know, you have some
wine too. We’re fancy, Lily. – Cheers! – It’s sparkling and in a red Solo cup. We are seriously fancy. Here’s the next one. Here we go. (buzzer dings) – Oh! – Mr. Potato Head?
– Is it, Mr. Potato Head? (dinging) – Mr. Potato Head! You
kinda gave me that one. – [Lily] I did. – I would have said Mario. – [Kelly] Mario! Oh my god I love Super Mario! – Love Mario. – Okay next photo. Beyonce! – You’re really good. You are so good at this! – I have not seen these! I have never seen these! I should not play! – Yes you should! – I shouldn’t play! – She’s seen all of them, I know it! – This is not fun! – If you don’t play
nothing is gonna happen. – Oh shoot! – Okay let’s keep going. – You picked all, you
Googled all of these earlier. – I’m going to count to five! – I’ll just be your security guard. – I didn’t see them, I swear
to God I didn’t see them! – I’ll be your security guard. – Let’s keep going. What’s next? (buzzer dings) – It’s one of the Sesame guys. – Ernie? (low beep) – I actually don’t know that one. – [Lily] Bert! It’s fricking Bert! – I’m gonna be honest with you I didn’t know that one either. – I watch Sesame Street all
day! I have a one-year-old. – Next picture. (buzzer dings) – Billie Eilish (dinging) – Yes! She’s good! I’ll give it for you. – That was very good! – Finally, my god! – I love her, I love her! Okay next, moving on. (buzzer dings) – Dwayne Johnson (dinging) – Yes! – She gave me that one! – I don’t want to look like just a person that brings people on just
to beat them in games. Although I am totally that person. Let’s see the next one! – Oh! Oh! Rihanna! I knew that! – I was like “Rihanna” – I knew that! – I love those eyes! Her eyes in a photo, it’s like she is. – [Lily] Hypnotizing! – Hypnotizing or hot! I don’t know which one. – She is hot! – But her eyes, she is so hot! Her eyes are like woo! Okay here is the final picture. What? Is that? – Jeez it looks like Steve Bannon – I have no idea! – I actually don’t know. (low beep) – Brad Pitt! I’m joking! Who is it? – [Peter] Andy Rooney? – Andy Rooney, no idea! I had no idea. – That was a deep cut! That was a deep cut! And the winner is me! – Yo! – With three points! Yes! – Yes! – Okay, you know what, you’re all winners so you’re all going home
with a signed bottle of Lily’s perfume, come on! (crowd cheering)


  • anandguruji83


  • Ann Latham

    I love this ! I guessed most them right because of the eyes !

  • Attention Seeker


  • J H

    It’s Sandy Cohen!!!! How cute was Peter when he kept encouraging Kelly to just be her!!!!

  • laura marrero fabian

    Wow Peter almost lost his hand😂😂😂😂😂

  • Cailin Price

    I love how Kelly was helping them cheat, such a good host…..

  • Diane Slaney

    wish kelly would have billie on the show actually

  • sebastard429

    LOL she sang "I-I-I-I-I know those brows" for this segment

  • Christina Skiles

    Kelly is agresive game player 😂prolly has to many brothers. Joan Crawford most famous eyebrows ever. Chk out my dachshund brothers on my channel

  • Amanda Fernandes

    OML! I really enjoy this!
    Lily looks gorgeous in this red dress! Such a princess vibe!
    Peter is such a dreamy man! I have the biggest crush on him since 'The OC' days…
    And Kelly being so competitive is a mood !

  • GrandmaJulie

    This clip is taken behind the scenes, the background sounds are fake, no 👥👥 audience are watching, Kelly says it is a cheap game.🎈

  • Kerry Stone

    I Swear to GOD Kelly is DRUNK.🍷🍾🍷🍾

  • Max Levine

    I don’t know who that is but that ain’t my man Bert

  • Racso T.

    Either Peter is a friendly drunk or he is the sweetest person ever when he tells Kelly to keep playing even though she knows most of the answers.
    P.s: I love Kelly. Her energy is amazing and she is sooooo genuinely intertwining and friendly. Such a great host.

  • Anuj Pramanik

    How do you have an eyebrow contest and not include Zachary Quinto?


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