Lost Ark Open Beta Test – No Wipe – Easy Setup – 2019

So you want to play Lost Ark. Join the club right? Well now you can, almost for free actually
and with no wipe. Today’s video will be showing you how exactly
to do that. You can also play with an English patch that
translates all the things you actually need to know, like the UI, the settings, the skills,
systems…Pretty much everything except the quest flavor text and a few other things. So we’ll go over setting up and installing
a vpn, making your mail.ru account, downloading gamecenter to launch lost ark, downloading
lost ark, making game center english instead of russian and of course making lost ark english
also. Let’s get started. For this setup, I’m using Exitlag, who I have
been an affiliate with for about 5 months now, I use them pretty exclusively and semi
frequently when doing normal games and always when I’m doing region locked games such as
this. So all you’ll need is Exitlag which I’ll go
over how to download and install, this has a free trial of 3 days and a subscription
cost of a few dollars a month. Use my referal link and code that I’ll put
in the video description for some discount on that aswell as to support my channel and
the content I create such as this. Cheers lads. First things first, head to that link I just
talked about in the video description, create an account, very simple stuff, download the
client and install it. Then head over to the lost ark russia link,
top right hand side red button is the sign up button. You can sign up using a mail.ru account if
you already have one, which I do. If not, the register process can be easily
completed and translated using google chrome. For me the register link was actually super
buggy and kept repeatedly spamming me with russian text but it actually worked to register
a new account. The only slightly tricky part is putting in
your phone number to get set up but it’s basically just pick your country code, enter the number
and you’re all set. It might be easier to go to the actual mail.ru
site yourself and set this up if the interface bugs out like mine did. Either way, once you’re registered and signed
in, the sign up button will change to either purchase a pack, or to just download it depending
on when you’re setting this up. I personally bought the pack to make this
video so the button was download for me. After downloading the client, pretty straight
forwaard just install it as usual and it will open as gamecenter.ru which is the my.com
launcher for the russian games. Wait for the game to downloaad and install
fully. Now this next step is entirely up to you if
you want to do it or not. You can actually translate the gamecenter.ru
client to english to make swapping it to english again easier when you want to use the other
games on the western service or just of course to troubleshoot things easier. You’re going to want to head to your appdata
folder, local gamecenter and then find gamecenter.ini. Edit this file in notepad, change the APPRegion
to 188, then chance Lang=to EN in capitals. Save the file, right click on the file and
select properties, check the read only box apply and close out gamecenter, open it again
and it will be in english. If this doesn’t work, just repeat the process,
chances are you didn’t get the file set to read only after saving. Now open up exitlag, wait for it to finish
loading up, search for Lost Ark in the top left, select Lost Ark RU, select any of the
russian servers available in the drop down box aand hit apply. Once this little light goes red, you’re good
to go. Hit play on the lost ark gamecenter launcher
and let the game start up just to make sure it’s all up to date then
exit out, time to install the English patch. Now go to the english patch install link in
the videoo description. Wait for it to finish downloading, using any
extraction tool such as winrar which is free online, extract to its own folder, open this
up, select LaOTranslation.exe , once it’s open make sure the path is pointing at your
lost ark .exe install. Make sure the bottom left box is checked to
replace files upon exit and press the big glowing english button. Now it’s good to go, load up lost ark and
play the game. A few things worth mentioning. Lost Ark Russia is now open beta, free to
play on the 27th and will have no wipe going forward. They could ban you for using a vpn to access
the game. they could ban you for using an english patch. However if you don’t share screenshots or
record yourself, stream yourself, you have almost zero way of being banned and it’s pretty
low risk in my opinion. People have been playing on russia for a while
from the west and had very little issues. The russian publishers even gave alpha keys
to the western discord to give away…So I think your risk while playing is very minimal,
it’s no where near as strict as in Korea and doesn’t require any dodgy stuff like buying
an account tied to someone elses social identification. I haven’t personally played Lost Ark before,
I was going to try the korean version but I was super put off by hearing people being
banned repeatedly for being not korean and the whole having to buy an account on a third
party site is just not my cup of tea. I’ve been waiting for it to release in the
west like I’m sure many of you but this is pretty close second. With it being in russia, anyone in EU will
get good ping , US people will get up to 200 probably on west coast but the type of game
it is, it’s probably still pretty playable at least for a test with it being free or
long term if you’re into that. I’ll definitely be checking the game out in
depth for the next few days and put something out like a first impressions next week so
look out for that. Game looks pretty fire to be honest. Special thanks to the people supporting me
via youtube membership subscription which is basically patreon but for youtube, you
get cool perks that I can set up myself such as this shoutout! If you’re interested in getting involved,
check out the Join button under each video. Chillie Hue, Rowan, Miss Yun, Ramms, Duo T,
Seal Boss, Angel, , Jack, Joe and Marathon5150. Thank you guys so much and thanks to all you
guys who watch the videos, leave comments and likes, follow me on twitter, join discord
and , I’ll see you guys on the next one, PEACE!


  • eXo

    OMG, waited so long for this, thanks :))

  • Pharos EDM

    Thanks for the heads up on this! The Mail.RU site is much cleaner and less buggy so I would suggest that. Unfortunately it looks like the game still costs money but it's on ~$11 american so it would be worth it. I'll probably keep an eye out for it to go free though as I just bought MW2 and RDR2. Good time for gaming!

  • nexus nexus

    Can i use any random phone number? Don't really want to give my phone number?

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    Heh you did say you had good content words have held true

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    i smell another p2w title 😛

  • OminiouSs

    At which time it will go online for everyone is there any info ?

  • Dimi CH

    Big THX from Germania, this is mega nice men <3

  • Pharos EDM

    I threw a link on the Lost Ark subreddit, hope you don't mind. Would be pretty dope if you followed this up with some guide videos 😉

    Edit: eventually, of course.

  • Sev Dez

    Прикольно видеть, что на ру версию Лост Арк идут иностранцы и даже гайды по этому снимают, круть =)

  • saaleh00

    Great guide. Straight to point and informative

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  • 3D Davis

    Im from EU, do I realy need such stuff like exitlag?

  • Master Ace

    you shouldnt really hype people for LA, the game failed hard in kr …. it's literally a full p2w mobile game where you can just pay to complete dungeons and stuff. The devs pretty much giving up on the game in kr lol.

  • Lai Larsen

    Can anyone tell me if the mediafire link is safe?

  • TesGon

    The good thing is I know Russian ) it’s seems to be more useful lately!!


    Do I risk getting banned using ENG patch? Should I wait?


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